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Sep 18, 2022
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What is the origin of Mother's Day?

Although Mother's Day is known by everyone, the origins of this celebration remain a mystery. If some compare this party to a simple cultural practice, others think that it is a day when you have to take care of your mother and prove her love to her. Indeed, Mother's Day has greater meaning. The origin of this celebration differs from one culture to another and dates back to several decades. Discover here, the main thing to know about the origins of Mother's Day.

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The origin of Mother's Day in different cultures

You have to go back to the First World War to know the origins of Mother's Day. At that time, the celebration of this celebration was different. According to cultures, the history of Mother's Day varies. There are two major cultures with divergent visions of Mother's Day.

Mother's Day according to Christians

Mother's Day has its origin from three different cultures. The fourth Sunday of Lent time still called Laetare on Sunday represented among Catholic and Protestant Christians on the day of the commemoration of maternity. Thus, on this celebration day, The Eucharistic celebration was marked by the execution of the entrance songs dedicated to this party.

The most believing Christians seize this opportunity to go to the Mother Church of the region, which has given birth to their local church. A way at the time of celebrating maternity. This is how every year this celebration is celebrated by Christians of that time.


An adored mother like a goddess

In addition, Mother's Day also dates back to the era of ancient Greece. Among the Greeks, spring was devoted to worship the goddess Rhéa mother of Zeus and mother of the gods. It is also the same among the pagans who celebrate at the same time as the Greek, that is to say in spring the fertility of women. The Romans, on the other hand, paid tribute to women, to mothers from the Vth century BC.

Among these, Mother's Day bore the names of the "Matraliae". During this party, Mater Matuta, goddess of dawn, and childbirth was venerated. Unlike the Greek, the Mother's Day in the Romans was closer to the summer solstice. Each people had their period and their way of celebrating women and mothers according to customs. But from a semantic point of view, where does Mother's Day come from?

Origin of Mother's Day in France

From a dream from an individual, until the realization of this dream, several stages have been crossed over time. From a simple representative party, until the adoption of a law, Mother's Day is very important.

Celebrating mothers more particularly mothers of large families was a Idea of ​​Napoleon in spring 1806. Inspired by this idea of ​​Napoleon, it is then owed to the fraternal union of the deserving family fathers of Artas, the first celebration of Mother's Day on June 10, 1906.

This celebration, which took place in Lyon in France, was characterized by the presentation of medals to the most worthy mothers. Thus begins the French tradition, which each year celebrated mothers. It was only after the Second World War in 1941, that Marshal Pétain established Mother's Day to show the importance of the role of women in a home. As a result, on May 25, 1941, Mother's Day was established.

Origin of Mother's Day

Origin of Mother's Day legislation

In 1950, this celebration was officially retained for the 4thth Sunday in May. A law was decreed at the time. This law Status on the date of this celebration in the French Republic maintained on the last Sunday of May.

The exception is made if the last Sunday in May agree with the celebration of the descent of the Holy Spirit (Pentecost). She will then take place on 1er Sunday in June. This is how Mother's Day in France and in the world has taken shape to this day. To immortalize this day, the story wants us to offer gifts to mothers as was the case in the ancient tradition where the most deserving were rewarded with medals.

Diversity of the dates of Mother's Day

When is the Mother's Day for this year? In reality, Mother's Day takes place every year on different dates depending on the country. In 1907, after the death of his mother, an American orphan made a plea for the leaders of the country. This plea is to take the day of the 2th Sunday in May to pay tribute to all mothers in the world. They then called this Mother Day Day. From then on, the Americans celebrate mothers on this date.

The same is true for Canada, Brazil, Australia and many other countries that have opted for this second Sunday in May for Mother's Day. As for the Norwegians, they celebrate mothers during the month of February. Last country to honor mothers throughout the year, Indonesia pays tribute to mothers in December.

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Some nice gift ideas

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Dried flowers

Fresh flowers are a classic and timeless gift for Mother's Day. If you want to keep this traditional side with a novelty point, dried flowers can be a quality alternative. In addition to their vintage charm, the bouquet of dried flowers is more durable than the natural flowers that will be faded after a few days.

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The vases

To offer a vase As a gift for Mother's Day may seem strange, and yet ... whether in pure decorative object or as a container for flowers, they will find a special place in your mom's interior decoration.

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The DIY kit

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Voila, you now know everything about Mother's Day, its origins and you even have some gift ideas as a bonus!

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