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Sep 18, 2022
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What a vase for my bouquet of dried flowers

While anyone can put a handful of dried flowers In a vase, there is a little more reflection and technique that enters the art of floral arrangement. This requires a little planning and careful preparation to create a beautiful centerpiece and guarantee that the flowers retain their color and embellishment.

That being said, it is easy to learn to have flowers in a vase and make it look like professional work. Once you have learned the basics, the floral composition can be both fun and simple.

As cliché as they may appear, the Bouquets of dried flowers are always a great way to brighten up a room and you will probably need a vase to accompany them. There is a good chance that your favorite person does not have a vase that will correctly support the flowers that you bought with love from our shop or on our e-shop.

Here's how to buy The right vase for your flowers

When the delivery man of your bouquet of dried flowers comes at your door, it's exciting! The bouquets are magnificent and add color, texture and perfume at home. However, the next time a composition comes at your door, think before taking your vase. There are many vase shapes and materials, and here is our guide on what to take the next time you receive a superb bouquet.

Before approaching Different types of vases, let's talk about their construction. After all, knowing what your container is done with can help you decide where to place your arrangement. Here are some popular materials for different types of flower vases. As you know, at Flowrette, we love materials so here are some materials in which you can find vases are original or sublime.

The glass vase, classic

Perhaps the most popular material for vases, the glass is magnificent. Whether transparent, blue, green or another shade, a transparent container allows the stems to transparently. Another glass advantage is that you can see when you need to change the water and if a foliage deteriorates under the water line. This does not apply for dried flowers of course.

The metal vase, resistant

If you have curious children or animals in the house, metal is a fabulous option. Not only is the material not likely to break, but the metal can be shaped in a variety of exciting forms to contain your floral arrangements. You can find it on the e-shop with the famous English craft brand Haws.

The ceramic, artisanal vase

Under the term ceramic, we could also classify the porcelain and the other vintage breaks that have a pattern, such as flowers or lines. A ceramic vase can add an element of style depending on the pattern represented on its surface. We are a material that we love and which symbolizes craftsmanship.

The crystal vase, luxurious

Container more expensive than glass, crystal has the same transparency and beauty function. The crystal often has cuts and engravings that add value to the vase and highlight the softness of the flowers.

The wooden vase,

Although it is a unique material, wood is not breaking either.


The forms of vases flowed

Cylindrical vase

When it comes to vase forms, cylindrical shape is one of the most basic. Geometry is that of a typical cylinder, which has a circular base with right sides. These types of vases are ideal for supporting large and solid flowers, such as peonies, roses and sunflowers. You can place a mixed bouquet there, but they highly highlight a composition of a single flower, like a bouquet of red roses.


Bowl vase

The vase bowl is probably one of the most confusing vases in terms of use. It is not an ideal form for large flowers. However, it is perfect for full -headed garden flowers, such as Hortenia, Eucalyptus, Alstroemeria and Poms.


The buttons vase is the best friend of the arranger who does not like flowers. Simple flowers or small clusters adapt perfectly to these small containers designed for wild flowers and other delicate flowers. Arrange several vases of different shapes in a collection of buttons vases to divide a bouquet elegantly.

Jar vase

The jars have many uses. We use them to can, to drink, and sometimes they end up as flowering vases. They are perfect for this work! With their right sides, their rounded background and their summit which creates a beautiful angle, these jars are one of our Types of vases Favorite glass that you can find easily. Mason jars are ideal for containing almost any flower outside the long stems.

Bouquet vase

The bouquet is one of the forms of vase specially designed to contain floral compositions. They are designed with solid backgrounds and sand shackles that are crazy outward, inside, then outside again. The upper part of the vase allows rods to rest and highlight their superb flowers.

Pedestal vase

Pedestal vases are one of the shapes of flower vase that can really have a significant impact. The vase itself is raised to allow flowers to overflow on the edge, often creating a garden effect. These types of vases are typical of table centers and original compositions in homes.

Vase bottle

Milk bottles, glass soda bottles and other high and fine containers are considered to be bottles. Similar to buds in the shape of buds, the bottles are higher than their shorter counterparts. Perfect for highlighting a long stem rose and other high flowers, these vases are easy to place in groups or alone.

Cube vase

The cubic vases, also called square vases, are low and have sides of equal length. The style of floral arrangements in these forms is similar to the principles of the bowl. The higher version of the square is called a rectangle vase. Due to their acute angles, these types of vases add interest to flowing flowers.

For more decorative ideas

The form and material material you choose are therefore two very important things for a perfect association between your bouquet and your vase.

Now that you know which vase to choose, do not hesitate to find our advice for integrate your bouquet And your vase in your decoration. Knowing how to choose both refresh the decoration. Treat yourself.

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