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Apr 19, 2023
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Stabilized flowers, the ideal gift?

What are the Stabilized flowers?

Stabilized flowers are unique products, close to dried flowers, which keep their freshness in time as if it were freshly cut. The stabilization process takes place in a hygienic and sterile environment where they are treated to guarantee that they are free from bacteria and insects, then hydrated with special stabilizers that allow them to stay cool for a long time. Stabilizers are specialized substances, mainly based on glycerin, which are applied to the flower and stabilizes it in order to make it less fragile.


They are then offered for sale to those who wish to offer them as a gift or who simply want to keep their plants inside and enjoy them all year round.
We explain everything to you on Differences between dried and stabilized flowers !

Whether you are looking for a gift for someone or need flowers to decorate your home, here are the best ways to find stabilized flowers on the today's market that is suitable for each interior, each House.


At Flowrette, we love Stabilized flowers ! We offer very many varieties with the boot and in our creations. We work for the modern aspect they give to our creations. We really wanted to bring dynamism in addition to the bohemian aspect of dried flowers and it is possible thanks to stabilized flowers.

Why stabilized flowers constitute The ideal gift?

There are many occasions when people want to send flowers, such as birthdays and parties. However, fresh flowers last for a long time, damage and could return a somewhat sad image if they manage damaged or defrained to your recipient.

Fortunately, there is a solution that allows you to offer flowers without risking this. Stabilized flowers are a perfect gift for any occasion, because they last longer than freshly cut flowers and do not require watering.

When it comes to offering A gift that will be darling for years, stabilized flowers are therefore the solution. You can now offer them by having the assurance that they will last for years, whatever the occasion.

There are some different types of flowers that can be offered as stabilized flowers. These include roses, tulips, hydrangeas, orchids and lilies. The best way to choose a flower is to base yourself on what the person receives the flower prefers. You can also arrange them in composition, by mixing them with different other flowers, stabilized or not.

THE stabilized flowers are excellent gifts For opportunities such as birthdays, weddings or Valentine's Day.


If you are looking for a nice way to send your love, then do not hesitate to offer dried and stabilized flowers, a simple red or white rose or a full bouquet full of colors! What could be more romantic than a bouquet of red roses, stabilized and therefore durable, to offer with a beautiful menu to your love during Valentine's Day?

Where to find Stabilized flowers?

If you are looking for an excellent gift idea, stabilized flowers are perfect. Stabilized flowers are a great way to show someone you want without breaking the bank.

On Flowrette, you will find a very wide selection of flowers stabilized with boots and creations based on stabilized flowers, on the e-shop or in store. 

You can also find your happiness online! We have many gift ideas based on stabilized flowers in stores, from simple boot to Decoration bouquets for your weddings And gifts!


Finally, once you have found the perfect flower to offer, it remains to be seen how to present it to the person. Whether you offer stabilized flowers to friends, family members, for Valentine's Day or a wedding, it can be difficult to know what type of container they will want. If you offer them as a gift, make sure the container is something they can use for a long time, then take into account their own decoration, their tastes, but also make sure that the vase is appropriate for the conservation of flowers !

THE Stabilized flowers are not very different from flowers not stabilized in terms of storage and transport. The flowers should be kept in an airtight container, in a cool and dark place, out of direct sunlight and humidity. They must also be transported in a cool and dark place, with a journey time not exceeding two hours.


To learn more about the conservation And maintenance From our bouquets, do not hesitate to consult our articles!


In addition, we make you here a Top 10 of our favorite dried and stabilized flowers ! Choose the one that suits the decor you want to have. The choices are countless.


Stabilized flowers and Flowrette

Dried or stabilized flowers are Flowrette's specialty. This is why you will find a very large range of decorative products and accessories, stabilized flower boots, compositions and bouquets combining dried and stabilized flowers with us.


We love them, because they add modernity to our creations. Associated with dried flowers, we manage to make dynamic creations and bohemia far from clichés on dried flowers and stabilized flowers.

On Flowrette, you will also find in our concept store many products, other decorative products, bouquet compositions, jewelry, candles, DIY kits to compose your own bouquet ... There is something for everyone and all colors !


We seek to highlight crafts in each of our products and operate as much as possible in short circuit, which means that each bouquet, candle or bracelet will always be at the right price. A price that allows us to pay our craftsmen at their fair value so that they can live from their passion.

Whether as a gift or to decorate your interior, your home, delivery is possible throughout France. You benefit from free delivery from 70 euros of purchase.


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