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Mar 21, 2023
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Dried flowers: our advice to maintain them and choose them

You don't know what to do with your wilted flowers received for the mothers' Day, or do you want to keep the flowers offered to you at a special moment? It turns out that it is easier than you think of keeping a floral memory of the moments that mark your life.

Whether it is your priceless bridal bouquet or the particularly important composition of a loved one, you have several options to dry or keep your flowers when it comes to preserving the beauty and sentimental value of your Flowers.

You may wonder how to dry flowers, understand The dried flower, which ones to choose?

At Flowrette, we offer a huge collection of creations in dried flowers, so that you are sure to have a special symbol of an important memory.

Consult our guides below to discover all our secrets on dried flowers, the different drying methods and their conservation.

Buy dried flowers on the Internet ?

The trend of dried flowers is still so strong two years after their return to fashion on Insta and it is not difficult to understand why.

In addition to being beautiful on the table of your kitchen or on the edge of your window, these maintenance -free flowers have many advantages.

Two after having founded Flowrette, Elodie, our founder, argues:

"As they do not need light or water, they are perfect for rooms with little natural light, secondary residences, rentals and workplaces"

They are also much better for the environment than your weekly fresh bouquet.

"So many fresh cut flowers that we buy have been cultivated abroad"

"Their short lifespan means that they must be transported quickly by aircraft under controlled temperature conditions. The rods preserved and dried do not need this special treatment and they also last much longer."

In fact, dried flowers can last for years with treatments, making it a much less wasteful option. Unlike false stems, they are 100% natural and biodegradable, so if you are concerned about your carbon footprint, they are a very good option. You thus please yourself while preserving nature and the environment.

How to use dried flowers

Decorate with dried flowers

Dried is a great way to decorate. First, they are bohemian and poetic. We can see in all decorative magazines. Then, unlike fresh flowers, they keep for years and are more ecological.

Beautiful and practical, it is for this reason that they are also trendy.

Their decoration possibility are very important: you can Decorate your home. If you can't find your happiness. Also discover other decorative ideas with dried flowers. In a vase, on a table ... There will be an idea that will make you crack!

Create and practice DIY with dried flowers

Another use of dried flowers is DIY. The possibilities of creating with dried flowers are very important.

Wedding accessories, decorative elements or even become an apprentice florist and compose either his bouquet of dried flowers, the dried flowers will delight manuals.

We give you some nice ideas of DIY with dried flowers.

How to dry flowers ?


The drying of flowers is a popular method of conservation of flowers, especially for those who wish to give a Romantic and picturesque appearance to their flowers. Dried flowers can be used as a decoration to add texture to a living room, like a centerpiece to supply conversations or as a tangible reminder of a special memory.


Before we start, here are some tips to keep in mind so that the drying process is as fluid as possible and your flowers are up to the mission.

Nevertheless, here are the main principles that must be remembered:

• Air drying works better for bouquets and robust flowers such as roses, or small varieties with long lifes like lavender.

• The microwave drying technique is ideal for preserving the color and structure of flowers such as gerberas, chrysanthemums, roses and tulips.

• For more delicate flowers, such as lilies, use other conservation techniques, such as pressing or framing.

• Do not wait too long to dry your flowers, because the flowers at maturity will probably lose their petals during the drying process.


Now that you know the basic principles of drying flowers in the open air, let's start by examining the different options available to you: drying in the open air and drying in the microwave. Keep in mind that dried flowers quickly discolour under the effect of sunlight or extreme heat; So be sure to keep your flowers in fresh places and out of heat.


Unfortunately, not all flowers lend themselves to drying.

Some work better than others! And one of the best ways to learn which flowers are the best for drying is to test and take experience.

But we have also created a small practical list of the best flowers to dry.



• Artemisia

• Astilbe

• Gypsophile

• Celosia



• Herbs

• Hydrangea

• Alouette epis




• Coquelicots

• Straw flowers

• Millefeuille


Another technique keeps your flowers for a long time. Stabilization. Stabilization allows you to keep your flowers longer, keeping an air of fresh flowers. The flowers keep their color and flexibility. They are not brittle and last for a long time.


To arrive at this process, the flowers are fresh, when they are the most beautiful. Then, the stems are immersed in a glycerin bath which will gradually remain at the sap. After a few, the glycerin -based solution will have completely integrated the stems. You get a beautiful stabilized bouquet that will last for many months.


At Flowrette, in all our creations, we mix dried flowers and stabilized flowers. It allows us to have more modern and more dynamic creations. Want to know more about dried flowers and stabilized flowers, we tell you in this dedicated article. Dare to use these wonders to embellish your home.

