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Sep 17, 2022
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What is tableware?

What is tableware?

Table art is the set of good practices that help draw up a table. This encompasses the drinks and dishes service as well as the decoration of furniture, dishes and table. It represents a cultural and customary practice; Each region with its meal tray.

It is a very important practice these days and which allows you to enhance meals. Nevertheless, you need knowledge and know-how for a successful table decoration and have your guests have a great time. Discover in this article everything you need to know about table art!

If you are interested in tableware, here are all our advice for Dress a beautiful table.

The origin of tableware

Its origin dates back to Greek and Roman antiquity, but was only underdeveloped. It was in 1530, after the release of the book Civilitas morum puerilium From Erasme, may good table manners appear.

The first table cutlery appeared were the ladle and the knife. Therefore Henri III established the use of the fork. Little by little, the tables were lined with forks, towels, silverware, earthenware, etc.

The food dishes were then served one after the other and the eating utensils varied according to the food. The technique of table service had therefore changed. This is how table art appeared. It reveals the talent of the one who set it up.

This is how the art of the table and the Mets service has developed to this day with the support of French gastronomy.

Flowrette table art

What brings together table art?

Table art comes from cultural heritage, custom, French gastronomy. It is part of the interior decoration, because a well -trained table attracts everyone's attention and changes the entire atmosphere of the meal. A poorly presented table is to take a risk, however, a well -trained table is pleasant to the eye and allows guests to feel more comfortable around the table. This brings out the efforts you make in the kitchen and will enhance your meal.

The plates

The plates are elements of table art that participate in the table decor. There are several kinds, shapes and materials.

The most widespread are the plates:

  • To dessert;
  • Hollow or soup plates;
  • Presentation;
  • Flat, etc.

The choice of the material of your plates is of capital importance, because the material guarantees their resistance, their aesthetics, and their duration.

To fulfill your table well, you must choose plates made up of quality raw material.

The most decorative are those in sandstone, ceramic, porcelain or even earthenware. Porcelain is more aesthetic and thermal shock resistant, and earthenware is the most fragile. The wooden, metal or terracotta plates are also practical and above all ecological.

When manufactured in an artisanal way, they are more resistant, because it is made with much more attention. 

Table art plates


The cutlery also has a big role in the table decor. A table cannot be drawn up without cover. When you have them on both sides on the plate, they add a touch to the decoration of your table. This is why you should carefully choose the material and style of your cutlery, to have a harmonious and refined table!

The glasses

The glasses are important in the table decoration. Glass on foot, water, cocktail ... There are many shapes, for any type of drinking, but also different materials (glass, plastic, crystal, etc.)

If you want to draw up a beautiful table, you have to position the glasses from the right to the left according to the growing order of size. Start by putting the white wine glass, and finish with the water glass through red wine glass.

Table linen

The table is actually a place where you meet with friends or family to share friendly and pleasant moments. The table linen has several components such as table tablecloth, table towels and table runners.

The color and material of the tablecloth depend on the scope of the event, which will add radiance to your table ornament. Dress the table of a pretty tablecloth Matching the towels and plates can enhance your table and your meal!

As to table runner, it is a narrow, long table tablecloth with a very small width. It delimits space on the table and offers a beautiful and simple decor at the table. You can enhance it with decorations, such as dried flowers, petals or glitter.

Flowrette table art plate

Materials to be used in table art

In order to enhance your tables, and welcome your guests, you need quality table decoration items. Several materials are used for the manufacture of table items. The choice of material comes back to you according to your preferences, your taste, and the type of event.

For plates, you have the choice between glass, ceramics or more natural materials such as wood, bamboo or terracotta. THE sandstone is the most used material after porcelain, because it is very hard and resistant unlike porcelain that is cashable. In addition, sandstone has a beautiful color and a beautiful appearance. It is recommended to use stainless steel cutlery, because they last more and are resistant.

Also, the good association of colors around the table is essential. Even if it depends a lot on your tastes, we recommend natural colors, white, brown or gray shades.

Table art at Flowrette

We are convinced that the table and meals are very important in our daily lives. By their number already, we go to the table several times a day, but these are also important moments of life. Having a beautiful table is the assurance of spending friendly and joyful moments at home, as a couple, with family, with friends ...

Because we are specialists in know-how and we want to give everyone access to quality crafts, we have designed tableware articles that embellish your daily newspapers, your beautiful moments, your family meals, your meals of meals party. Our table art offer allows you to find complete services for special occasions or daily life.

You will also find in our shop a wide range of vases and Bouquets of dried flowers To sparkle your table decor.

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Finally, if you want to know why What are the main rules to be observed for tableware, or How to make a beautiful table at Christmas We have dedicated items. 

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