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Sep 17, 2022
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Dried flowers: our decorative ideas to highlight them

On the tables, hung on the walls, in the vases ... the dried flower, it's The essential decor accessory of your interior this year. What if we did a little overview of the best to decorate your cocoon?

If you want to know everything about dried flowers, we have created a very complete guide to you on dried flowers. It is the fruit of two years of observation at Flowrette :)

You want decor ideas, it's below!

Some decorative ideas for highlight your dried flowers

Dried flowers in Simply

Of course when you think of flowers, you think Bouquet. And the dried flower, although it does not need water, is not the exception! The trio of mini bouquets with finesse and height, have something to delight a pretty bedroom chest of drawers or a living room buffet. As for bouquets, which do not necessarily require more rounded vases, take on their full meaning on a spring table at lunchtime or a sunny aperitif.

Dried flowers On a beautiful candle


We cannot forget to quote our flowery candles that we love to do at Flowrette. In handmade handcrafted cups, we gently flow from the candles on which we insert some dried flowers. Soft and delicate, these candles are so beautiful that it is difficult to light them!

Dried flowers hanging on a wall

If you already have enough frames and photos in your interior, and want to break with a less square decorative element to go on something more colorful and expanded, then the flower crown is a bit the must have. Two solutions:

- A head crown: after having it so well in your hair at the chic and rural wedding of your best friend, you can perfectly hang it with a nice ribbon on the wall of your living room, in the middle of frames in colors just as soft, as above your bed.

- A wall crown: at Flowrette, we also make dedicated wall crowns. You can even do them yourself with our DIY kits!


Dried flowers on a table

This summer, you are going to jealous of your guests, welcoming them to lunches (or dinners), more flowery than the other. Yes, it is under a pretty bell that our pretty dried flowers ! The aesthetics are practically the same as the terrarium, but always with this country point that we love. For a soft interior, preferEmile bell. If you like colors, thenThe Hector bell will brighten up your table ... Do you like the mixture of the two? The Flowrette team will be happy to make a tailor -made bell!

Learn more about dried flowers

Now that you have some decoration ideas. You would like to know why put dried flowers at home. Bohemia of course, dried flowers are also durable, more ecological ... We all reveal you The advantages of dried flowers.

You want to know even more about the potential for creating dried flowers. We found you 5 uses of dried flowers Too cute! For DIY fans and the most manual, dried flowers can be a great moment of creativity. Discover some ideas Flowrette!

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