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Sep 18, 2022
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Where to put dried flowers?

THE dried flowers have the wind in its sails because these offer both a design touch in a particularly appreciable interior and durability.

In addition, a bouquet of dried flowers requires a minimum of maintenance and adapts to all styles of decoration. So this one has everything to please!

 Discover in this article the main parts where you can put a natural bouquet of dried flowers to brighten up and decorate your interior.

In which pieces put dried flowers to decorate your interior?

Living room, bedroom, office ... a Bouquet of dried flowers Slides in almost all the rooms in the house to decorate your interior and bring an elegant and natural touch. It is an eco -responsible way to embellish your home. 

Bouquets of dried flowers in an entrance for a natural design

THE dried flowers Invite our interior from the entrance. You can hang a crown of dried flowers on your front door to embellish your landing.

Opt for a crown of Lagurus or a Crème -colored Phalaris crown for a natural and refined design. 

You can also opt for a bouquet of dried flowers composed of flowers of different colors (pink, white, red, orange, brown, purple, etc.).

You will have it in a wicker basket that you hang on a coat of coach or a coat hook to brighten up your entrance.

It is also possible to place a bouquet of dried flowers in a vase on the entrance console of your apartment. The effect will be more than striking. Your visitors will not fail to compliment your apartment.


Dried flowers to enhance the decor of a living room

Bring nature into your living room thanks to dried flowers. Do not hesitate to use a glass design vase to enhance a Boot of dried flowers Whether you can place on a coffee table or an extra table.

The dried flax boots and white or pink color broom are very trendy in a living room. With their fine stems and their small yellow pimples, the craspédia are also often installed in the living room, because these illuminate this living room.

If you have children, it is advisable to place your dried flowers Out of their reach to prevent your toddlers from falling to them.

You can install your glass vase filled with dried flowers On a shelf, a high piece of furniture or on the fireplace. 

In order to bring a country touch to your living space, you can also garnish a wicker basket with a Bouquet of dried flowers in colors that you will place on a piece of furniture or on the floor.

Decorate the dining room or the kitchen with dried flowers

A Suspension of dried flowers Above a table in the dining room or in the kitchen is perfect for giving character to these rooms.

To impress your guests during a meal, you can put dried gypsophiles.

These plants are particularly appreciated in the decoration of a centerpiece. You can also opt for a Dried flower bell To be placed on the dining table to bring an original and poetic touch. 

A dry wheat or dried oat boot in a glass or clay vase will easily find its place on a shelf in the kitchen.

Bring a cozy decor in a bedroom thanks to dried flowers

Invite nature to your room by placing a bouquet of dried flowers on a dresser, a bedside table or a dressing table. 

Opt for the dried cotton flower or the pampe grass to bring a cozy decoration touch to your room.

The rose is a flower that has the advantage of keeping its fragrance once dry. So you can put a few rose petals in a small bag that you will slip into your wardrobe.

Lavender is also a flower that keeps its bewitching perfume even when it is dry, do not hesitate to enjoy it. 

Know that the pampe herbs go well with the rose, the cotton flower, the dried thistle and the eucalyptus leaves, you can then use them to create a nice composition of dry flowers. 

Your Bouquet of dried flowers of marriage will also easily find its place in your room.

Place dried flowers in an office for well-being

THE dried flowers Also find their places in an office where these offer not only a beautiful decoration, but also a psychological well-being. Opt for the yellow -colored Helichryryrysum to bring a happy side to your office.

A Bouquet of dried flowers In your office will bring you a feeling of serenity that will allow you to be more productive in your work. 

You can install dried flowers On your desk, on a shelf or in a library, according to your desires.

Where to avoid putting dried flowers?

To take advantage of your Beautiful dried flowers For years, it is advisable to avoid placing them in certain places such as the bathroom or under a glass roof. 

Do not place dried flowers in the bathroom

Dried flowers have a long lifespan, but these remain very fragile. 

Dried flowers are, for example, sensitive to water and humidity. It is therefore preferable to avoid placing them in a damp environment such as the bathroom or the toilet. These can indeed become brown, soft or even moldy. 

Do not expose dried flowers under the direct sunlight

It is advisable not to place dried flowers On the edge of a window or under a glass roof. These must be placed away from direct sunlight from the sun and heat sources (fireplaces, heating devices, etc.). This is to avoid their wilting and discoloration.

You will understand, the dried flowers can find their places throughout the house. However, these must be placed in a dry place, sheltered from the wind and direct sunlight.

You just have to choose to Beautiful bouquets of dried flowers Among the creations offered by the Flowrette boutique and invite them to your interior! You will find online all the Flowrette products in all of Europe. 

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