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Sep 18, 2022
écrit par Christelle Martin

Why buy a Flowrette product for Christmas in advance at Flowrette

Each year, this is the same problem: you are thinking of your Christmas purchases at the last minute. And every year (you know, this famous December 24 at 3 p.m., in crowded stores) you tell yourself that next year, you will do it earlier. Well this year, it's already Christmas at Flowrette, so don't wait to order! We explain why in this article.

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Because they are products non -perishable

If you hesitate to order your Flowrette items in advance for fear that they are damaged, rest assured: all our products are non-perishable. They are also designed to last, because at Flowrette, we want to offer products that last a long time.

So don't hesitate: if a Bouquet of dried flowers Give you your eye, you can order it now with your eyes closed because it is not going to be damaged. We simply advise you to leave the cardboard in a room away from humidity, and far from potential heat sources (fireplace, lit radiator, window with the last rays of fall sun ...)


Because you will be sure ofAvoid stock breaks

You've probably already known this situation: the perfect gift is there, it is waiting for you warm in your basket, but when ordering a few days before Christmas: the article is unavailable.

Unfortunately, stock breaks can also arrive at Flowrette, and we can never guarantee that an article available today will always be in a few weeks ...

Indeed, at Flowrette, we offer handicrafts, and therefore therefore, they are each time available in small quantities. But it is also the advantage of Flowrette creations: low stocks and reasoned production to adapt to passionate craftsmen with whom we work.

Products available in limited quantities therefore, but that you will have the advantage of not finding everywhere as This terracotta vase Directed by our Potier Peter craftsman!

Because you will avoid them Delivery problems

As Christmas approaches, carriers face a sharp increase in the number of packages to be treated. And as they are not as infallible as Santa Claus 😊, this can unfortunately result in certain delivery delays from time to time.

This is why in order to avoid any delay and be sure to be able to receive your gift in time for Christmas, we advise you to order without delay.

In addition, the other advantage of ordering your Christmas gifts in advance at Flowrette, is that, in the event of a problem related to transport, our customer service will do everything possible to find a solution quickly, so that you can deposit your gift under fir.

Fall packaging

In any case, if you encounter the slightest difficulty, do not hesitate to contact us by email at, equipped with your order number, and photos if necessary so that our customer service can you Hide quickly!

Because you will support A young business

Buying your Christmas gifts from Flowrette is also supporting A young French company which highlights a reasoned and responsible production.

Hand in hand with the designer craftsmen with whom we collaborate, the whole Flowrette team is keen to offer you ever more creative, exclusive, durable and eco-responsible products, and always handmade.

Because they are creations sustainable and craft


As we explained to you above in this article, Flowrette creations are made to last: we defend a more sustainable and responsible mode of consumption. For this we have chosen to work from our beginnings the dried flower For our bouquets, which can hold for months without damaging. More recently we have developed jewelry with dried flowers which are golden 24 -carat gold with a thickness of 3 microns. A real guarantee of quality.

Each creation is made by hand by our passionate craftsmen. The raw materials used are carefully chosen for their quality and durability.

So inevitably, since Flowrette products are made to last, they can be ordered well in advance for Christmas!

Because they are made by hand by our craftsmen

At Flowrette, the creations are all made by hand by Our passionate craftsmen that we make discover in a series of blog articles.

Whether or they are florists, potters, ceramists, jewelry creators or even illustrators, all are keen to make original creations that you can offer for Christmas.

You have the guarantee of offering a quality artisanal creation and especially available exclusively at Flowrette.


If you still doubted the benefits of choosing your Christmas gifts in advance for greater peace of mind when approaching the holidays, we hope that this article will give you new reasons for not delay in ordering your Christmas gifts at Flowrette. Because in addition to ensuring the availability of products and avoiding any unpleasant surprises for delivery, choosing a Flowrette gift is to offer a Artisanal, original and above all durable gift. So for all these reasons, do not wait any longer, and discover 5 Christmas gift ideas !

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