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Mar 18, 2023
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How to please her mom for Mother's Day?

Mother's Day is generally a good opportunity to honor the one who gave us life and who took care of us. So, take this opportunity to offer a personalized gift to your mom! You don't need to give him something expensive, but something significant. Surprise your mother on this day and celebrate it in a special way.

Please note this year Mother's Day falls in June. To be exact, she fell on Sunday June 4.

Always faced with the challenge of buying a gift for your mother when commemorating the mothers' Day ? To help you make a wise choice, we have prepared some tips on what to buy for mom at the party. After all, your mother deserves it! These are of course gifts that you can offer on various occasions. Whether it's Mother's Day, a birthday, Christmas or other events, you will find inspiration in our ideas. At Flowrette, you won't lack gift ideas or tributes to please your mom.

To find all our Flowrette gift ideas for Mother's Day, see our selection ofGift ideas for Mother's Day. What to fill your mom with happiness!

How to choose the perfect Mother's Day gift?

When you want to choose a Mother's Day gift, it is important to think about what your mother likes. Does she like perfumes, the box, dried flowers, a day at the spa or a special dinner? What would be special for your mother, the most important woman in your life? Take into account its tastes greatly facilitates the search for the product or the ideal experience for this day.

However, for many mothers, the most significant gift is time, whether alone or with a loved one. So, if your mother still has young children, we advise you to entrust the child to a trusted person and invite him to dinner. On the other hand, if all her children are now adults, you can surprise her with an incredible gift and spend the whole day with her. In addition, you can all participate in a common gift, such as handcrafted gifts like those offered by Maison Flowrette.

In addition to the gift, tell her how important she is for you. Anyone would like to know that it is essential in someone else's life. For mothers, it is even more fundamental. So, whatever the gift, be sure to put it back with a beautiful letter showing how grateful you are still by your side.

She will certainly love her and will not forget it anytime soon. So you will continue to read the text to discover our gift ideas that we offer to please your mother!

Some gift ideas for Mother's Day

Do you want to surprise your mother, but are you lacking in gift ideas? Well, we offer a variety of gift ideas for Mother's Day. These tips are varied and should please everyone. This ranges from flowery jewelry items or sets and decoration with dried flowers and DIY kit. So consult all our suggestions and discover the best option to surprise the most special woman in your life During this party!

Flowery jewelry

If you want to offer your mom a personal gift, we offer you jewelry in a floral spirit. Indeed, these are a refined and original gift. Each woman would be happy to wear an elegant adornment in her everyday life or on a special opportunity

So, in our shop, you can choose a delicate bracelet or ring, beautiful earrings or a magnificent necklace. You know better than any other person who makes your mother happy and what she likes to wear.

So, these jewelry that we offer in the jewelry box of our online store are the most suitable for Mother's Day and make a lasting gift. In addition, we make these jewelry in our own workshop thanks to our professional craftsmen who know the Mother's value.

Flowery jewelry Flowrette Mother's Day

Offer dried flowers

A bouquet of flowers As Mother's Day gift idea is very appreciable! With us, you can find a diverse and original offer: bouquets dried To please your mom. It is an excellent addition to any gift, and the flowers are symbol of respect and gratitude. Find out what are your mother's favorite colors and choose a nicely packaged bouquet.

You can also add a message card. This can be done in the form of a decorative table like theProvencal wealth herbier that we have in our shop.

If you know that your mother loves to take care of the flowers, you can also personalize the bouquet of flowers by accompanying it with a vase, which will remain a gift on a long time.


Offering a handmade candle is a beautiful and unique gift for a loved one. Handmade candles are a special gift for this occasion to Mother's Day. At Flowrette, all the candles are scented to create a cocooning atmosphere when they are on.

The perfumes were transported to Grasse, the world capital of perfumery, to guarantee its quality. These Handmade candles have a sweet floral scent. Scents of mimosa, musk, jasmine, peony, lavender, cotton and tiare flowers, your mother is sure to find her pleasure in this wide range of perfumes.

Mother's Day Candie Flowrette Mother's Day

Why not an artisanal vase?

