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Sep 18, 2022
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What flowers to choose to dry bouquets

Few craft activities have been practiced for as long as the drying of flowers.

For centuries, the art of drying flowers has been both a hobby and a scientific quest. It allowed the first scientists to better study and understand vegetable life, while individuals often dry the flowers to preserve their color and perfume.

The trendy flower trend is currently very fashionable. A fashion that should last so much the dried flowers meet a problem, the desire to have flowers which last and which are less polluting for the planet. For All about dried flowers, find our guide.

But before you have dried flowers, it is obviously necessary to go through the drying stage. The drying of flowers allows you to preserve the beauty of a flower and to use them in a variety of creations: bouquets, crowns, candles, soap, jewelry ... There is something for everyone and all desires! But before you dry, you need flowers. Not all flowers lend themselves to drying.

If you want to know which flowers to choose, in this article we invite you to discover some of the Best flowers for drying.

What are the varieties of flowers that can be dried?

THE dried flowers are a dream for craftsmen! The range of potential projects is unlimited, and that is why at Flowrette, we have made it our DNA material.

Imagine create an interior decoration and gifts from magnificent cultivated flowers. For example, a large bouquet of dried flowers bohemian or even an accumulation of 3 small rural bouquets in dried flowers can give a new look to your favorite vintage furniture.


This light and delicate flower (it is also called baby's breath) is one of the most popular flowers with florists and people specializing in floral compositions.

Its flowers are small, but its winding stems and its wavy, but delicate petals are perfect for bringing small touches of white in your favorite bouquets.

At Flowrette, we also like it alone, in a boot, well highlighted in a suitable vase.

natural gypsophile boot


Drying or keeping eucalyptus is taking a beautiful plant and making it last even longer. Eucalyptus is a “copious” and fragrant plant that is used for everything: essential oils for decoration in all kinds of craft projects, we see it everywhere, and we love it! The little extra with eucalyptus is its wonderful smell that lasts a long time, and at Flowrette, we never tire of it!


Is there something more romantic than roses? Undoubtedly one of the favorite flowers to offer, there are numerous uses of dried roses. Between dried rose petals, dried rose buttons and whole dried flowers, we guaranteed it: dried rose is an incredible versatility. From pink petals to rose oil, passing through a topiary of pink buttons and luxurious giant table centers, potential uses of dried roses are therefore almost unlimited!

At Flowrette, we are completely a fan of preserved roses, which have the advantage of keeping their appearance fresh and natural, while for as long as any other dried flower. This is why we integrated them into Our bridal bouquets.

Hop and vineyard

This is not the plant that we think directly when we talk about dried flowers. However, the dried hop allows you to create very pretty bouquets. The hop is also ideal in dried bouquets, because its smell lasts several weeks!

Our advice: Pick them when the branches start to dry naturally and put them in a warm and dark room.


Fougères are always very pretty foliage which bring volume and a plant touch in a bouquet.

To harvest the desired foliage, wait until fall, when the leaves have dried and became copper, then cut them by a dry day, with long stems.


Hortensia flowers are large light flowers in a variety of colors ranging from blue to red through purple, white and light green. If you grow hydrangeas and want to preserve their beauty long after flowering, you will be happy to learn how easy it is to dry these flowers. Hortensias are part of those flowers whose conservation requires almost no effort. They dry in about two weeks and can last up to two years.

Immediately after cutting, place the stems in a vase with a little water at the bottom, so that the flowers remain open during drying. (Check that the water remains clean, rinse and fill again if it is not the case.) The white varieties dry by becoming brown, but the roses, blue, green and purple will take a pretty pale shade.


Dahlia is a flower that lends itself perfectly to drying. We love it for its soft and natural side that brings a nice flowery touch in a bouquet.

To dry the Dahlias, cut - avoiding the petals damaged by the rain - rods with a good length of 6 to 7 inches. Hang them upside down in a slightly dark, warm and dry place for about two weeks or until they are completely dry. White Dahlias can become brown. The other shades will surprise you with the way their colors change by drying.

Pampas flowers

When planted outside, the pampe grass can reach up to 3 meters high, but people use it inside as pretty decoration everywhere, from the bathrooms to the bathrooms.

Integrated into an bouquet for its aerial side, or in a single boot arranged in a Lady Jeanne, the Pampa is a plant that we love!

For drying, tie your pampe grass upside down and leave it in a warm and dry place for about 2 weeks. Make sure that the air can circulate around it so that it can dry completely. Once it is dry, you can turn it over in the right direction and swell it a little before spraying it with hair for hair to preserve and swell it.

When Picking the flowers to dry them?

The best time to harvest your flowers is the end of the morning, just after the dew has evaporated from the leaves.

In general, most flowers are better worn when they are slightly immature, the button not being completely open. The flower will continue to open once cut. Often, fully open flowers drop their petals by dried. However, do some tests and see which flowering stage best suits your flowers.

Dry flowers, Our tips

Here are the team tips and tips to pick and dry your favorite flowers:

● Harvesting in good dry weather

● Cut early in the morning, when the sap rises, but after the dew has dried on the petals and the leaves

● Use clean and sharp scissors to avoid damaging the stems

● Remove the lower leaves and all damaged petals or leaves

● The longer the specimens are in the sun, the more they whiten. Use it to get the tones you want

● To keep the color, dry in a dark and hot room


Nowadays, dried flowers are found on many occasions. We love them for their sustainability and they make original decorations.

The advantage to dry your flowers is that it allows you to enjoy it all year round and in all seasons!

But you understood: you must first choose your flowers well to be able to dry. Once this step is finished, you can compose your own dried flower bouquet. Want to get started ? We explain how to make a bouquet of dried flowers in an article!

For further

SO How long does the dried flowers last ? The dried flowers last on average between a few months and a year. It all depends on how you will keep them. To keep them the longest, you can consult Our tutorial on the conservation of dried flowers in 10 tips or find our article on Conservation of dried flowers. With all these tips, you will become an expert in dried flowers.

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