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Sep 18, 2022
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Successfully decorating your wedding with Flowrette

The importance of decoration during marriage

THE wedding decorations are absolutely important to the success of your wedding, they must therefore be prepared well in advance and in a thoughtful manner. Floral arrangements, table decoration, petals, candles, colors ... Many elements must be defined in order to create a dream atmosphere and to impress your guests. Flowrette offers you all the necessary advice to make the most of the decorations of the best day of your life.

Indeed, at Flowrette, we make Creations in dried and stabilized flowers, perfect for decorating a wedding. Perhaps you are wondering how to succeed in decorating your wedding? If yes, then do not doubt it, because you are in the right place to discover tips and tricks offered by Flowrette to succeed in Decoration of your wedding.

Decoration is an important element in the atmosphere of the party. It highlights the place and the ceremony and makes it suitable for the occasion. Likewise, a well -decorated wedding place allows your guests to feel comfortable and have an exceptional moment.

Certainly food and drinks are essential at a wedding. However, the importance of decoration should not be overlooked, because it is it that will complement the entire atmosphere of your wedding. She can make your unforgettable, enhance the bride and groom and add a romantic atmosphere. This is why we decided to create this article, to assist you in the perfect success of your wedding with our ideas and decorative items.

Flowrette wedding decoration

Which makes the difference with Flowrette

At Flowrette, we place the decoration quality At the heart of what we do. We ensure that products in stock in our shop last over time and are able to be reused. Therefore, we reward the research on crafts and artisanal creation work with dignity.

This means that Flowrette's wedding decoration objects are handmade by qualified craftsmen, in elegant and simple.

For your wedding decoration, we offer you products that are unique. In collaboration with our craftsmen, we personalize your wedding with our own designs and our unique decoration style.

Some decoration ideas for weddings

Predict Decorative objects For marriage is not necessarily difficult. Whether the decoration of the wedding table; The decoration of the wedding hall and others, you will do it with pleasure if you trust our advice.

Who would not like to decorate with a bouquet of flowers, artisanal flowers, buttonholes, candles, crown of flowers on the day of his wedding?

Here are simple and easy tutorials of decorative items to make during your wedding.

Our bouquets of dried flowers

THE floral compositions In stock with us are the star of the wedding ceremony and always cause a sensation. Naturally, the Flower type Decoration must be chosen according to the theme and colors of the wedding ceremony, so that the whole is consistent. Whether lively or pastel, the floral compositions must absolutely agree with the rest of the decor.

At Flowrette, we have a varieties of dried flowers and bouquet of country bridal. You can for example choose flowery bells, bouquets or flower crowns for the center of the wedding table. They are handmade in our workshop and are perfect for decoration.

The buttonholes

It's a small bouquet of flowers Decoration hanging on your wedding outfit. For the groom, one or two buttonholes are enough for the jacket. At Flowrette, we provide flowers that can play the role of buttonhole.

Flower wreaths

Remember them flower wreaths that you may have done in your youth and braid a floral crown for your wedding party. It is not necessary that it is very elaborate, a simple garland with flowers woven around can bring a delicate charm. However, you can look for more complexity, or buy it from Flowrette!


THE flower petals Can be a natural and original alternative to traditional rice grains. Launching rice on newlyweds is a ritual supposed to bring happiness and prosperity to the newlyweds. Bring a touch of delicacy and poetry, replacing these rice grains with flower petals, all as soft and symbols of joy and beauty.

Table decoration

There are several ways to decorate the tables to offer your guests an unforgettable setting. Vases are for example an effective way to decorate the center of the dining table. Combine different forms and shades such as Flowrette vases And flowers, fresh or dried, to give a natural and serene setting. You can also go on flowery and fragrant candles, for a more intimate and warm setting!

Candle lighting

These natural candles are not only respectful of the environment, but also an excellent craft project, decoration of the wedding hall. They quickly establish a warm and cocooning atmosphere. Just be careful not to put anything flammable next to it, and may the brightness be sufficient for your guests! We offer many flowery models, available in our online concept store.

Why invest in the Flowrette universe?

THE handicrafts allow you to show creativity and create unique decorations. By diving into our universe, you can find a multitude of options to test and use in your wedding ceremony. If you want to have a refined, elegant and envious decoration, can you only trust us? We are specialists and this is our field. Flowrette guarantees you impeccable decoration and breathtaking.

Moreover, Create your own decorative elements and customize them in its own way can be a very advantageous idea. So, if you think you have a little artistic talent, like to try new and exclusive things and don't be afraid to get your hands dirty. All in all, the groom or the groom will be happy with you if you invest in something handmade on the day of her wedding! The alternative is to opt for Flowrette decorative items, since we are still talking about what is done by hand.

To finish...

Wedding decoration is essential for a successful wedding, also follow Our advice for a bohemian wedding decor. Discover What are the decorative trends for a wedding or Why buy wedding accessories in dried flowers?

Flowrette bridal bouquet
Flowrette wedding buttonholes

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