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May 17, 2023
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How to make stabilized flowers?

Do you love flowers and are looking for a solution to enjoy it for a long time? The fresh flower no longer suits you because of its ephemeral character? Do not panic, there is a solution for you: Stabilized flowers. With dried flowers, they are still called eternal flowers. For the past few years, they have been growing success these are natural flowers that have undergone a process called stabilization. For good reason, this process makes it possible to obtain flowers that keep for many months and sometimes even for years. You are certainly wondering how do you achieve such a result? Discover in this article how to make stabilized flowers.

How do you get stabilized flowers?

The stabilized flowers come from fresh flowers so they are natural. The flowers are picked when they are in full maturity. The harvest is done with as much care as possible so as not to damage the flowers. They are then treated to give Stabilized flowers Who keep all the beauty of fresh flowers.

It is useful to know that not all flowers are good candidates for the stabilization process. Indeed, some species lend themselves better than others to this process. Flowers like Hortensia, Broom Bloom, Gypsophile, Phalaris, Oat and Plants like Eucalyptus The Fern are perfect for this transformation.

What are the stabilization techniques?

There are two Stabilization techniques. There Stabilization by capillarity and the Double immersion stabilization. It sometimes happens to combine these two techniques to get a better result. Many people confuse stabilization and preservation. The latter is conducive to dried plants such as foam, etc.

Stabilization by capillarity

This technique is the most advanced and widely used for leaves. After harvesting, the stems are then cut frankly and clear and then soaked in a stabilization solution which can vary slightly depending on the species to be stabilized.

However, the basis of the solution is mainly made up of water, vegetable glycerin and mineral salts. The purpose of this solution is to gradually replace the natural sap of flowers. For ten days, the solution completely enters the plant and therefore replaces the sap. The flowers are put down down so that the remaining water evaporates.

There stabilized is then put to dry for 24 hours. You should know that plants each have their specificity. The success of the process varies according to the absorption duration of the solution, the temperature, the harvest period.

This technique makes it possible to obtain plants and flowers of colors very close to fresh flowers. This is the advantage of stabilized flowers; Enjoy flowers that keep the colors of fresh flowers and last longer.

These plants are used for the realization of bouquets, of the boots or in floral compositions Like the crown of flowers, the flowery bell, the herbarium, etc. At Flowrette, we offer a wide variety of floral creations based on stabilized flowers.

Double immersion stabilization

This Stabilization technique is the most used for stabilization of flowers. This process is carried out in two steps. The first step is to plunge flower stems into a solution of pure alcohol for 24 hours. The goal is to dehydrate the flower without losing its original shape. At this stage, the flower loses its original color.

The second step is to plunge the flower back into a mixture of alcohol, propylene-glycol, glycerin and food dyes. The latter has the effect of restoring color to the plant. The other constituents have the role of rehydrating the flower. We obtain stabilized flowers which are as beautiful as freshly picked flowers but which have the privilege of lasting longer.

For what occasions to opt for stabilized flowers?

More and more people discover the advantages of dried, preserved or stabilized flowers and plants. Indeed, they are a great gift idea to offer to the family or a loved one.

Mother's Day and Valentine's Day

Mother's Day and Valentine's Day are for example great opportunities to offer a product made with Stabilized flowers. A bouquet of red roses with a few green leaves is perfect for celebrating love in all its forms.

If your mother or your wife particularly likes manual activities, you can also give her a DIY box to make her creation herself. She will be proud to become a creator for a day. Offering a stabilized flower product is an original and authentic gift that will make the difference.

A marriage

The universe of stabilized products is conducive to an event as special as a wedding. At Flowrette, you will find various creations for both the bride and the groom and the bridesmaids. We offer accessories Like the crown of hair, the flowery comb, the famous bride's bouquet without forgetting the buttonhole for the groom. All these accessories are offered in various and varied colors. A pink or white bouquet to emphasize the pure character of this event.

For the decoration of the place of the event, if you choose a theme that relates to nature for example, opt for creations such as eucalyptus or ferns boots. For a bohemian style wedding that requires a little color, prefer the bouquets of flowers that are made up of a variety of plants and flowers.

Bridal bouquet

Interior decoration

It is also possible to provide you with dried or stabilized flower products for decorating your interior. This decor will have the privilege of lasting a long time. You will not have to renew the fresh flowers every two days. Your wallet will thank you.

Between the Bouquets and boots of flowers, THE wall crowns, THE Flower bells, THE tablet and the Flower candles, the choices are endless. You can also offer a bouquet of stabilized flowers or any other creation to please someone who is moving.

Our goal in Flowrette is to offer unique and original products, so that your gift can be out of the ordinary. Each creation in Flowrette is made with love and passion by our talented craftsmen.

The latter put their know-how at the service of the brand to offer beautiful articles. For this reason, these items are at a fair price. This price is the one that will allow each of our craftsmen to experience their art while being accessible to you. Since we advocate responsible consumption, we produce items in limited stock.

Make your purchase of stabilized flowers via our e-shop

Once on the online store, choose the Creation of your choice. Then validate your purchase by making the payment. Once the purchase is made, we will take care of delivery in a maximum of 48 hours. Delivery is made everywhere in France and it is free from € 70 purchase.

You can go directly to the shop located in Paris to get our products directly. This is an opportunity to see the diversity of products available. To get an idea of ​​the quality of our products, read our customers' opinions.


This is the essential to know about the process of designing stabilized flowers. If you are interested in decoration and look for more details on stabilized flowers, discover this article that talks about Stabilized flowers as a new decorative trend. To go further, discover the multiple reasons why you have to fall for stabilized flowers for a wedding.

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