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Sep 18, 2022
écrit par Christelle Martin

DIY in the heart of your decor and your creativity

DIY is the best way to give free rein to its imagination by achieving objects that look like us. At Flowrette we have the ambition to make natural and durable products. That’s why we decided toCombine dried flowers and DIY so that you can not only create but above all Keep your achievements.

Also find our DIY kits flowered or not.

Couronne-Diy kit

A workshop DIY

For Parisians and curious We offer DIY workshops In our 17th century store. On site you will meet Delphine to welcome you and hold the workshops.

Our florist will guide you step by step to make bouquets, wall crowns or flowery bells according to your tastes. The workshops allow you to live the Flowrette experience and share the passion for our florists. Alone or with others stimulate your creativity, strengthen your links and do something with your hands!

For people who do not live in Ile de France, we offer DIY kits, fun to support you in your creation.

DIY to let speak his creativity

DIY kits are as well to offer to use yourself. Whether to add an original room to your home or make your wedding decoration entirely, the DIY Flowrette kits will undoubtedly allow you to impress your friends and be proud to say "I am the one who do ! ».

Little more, we have slipped inside an explanatory card that will guide you in your creations in dried flowers, then manual or not, no more reason not to put yourself in DIY!


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