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Sep 18, 2022
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Which gift to choose for Mother's Day?

On June 4, 2023, it's Mother's Day, the day we celebrate our mothers. So if you are out of inspiration to find the perfect gift for Mother's Day, we, at Flowrette, we have several craft creation ideas that will surely appeal to your mothers. 

To find all our gift ideas for Mother's Day, See our dedicated page !

In the meantime, here is the top gift of Flowrette.

Our top 5 gifts for Mothers Day

#1: the bouquet of dried flowers, A sure value gift

We start this article with the number 1 Mother's Day gift which will appeal every time: The bouquet of dried flowers.

We even write an article to tell you why the bouquet of dried flowers is the ideal gift for Mother's Day.

In a few words, it turns into a decorative object and it is sustainable afterwards. It brings a trendy and colorful decor touch to your mom. She can thus keep her Mother's Day gift that will make her think of you every day. Because one of the advantages of dried bouquets is that they can last for many months ... 

This is the ideal gift for 2023.

Enough to make your mom wait until the next Mother's Day! Another doubt about dried flowers, discover our article on 5 good reasons to crack for dried flowers on the occasion of Mother's Day.

#2: a flowery candle for illuminate your days

If your mom does not like flowers or if she already has a bouquet of dried flowers, a pretty candle is always a beautiful alternative.

The flowery candle is a bit of a gift in one of dried flowers: a gift that smells as good as it is beautiful, your mom will love it! Herbarium or flowery, on or not, offering a Flowrette candle for Mother's Day is to offer a 100% artisanal product and made with love.

Pats thought and created in collaboration with talented craftsmen, hand -poured candles in our Parisian workshop, a 100% natural soy wax, an incomparable fragrance of fat ... It is sure, with this gift, your mom will melt!

Also find all our others craft and natural candles to the fragrances of Grasse.

#3: a DIY kit, the gift for A creative mother

For manual mothers (and those that are less so). We have beautiful ideas to please them.

Discover the DIY kit, make a bouquet of dried flowers, a herbarium, a bell or even a flowery candle has never been easier. You can even offer a kit to make her own jewelry.

Flowrette DIY Kit include all the necessary equipment, and we have obviously slipped an explanatory card that will guide your mom step by step in the creation of its creation.

So if your mom is rather creative, dare the gift in kit!

#4: a craft vase For a mom fan of decoration


When you think Mother's Day, you say "bouquet", of course. But to exhibit his bouquet, it is very important to associate a vase for a perfect agreement. 

At Flowrette, we offer artisanal vases with craftsmen guarantor of real know -how.

Decorative objects that we love.

Also find the set of Our craft vases.

#5 : The gift card To give him the choice

For the most undecided, or if you are afraid of being mistaken, think of the Flowrette gift card for Mother's Day. Because a gift that leaves him the freedom to choose, it is a gift that will make her just as happy.

You choose the amount, the card is sent by email within 24 hours, and your mom to have fun among a choice of bouquets in dried flowers, wall crowns, DIY kit, flowery candles, and even green plants!

For Mother's Day, it is possible to offer an artisanal and original gift in dried flowers, for all mothers. The little extra: we offer the possibility of sliding a soft word that will accompany your creation in dried flowers for your mom on this very special day. So which of these ideas will please your mom the most for Mother's Day 2023? 

Need other ideas to please your mom and who are not necessarily dried flowers, do not panic, find our guide best ideas To please !

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