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Feb 21, 2023
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What bouquets of dried flowers offer your wife?

Offering a bouquet is certainly one of the tender gestures of attention there is. Whether it is on the occasion of a birthday party, for Valentine's Day or to just please, it is always a good idea. This idea is all the more wonderful when your choice is on the bouquets of dried flowers. With the varieties of available flowers, the choice of perfect bouquet can be quite complex. Discover our Collection of dried flower bouquets that you can offer to your wife.

The love bouquet: a bouquet of dried flowers in warm colors

A Bouquet of dried flowers, we already know, has everything to please. It is the choice par excellence to give a gift to a loved one or his wife, because it is durable and does not fade unlike a bouquet of fresh flowers. These are natural flowers that are dried to compose beautiful irresistible bouquets.

Dried flowers and bouquets of fresh flowers are all used to please, but dried flowers have the advantage of playing a considerable role in protecting the environment. If your wife has this interest in preserving the environment at heart, this is the ideal gift for her.

Among the bouquets of dried flowers that we have, the love bouquet is perfect for please your wife. It is a composed of warm colors with shades of red to recall love and passion.

The presence of pampa and broom bloom flowers gives it this high and aerial aspect. The rods of Lagurus and Red Eucalyptus give the bouquet this warm shade.

Very trendy and poetic, this Creation of dried flowers will show your wife all the love and all the attention you have. Offering a bouquet of dried flowers will touch your wife's heart and make her a fulfilled woman.

The Hector bouquet which invokes softness and elegance

This bouquet is the work of one of our florists. It embodies softness thanks to the presence of several soft colors such as white, pink and green.

There are pink phalaris, hydrangea, eucalyptus spy, pink gypsophilia, ruscus, oats and wheat. This bouquet is perfect for a country style decoration.

Besides the Beauty of these dried flowers, there is an undeniable advantage to offer it to your wife. It does not require any maintenance in itself so the perfect bouquet if it does not have a green hand.

However, it must apply some tips for great sustainability. Just install them low in a dry place sheltered from direct sunlight and in a cool place out of humidity.

Ordering a bouquet of dried flowers in soft colors will crack anyone. In Flowrette, all our bouquets are made with seasonal flowers, Made in France, because they are cultivated by partner producers.

The Bouquet Éloi for a daily newspaper in pink

The distant bouquet seduces with its beautiful flowers with pink shades. It is both soft, warm and very feminine. With pink hydrangea in the center, lagurus and dried lavender, this bouquet filled with charm will make a happy.

The surprise will be all the greater if you opt for personalization. Personalize a bouquet with a nice word makes the gesture even more intimate. So do not hesitate to take the plunge to please your beloved.

On the decoration side, this delicate bouquet is suitable for any type of interior. Your wife will be able to install it proudly wherever she wishes it at home. He will add a beautiful colored touch to a living space.

The passion bouquet to show your passion

Surprise your tender wife with this bouquet with colorful shades. With brown and pink nuances, it is The perfect decoration accessory. He will find his place both in the living room and in the dining room or in the bedroom. Delicate, she will be able to bring warmth and conviviality to a space.

It consists of pampa herbs, lagurus, orange oats, orange stabilized hydrangea, ruscus and broom bloom. For a complete gift, you can accompany it with the Braga vase available in three sizes.

Size M would suit this high and airy bouquet perfectly. Our florists make each of our bouquets with love and know-how to allow you to have a great experience. Your wife would be proud to exhibit her decorative items in her apartment.

Why offer a bouquet of dried flowers?

Natural or colorful, dried flowers are a timeless gift absolutely to offer. After your choice of gift for your woman, if you want to decorate your interior, these bouquets with beautiful colors are what you need.

If our bouquets last as much, it is because all the flowers that compose them have been dried or stabilized. Those stabilized keep their colors and even flexibility for several months. They are therefore accessories to wear, in your decor regardless of the season.

You will also find Dried flowering creations Like the famous herbarium, our scented candles or chic and elegant jewelry. This is a perfect alternative if you are looking for original gifts to offer to your loved ones. With this type of gifts, they will be extremely grateful to you.

How to get our bouquets of dried flowers?

To get our products, order online. You can have them delivered in time wherever you are. Indeed, Flowrette delivers everywhere in mainland France. It is even possible to deliver directly to your home. There Delivery of flowers at home is made for free from € 70 purchase.


If you wish, you can also offer one of our bouquets to your mom for Mother's Day or to your grandma for grandmothers' feast.

They will be very happy to receive such a good attention. All our Collection of dried flower bouquets will give you the embarrassment of choice.


If you always ask yourself questions about dried flowers, find out what they are a Timeless gift idea. OUR Large selection of bouquets of flowers would certainly suit you.

In addition to the gift for your wife, if you are wondering for what other opportunities to offer dried flowers, read this content on How to decorate your business with dried flowers. Also visit our e-shop and discover our dried flowers as well as the most beautiful creations.

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