Flowrette offers handmade vases from materials of various origins that are ideal gifts for a mother. For us, vases are works of art where every detail is important. Shades of color, glazes and dyes guarantee sufficient choice to correspond to all tastes. All production is carried out by hand. All these vases are available in the e-shop and in our Paris store. Any mom will like to have an article made in natural matters.

Now, as you already had ideas on the gifts to offer to your mother, it is important to know the origin of this Mother's Day.

The origin of Mother's Day

The oldest reference to celebrations of Mothers Day comes from Greek mythology, during the celebration of the beginning of spring, in honor of Rhéa, the mother of the gods. In the United States, it was in 1858 that what was going to become Mother's Day began to be conceptualized. Indeed, Mother's Day is a personalized commemorative date that has emerged in the United States, thanks to Anna Jarvis. The goal was to honor his mother, Ann Jarvis, an activist who died in 1905.

However, the date of Mother's Day was not recognized until years later, in 1914, by the President of the United States of the time, Woodrow Wilson, and continues to date, all over the world. Mother's Day is also celebrated in other countries, but on different dates. In other words, not everyone follows the same model adopted by the United States.

In France, for example, the Moms Day is celebrated on May 30 of each year. In addition, it is also possible to find countries that celebrate the date reserved for mothers in March and November.

Of course, while we are talking about the origin and what to buy for mom, we cannot forget that a tribute to Mother's Day is one of the best gifts for the date.

What are the best tributes for Mother's Day?

Conveniences of affection can eventually get lost in everyday chaos, right? So be sure to take advantage of the date and him Show that you really care about her.

A message for Mother's Day, a special breakfast or even a day at the SPA are great tribute ideas for the mother. In short, use and abuse creativity and surprise your mom in this special meeting!

Mother's Day lunch or dinner

The tradition of Mother's Day celebrate is very strong and it is enough that the date is approaching so that all children are already starting to make several preparations in order to guarantee a perfect day for their mothers.

During the party, instead of only worrying about the gift you have to buy for mom, how about surprising it with a special lunch or dinner?

Cook or order your mother's favorite dish and guarantee an unforgettable day to the whole family to give your mother's beautiful party.

We advise to complete the surprise of Mothers Day old -fashioned with flowers, of decorative objects and a letter. After all, you may have grown up, but your mother always makes her heart beat with this kind of tribute.

Make a surprise trip with your mother

Another way to surprise your mother on the occasion of Mother's Day is to make a surprise trip! Thus, in addition to spending a privileged moment with her, it will be possible to make many visits by making her happy!

And, whoever thinks that it is necessary to make a very high investment to plan a surprised trip is wrong. There are several inexpensive destinations that are worth monitored and do not forget to search for plane tickets at a reduced price to get the best possible price! In addition, it is not necessary either to go far to discover new places: to take your mom to the beach, in the countryside or to walk in a park that you do not know yet allows you to create just as many memories !

Think of your best memories with your mother

Find photos, memories; If possible, during Mother's Day, remember these unique moments with it. Tell him how these memories have marked you and that you really appreciate his company.

Prepare a video to show how much your mother is loved

Record children, brothers and sisters, the spouse and all dear beings making a statement on what they admire most at home. Download the video on YouTube, publish it on her facebook or, if she doesn't really like public affection demonstrations, simply send her by message. Your mother will surely be surprised to receive such an affectionate video made specially for her. With such an idea, it is the emotion guaranteed.

Flowrette Mother's Day gift video

Have you had good news before Mother's Day?

What if we only taught him on the commemorative date? It is certain, your mom will be very happy to learn that you have new in your life, projects, even see that she has a beautiful girl, or a granddaughter! This good news will make her more than happy. Do not transform the day into something that only concerns you, but announce a new one that will make her proud to be your mother. 

To conclude...

For the mothers' Day, gifts must be beautiful and memorable. But, what matters most is the love you give and the joy of the moments that you will spend together on this day, something that no one can ever remove you.

Now that you know what you can buy as a gift for Mother's Day, take the opportunity to visit our entire online store and shop in the comfort of your home. At shopping Flowrette, you will find many options to offer with style and creativity. Our delivery is fast.

But tell us, what gift style did you like the most? Did you think it lacked something to offer to your mother? Leave your opinion in the comments!


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Flowery jewelry Flowrette Mother's Day
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