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Sep 28, 2022
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How to make a successful Christmas decoration?

The end of year celebrations are approaching, just like the desire to Successfully decorate your house for Christmas. By providing special care to its decor, it is both your guests and you will be touched by Christmas magic. There is no shortage of choice, between the classic light garlands, the essential tree, and craft or DIY ideas. After writing to you 2023 trends for Christmas decorations. Discover our most beautiful Inspirations to decorate your house and his table for Receive at Christmas and spoil your guests!

Choose a tree according to your universe

The tree is one of the most important elements of a Christmas decoration. Symbolically, it is indeed below that are deposited The precious gifts. It also makes it possible to highlight various balls and garlands. 

Before going to choose Your Christmas tree, Decide what its place will be. So you can choose a good size tree! Then choose a natural or artificial tree. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, it's up to you to choose according to your ecological convictions or practicality. Our tip if you opt for a synthetic tree: turn on a candle with the smell of Christmas trees so that the olfactory experience is there. 

Of course, it's not just green trees! White trees are also of the most beautiful effect, and are suitable for a style of Japandi, bohemian, Scandinavian or minimalist decoration. 

Finally, you can make a DIY tree yourself, for example by assembling or suspending several branches of driftwood.

Bet on table art for Christmas meal

So that the new year's eve And the day of Christmas Be magical, prepare a beautiful table for the meal. You can create a universe around a theme (for example snow), and follow this common thread for implementation. 

For example, opt for white table sets, cotton balls dotted on the table, snowballs or even white candles. 

If you do not want to imagine a particular theme, bet on table art to enhance your table and meals. You can choose green or red plates, to remind The traditional Christmas colors.

Opt for light garlands

Light garlands can be hung in various places in the house. If you don't like to mix colors, no need to buy a multicolored model. Guirlands with yellow or white light can also bring a touch of magic to your interior. 

If you don't like light garlands, opt for a DIY garland to make yourself. This assembly of dried flowers will bring a touch of delicacy in your house. She can even serve you to decorate your interior the rest of the year.

Grant the colors

A Successful Christmas decoration does not necessarily mean displaying a multitude of colors or objects at home. You can select one or two colors, and add decorative items that match. Also find our guide to know everything about Christmas colors 2023.

Of course, there is the known association red and green. Bet on fir branches, colorful candles, socks to hang on the fireplace or holly. 

White and gold Also get married very well. To honor this color code, choose a white tree, play with golden garlands and complete everything with cotton branches and glitter. You will get an ideal chic atmosphere for the holiday season.

Choose the right Christmas crown

THE traditional Christmas crowns allow you to decorate the outer door of a house or the interior. It can then be hung inside the door, on a wall, or placed on the Christmas meal table. 

If you want to stand out, you can opt for an artisanal Christmas crown and handmade in France. Made from dried flowers, it mixes softness, originality and tradition. Of course, it is made up of stabilized fir in order to pay tribute to traditions. 

Finally, for the most creative, do not hesitate to make your own DIY Christmas crown using pine, cotton, Christmas balls and fir branches.

The ideal tip: choose a theme for all your Christmas decoration

So that your whole house is harmoniously decorated, and your Christmas table Either match, choose a theme that will inspire all your decoration! 

Here are some examples of themes that you can inspire: 

  • Wood : Make a driftwood tree, hang branches and wrap beautiful garlands around it, opt for “wood fire” candles, place fir branches on your table, and let yourself be invaded by this natural side. 

  • The Red : This is one of the flagship colors of Christmas. Hang large red ribbons in your interior, place Christmas boots on the ground, bet on the balls of this color, and add a few red dried flowers.

If you are wondering What are the compulsory elements of a Christmas decoration, We have the perfect article for you! 

To delight your guests: prepare small attentions

So that your Christmas decor remains in the spirits, do not hesitate to dedicate decorative elements to your guests. For example, you can create a name holder with a small log of wood, which they can bring home. 

Orde your table of small fondants (which you will not light), and surprise them to offer them when they leave. You can also offer a candle, a candle holder, a pretty cup ... 

Thanks to you, The warm Christmas spirit still has a bright future ahead of him.

Decorate your windows

Even if the whole Flowrette team loves this idea of ​​Christmas decor, we put it at the end because we know that it is the least easy to remove at the start of the year. 

Several possibilities are available to you depending on the desired result. The stencils in the shape of flakes or gifts allow you to adorn the windows directly with carbon dioxide. 

There are also plastic stickers that then easily set off. If you don't have one, you can use masking tape. Thanks to the latter, you can even hang some dried flowers. 

Finally, do not hesitate to hang Christmas balls By hanging them with the handles or window frames. 

And if you are looking for’Gift ideas for Christmas, Bet on crafts thanks to the Flowrette concept store! You will find objects for the interior decoration made by hand, dried flowers that last all year round, as well as DIY kits with their very detailed tutorial.

If you still lack inspiration, Here are our ideas for a successful Christmas decoration.

Finally if you are a fan of DIY Why don't you create your own Christmas decorations? Here is 10 Christmas decoration ideas to be made by hand, enough to give you some ideas!

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