What is the lifespan of dried flowers?

Decorate with dried flowers

Although it depend on the flower, dried flowers generally last between several months and 3 years! As long as they are maintained properly, handled with care and preserved away from direct sunlight, wind and humidity, you can enjoy your beautiful flowers for years.

The color of your dried flower compositions fades naturally over time, so if you buy dried flowers that have also been tinted, they will last even longer.

We really like the idea of ​​keeping dried flowers as an eternal memory. It's perfect for wedding bouquets, special occasions flowers and decorations!

Our best tips for maintaining dried flowers

If you want your dried flowers to stay beautiful for a long time, follow our advice below:

1. Find the right location - The ideal is not to leave the flowers on the windows of the window, because the direct sunlight weakens them and their color fades. They must also be removed from stoves, chimneys or heating devices. In fact, they must be in a fairly cold and dry room.

2. Down them delicately -Using a very soft object, such as a feather, a brush or a hairdryer (cold) so as not to damage them, dust them regularly so that they remain beautiful.

3. Do not wet them - Water and humidity can make flowers dried brown, soft or even moldy, which is the last thing you want for them! So avoid keeping them in the bathroom.

Learn to press the flowers thanks to the advice of our chief florist Elodie!

Discover other amazing floral creations in the DIY kit L section of flowers to pass your flower decorations to the upper level.

Advice to keep dried flowers

• Always choose fresh flowers for better results

• Avoid using flowers with bruises or brown spots

• Pick the right flowers before they reach their full flowering

• For thick flowers (peonies, buttercups, roses), you can remove petals before drying

• Flowers with fleshy or water -rich petals may not be kept well

Flowers and closets

How to take care of your creation in dried flowers?

THE dried flowers have quickly gained popularity and offer a lasting alternative to traditional flowers. Our collection of dried bouquets has a wide variety of colors and textures.

Now that you have your bouquet, here are some quick tips to keep your dried flowers.

The dried flowers are really very easy to maintain, small tips will help you keep them beautiful for years!

They are fragile and change over time. Being a natural product, they will not remain indefinitely in suspension in time, but they will last years if you take good care. And anyway, their changing appearance only adds to their charm, I think!

Please no water 🌊

Unlike their fresh friends, dried flowers do not like water. This makes their stems fragile and moldy. Keep them warm and dry at any time.

Avoid direct sunlight! 🌞

The dried flowers naturally fade over time, especially if they are exposed to direct sunlight. This is part of their charm, to appreciate like any other time. But to slow down discoloration, keep them away from direct sunlight.

Be sweet 😇

They are fragile, and become more and more over time. You may see a few falls of herbs, some petals or a few small flowers fall. Collect these good things and take advantage of it in another way. For example, if you have spin-offs of lavender, bring them together in a small sachet to rub them and feel them for a soothing scent.

A calm location 😌

They are better suited to a place where there are few movements. It is not really recommended to place them on a dining table where they will be raised and lowered or moved often. It would be preferable to place them on an extra table, a more "permanent" place. But it depends on your daily attention.

Keep them out of reach of children and stuffed animals.👶

It is better to keep them out of reach of children and domestic animals so that they keep their optimal appearance as long as possible. To avoid shocks, whether they do not take themselves in the furs or whether they are crushed by the little hands, and to prevent them from ending in the mouths of the little ones - they are not edible!

Good air circulation 😮‍💨

Make sure good air circulation around your flowers and avoid temperature fluctuations. They do not need an air current coming directly from an open window, but in a stagnant or humid room, they can become humid. If they become wet, they may mold. Vases can sometimes retain humidity. Check the stems in the vase from time to time to make sure they are very dry. If they seem a little damp, remember to put them in another vase. Thanks to these tips, you could take advantage of your dried flowers for a long time.

Find some dried flowers

At Flowrette, we are convinced that dried flowers allow you to flower durably your decorations and your lives. We believe that they are a real alternative to fresh flowers and that they are much more responsible for our planet.

At Flowrette, we offer a wide range of products.

A range of accessories Wedding in dried flowers, with combs, buttonholes, crowns and obviously groom bouquets.

Obviously dried flowers bouquets, a durable and bohemian alternative for your decorations.

A wide range of Dried flower boots and flowers stabilized with dozens and dozens of different varieties. It will especially appeal to lovers of decorations, DIY fans and apprentice florists.

Finally, if you are in the Paris region and you are looking for dried flowers, we invite you to come and meet us in Flowrette house, our shop dedicated to dried flowers and craftsmanship.

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