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Sep 18, 2022
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Bouquet of dried flowers: find all our tips

Looking for a nice, bohemian and colorful decoration idea? Opt for Bouquets of dried flowers ! At Flowrette, there is something for everyone and for all desires. In addition, it is a trendy decor, cheap decoration and easy to decorate. Close -up onDried flower creations that you find at Flowrette.

Why crack for a bouquet of dried flowers Compared to a bouquet of fresh flowers?

Many reasons may encourage you to opt for bouquets of dried flowers. Durable and bohemian, they are at the heart of all decorations magazines. We are recaping all the advantages of decoration with dried flowers. If you need ideas, find our article on the Decoration with bouquets of dried flowers.


Dried flowers for a trendy decoration

First, know that this kind of decor is very trendy today. They are very present on social networks, especially on Instagram and Pinterest. They also decorate many interior and they are even acclaimed by brides and passionate of bohemian or rural style.


A cheap decor

THE Bouquets of dried flowers Also are among inexpensive decorations. At Flowrette, you can acquire a small fall bouquet at only 23 euros. Then, you can also order magnificent colored bouquets from 35 euros. So, for the price of a bouquet of fresh flowers, you can dress your pieces for a long time. A few dried flowers allows you to enhance your interior decorations at a lower cost.


A decoration suitable for all rooms in the house

What is also interesting with the bouquets of dried flowers is the fact that they suit all the rooms of the house.

Depending on the type of bouquets you have chosen, you can place them wherever you want: in your living room, in your bedroom, in your dining room, in your kitchen, in your office, or even in your corridor or in your restaurant.

To know what Type of bouquet of dried flowers Choose, we recommend that you read our guide.

Aside from that, you can customize their shapes by betting on large bouquets, small bouquets, crowns or beds to adapt to your needs.


Dried flowers, a hard decor

Besides, know that the bouquets of flowers do not fade. If you buy them from Flowrette, you can be sure that they will not change after a few days.

In fact, we are committed to providing you with lasting products, that is to say products that can support you for several years. We actually choose bouquet flowers according to their ability to remain intact and offer a long lifespan.


A dry bouquet, an ecological decoration

Who says bouquets of dried flowers also says ecological decorations. The use of dried flowers allows, in fact, to avoid the waste of plants and water. Unlike fresh flowers, dried flowers do not require watering and they can last a very long time, so there is no need to replace them after 3 or 4 days.

In fact, those who opt for bouquets of dried flowers can be considered eco -responsible because they help fight against bad gestures for the environment.


A colorful, aesthetic and stylish decor

THE Bouquets of dried flowers From Flowrette can also improve the atmosphere in your rooms. They are ideal for boosting the decoration of your home and bringing colors and aesthetics to it. They can even help you wear a particular decoration theme such as bohemian style or country style.


A bouquet of dried flowers, an easy maintenance decoration

The other advantage of our dried flower bouquets is also the fact that they do not require maintenance. Unlike bouquets of fresh flowers, they do not require watering, light or anti-insect treatment.

You can make a little feather stroke here and there, but it is not compulsory. Your bouquets will keep their initial appearance, even without a stroke of lacquer.


A decoration adapted to all occasions

Finally, it should not be forgotten that the bouquets of dried flowers from Flowrette are suitable for all occasions. You can install them at home during the Christmas holidays and the end of year celebrations, during a romantic dinner and during a particular event such as a birthday, engagement, a wedding or a baptism. Find all our ideas for Integrate your bouquet of dried flowers to your decoration.

Also, you can offer them to your loved ones, your knowledge, your employees as a gift.

In the end, a Bouquet of dried flowers is a full -fledged element in your decoration. A practical and durable element which replaces creations of fresh flowers which fade and which are very ephemeral.

What are the flowers that can be dried in A bouquet of dried flowers?

To make beautiful bouquets of dried flowers, the Flowrette team advises you to opt for varieties of flowers that offer better rendering when they are dried. Please note, not all flowers are conducive to drying! To be unbeatable on dried flowers to choose from your dried bouquets This article will be of great use to you, otherwise we give you some ideas below:


Pink hydrangeas are for example perfect to bring pretty colors in the house. And the same goes for the Red Senaries and the Pink Phalaris. Then you can complete these flowers with Broom Bloom, white immortals, eucalyptus, silts and oats.


At Flowrette, you can also find other compositions of dried flowers bouquets, citing only: white statices accompanied by yellow hydrangeas, eucalyptus, ruscus, mini statices, oats, lagurus, wheat and botaos.


Otherwise, nothing also prevents you from directing you towards lavender, roses, peonies, gypsophile and branches of cotton flowers. Finally, you can create your bouquets of flowers with blue thistle, crapsedia, dahlias, achilles or the pampe grass.

There you have several possibilities and choices available to you. You will have something to embellish your pieces with magnificent bouquets of dried flowers.


How to keep A bouquet of dried flowers?

