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Sep 18, 2022
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Why buy wedding accessories in dried flowers?

The D -Day is fast approaching and you still hesitate on the kind of accessories to choose? Well, the Flowrette team advises you to opt for dried flower products. Crowns, comb and wedding bouquets in dried flowers are actually very trendy at the moment.

Not only are they magnificent, but they constitute beautiful memories. They are also of sustainable and responsible type and they are available in different models to meet all your expectations.

For your wedding Discover all our accessories on our collection Wedding in dried flowers.

Because dried flowers are Large modes of weddings

Those are Bohemian accessories

Wedding accessories in dried flowers can help you wear a particular wedding decoration style. These are generally bohemian accessories that recall the atmosphere of the 70s and which can be handmade by yourself or ordered from a shop of craft creations like Flowrette.

In fact, two options are available to you if you want to benefit from a bohemian wedding decoration: either you buy bouquets, crowns and wedding combs already ready at Flowrette; Either you order dried flowers and you make your own bohemian accessories.

You can make them several days in advance, because dried flowers do not fade and do not change. They can last a very long time. So they are not likely to generate stress.


Dried flowers, it's trendy

THE Wedding accessories in dried flowers are really on the rise these days. They flourish on social networks, they invade stores of craft products and they are present in almost all major establishments and houses.

Many tutorials are published online to teach people the means to create these magnificent decorations and wedding products. And different DIY kits are also available in shops to simplify the tasks of interested parties.

At Flowrette, for example, it is possible to find the DIY small bouquet kit, the diy wall crown kit, the diy kit flowery candle and the DIY bell kit. These products can stimulate your creativity and your imagination and they can help you make unique, original and ultra trendy wedding accessories.

Because dried flowers are durable

We keep them for a long time in memory


Wedding accessories in dried flowers from Flowrette have the main advantage of offering a long lifespan. They are not likely to disappoint you, since they are made up of lasting elements.

It is true that the dried flowers are fragile, but they do not fade and do not change over time. So you can therefore keep them as a memory once the event is over. You don't even need to water or expose them to light. In fact, dried flowers do not require great maintenance. You just have to dust them, and voila, voila!

Dried flowers, we can use it

Wedding accessories in dried flowers from Flowrette remain useful even after D -Day. Do not actually think of throwing them after the event, because you can still reuse them.

You can install your bouquets and flower crowns in your rooms to energize and to personalize your interior decoration. Then, you can also accessorize your daily hairstyle with your wedding comb.

We offer them to his witnesses to thank them


To thank your witnesses or some of your guests, nothing also prevents you from offering them your wedding accessories in dried flowers. They will be able to keep them at home to remember all the highlights you spent together and to decorate their house.

Once the accessories have been chosen, the other big subject is the decoration of the wedding, we have listed the different Wedding types in dried flowers. We hope to give you ideas! Finally, if you also want to have a little more precise ideas on what you can do with dried flowers for your wedding, we have some ideas for you!

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