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Sep 18, 2022
écrit par Christelle Martin

The collaboration between the craft brand of housestie house bear and flowrette

In addition to products that we create directly at the workshop, we like to highlight other craftsmen through different collaborations. It is a way for us to highlight crafts and know-how.

We love the world of stationery and we have found for you a young brand with the modern and friendly universe. This brand is Bear house.

In a floral universe, we left the founder Emilie expressed her talent. So find the story of Maison Ours and the collab with Flowrette through Emilie's words.

Highlight poster

Home bear, a brand of craft stationery

Home bear designs products with Nordic, Japanese Kinfolk and Arty influences. The brand is part of a current of Slow Design thought, respecting a conscientious production approach. My suppliers are involved in an Eco-Friendly model. I develop stationery and textile products at the moment.

Artisan word: Émilie Sauzedde

I am Emilie Sauzedde, I did 6 years of art school, to be artistic director. I started my career in a style office at Peclers Paris, I then worked in various creation studio, where I was carrying out pubs for various brands, I also worked for cultural projects such as theater posters, or on a magazine for contemporary music before launching my first Tiger paper brand. Several years later I decided to mount my new brand house Bear.

I have always wanted to present products with my creations. My first memory dates from 2 years when I imagined creating lighting. And my 15 years when I thought I would become a stylist, like my aunt.


The house collaboration with X Flowrette and The Place de l'Anisanat

Elodie and Côme contacted me to create cards and posters that would represent our two universes. I have of course said “yes” immediately since the plant is entirely part of my inspiration and my work, and When I looked more closely at Flowrette's work, my eyes melted in front of their bouquets and their flower crowns. I was honored by this request. To inspire myself, I first asked Elodie some dried flowers. We agreed on soft colors, pastel tones, a bit graphic, a soothing universe, which would speak to Flowrette customers as that of Maison Ours. The work was pleasant with Elodie and Côme, there is had a real exchange between us, whether during the creation phase or during manufacturing.

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