As specified above, bouquets of dried flowers do not require any particular maintenance. However, be aware that there are means to extend the life of your pretty colorful flowers.

Do you want to know even more about the conversation of your dried flower bouquets? Do not panic, Christelle, our customer and poppeted service manager, our very seasoned florist reveal all their secrets to you in a guide dedicated to Conservation of your bouquets of dried flowers. We also give you some tracks below:


You can just clean them by removing the dust landing there using a cold-adjusted hairdryer or a little feather. Then, you can also avoid manipulating them too often so as not to damage them. You can also install them far from air currents and sun rays. Like that, they do not risk losing their brilliance and their beauty. You should also avoid any room where humidity is high to keep them intact.


During drying, the Flowrette team also recommends stabilizing your flowers with vegetable glycerin. This technique is, in fact, effective in maintaining the intensity of colors as well as the flexibility of flowers. In fact, vegetable glycerin will replace plant sap.


To do this, you need to fill your vase with a mixture of hot water and vegetable glycerin. Then you should let cool and you have to immerse your fresh flowers for about 15 days. It is only after you go to dry them in the open air and start the creative part. To go even further, find our tutorial on the conservation of dried flowers, Thanks to this content, you will become a real expert in dried flowers.

So in the end, a Bouquet of dried flowers preserved Between several months and even up to a year. It will depend on the typology of flowers that make up the bouquet and obviously how you keep it.


Why buy A bouquet of dried flowers online?

Nowadays, it is quite possible to buy bouquets of dried flowers online. You only have to consult our site, and here you are, you access our catalog of craft products and in particular our iconic bouquets of dried flowers. Choosing us and choosing our bouquets of dried flowers can provide you with many advantages.


A wide choice of products

At Flowrette, you can discover a very wide choice of bouquets of dried flowers. The Camille married bouquet, for example, is an elegant and colorful handmade bouquet made with white hydrangeas, eternal wild roses, lavender, oats, broom bloom, glixias and mini-statices. It is kept for several months and it comes with a nice linen ribbon, a kraft flowrette box and a delicate kraft paper.


The Antonin bouquet, meanwhile, is a nice decor in pastel colors. It can bring a nice spring and country touch to your interior. In addition, it is created from natural dried flowers, including: Powdered pink phalaris, pink gypsophile, mini statice, white immortals, ruscus, green wheat and oats.


Of course, there are still many other alternatives, citing only: the Ambroise bouquet, the Bouquet Hector, the Léon bouquet, the Emile bouquet, the Augustin bouquet, the Alban Bouquet, the Odin bouquet and the Eloi bouquet.

Finally, at Flowrette, you find A suitable vase at your Creation in dried flowers. If you want to know more about the vases suitable for your bouquet. We wrote a guide to you about this in the newspaper.


Craft creations

Be interested in Bouquets of dried flowers from Flowrette, it is also interested in craft creations. We actually only offer online bouquets of dried flowers made by hand and carefully by talented craftsmen.

Our products can be considered works of art, since not only are they magnificent, but they are the fruit of the imagination and creativity of our artists with fairy fingers.

They are also unique and original. This means that you cannot find the same models elsewhere and that you can count on them to impress your visitors/guests.


Cheap items

At Flowrette, the bouquets of dried flowers have a good value for money. We offer, in fact, bouquets made by quality and sustainable florists at very competitive prices.

If you are looking for lots of dried flower bouquets, you can acquire the small Rivoli bouquets at only 54 euros. This is a very good investment given its longevity. Impossible to say so much fresh flowers. These bouquets can be arranged together or dotted in the house and they are supplied with 3 small perfectly adapted glass vases. They stand out for their composition which can really bring a flowery touch to your furniture, including: oats, lavender, hydrangea, broom bloom and hill flowers.

Fast delivery

The other strong point of online purchase of dried flowers also is the mode and the delivery time. The Flowrette team offers you, for example, three solutions including: Home Chronopost, Chronopost in relay and Colissimo at home.

We ship your packages during the day if the order was placed before 1 p.m. Our deliveries are made between 24 hours (Chronopost) and 48 hours (Colissimo). Delivery is therefore very fast.

To ensure the good condition of your bouquet on arrival, we designed a tailor -made shipping card. As evidenced by our very good reviews (4.8 on Trustpilot anyway!), We really take care of all your orders.


A few more reasons to fall for dried flowers?

So what are you waiting for to order your Bouquets of dried flowers At Flowrette? Opt for our beautiful craft creations and personalize the atmosphere of your pieces. With our bouquets of dried flowers, you can benefit from decorations that really look.

In addition, you can acquire them at affordable prices and you can take them out for any occasion. You can also place them wherever you want and you don't need to water them or expose them to the sun.

Finally, why not compose a bouquet of dried flowers yourself. Obviously, we will guide you in this adventure. On this guide, discover How to compose a bouquet of dried flowers. It's up to you !


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