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Apr 18, 2023
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How to dry your flowers

From the decoration of your office to the centerpiece of your wedding, the flowers set the tone for a magical decoration and a memorable event.

But what do you do with flowers once the special day ended? Dry them!

When you dry flowers, you can keep all your favorite flowers as long as you want. And not only the dried flowers last, but they are an ecological asset to decorate your home. Whether you want to line your fireplace with dried roses, create dried flower compositions to hang in your room or flavor your home with a pot-pourri, dried flowers are the answer.

To help you start, Flowrette offers you a guide that explains how to dry flowers in four different ways. We have also included paintings to help you determine the drying duration of flowers and ideas to integrate dried flowers into your home so that you can also keep roses and flowers. Thank you Flowrette!

Finally, if you are not very DIY, you can also find our Boot dried flowers. They are all ready and you will receive them in an instant!

Our different techniques to make dried flowers

How to dry flowers outdoors ?

What you will need:




4.Bâton or hanger


Step 1: Prepare the flowers by removing the leaves

To start, remove any additional foliage from the flower stems. You can leave a few leaves on the stem if you like greenery, they also dry.

Step 2: Gather the flowers and tie them together

Gather the flowers as you wish and tie the string around the base. If the stems are too long (personal preference), cut them to the desired length.

Step 3: Tie the flowers to a stick

End the other end of your string to a stick. You can also use hangers, driftwood, copper posts or a hook. Whatever your choice, make sure it is solid enough to keep the flowers for a long time.

Step 4: Hang the flowers to dry them

Hang the stick in a place away so as not to damage the delicate flowers. They must also be suspended in a dark environment or in a place that receives a minimum of light. All direct light will cause color discoloration.

Step 5: Let stand for three to four weeks and observe!

Once you have hung the flowers, they will do the rest. In three or four weeks, they should be completely dry. To keep them immaculate, spray them with non-fragrant lacquer. If you decide to expose them as decoration, be sure to keep the dried flowers in a place away from direct light.

How to dry flowers ... in the microwave !

What you will need:

1. Flowers

2. Silice sand

3. A container going to the microwave

4. A cup of water

Step 1: Remove the sheets and place them in a container:

Remove the unnecessary leaves from the flower and cut it so that it goes into the container. Fill the container going to the microwave with a thin layer of silica sand and place the flower on it.

Step 2: Cover the silica sand flower:

Complete the silica sand flower completely. If the flowers are small, you can place several in the same container, but make sure that they are completely covered with sand.

Step 3: Cook in the microwave in intervals of thirty seconds:

Place the container in the microwave with a cup of water. Heat in the microwave by 30 seconds slices. Check until the flower seems dry. Depending on the density of the flower, this should take two to three minutes.

Step 4: Check the flower, then leave it in the sand for 24 hours:

Once the flower petals seem dry, buried it again and leave it for 24 hours. This will make it possible to ensure that the flower is completely dry.

Step 5: Remove from sand and exhibit!

Remove the flower from the silica sand and brush the additional grains that are glued to the petals. Spray non -fragrant lacquer to keep them immaculate. Exhibit your dried flowers in your home or use them as a crafts object. As with drying in the open air, do not expose them to direct sunlight to prevent colors from deteriorating.

Lands in the microwave:

To dry small open flowers:

• Baby breathing

• gold button

• Fern

• Large chamomile

• heating

• thought

We have between 1 to 2 minutes.

To dry medium -sized flowers with several petals


• Azalea

• Single button

• Calendula

• Daisy

• Delphinium

• purple digital

• Alouette foot

We have between 2 to 3 minutes.

To dry large dense flowers

• eyelets

• Chrysanthemum

• Gardenia

• Jacinthe

• Hortensia

• worry

• Orchid

• peony

• pink


• Stock

We have between 3 to 4 minutes.


How to dry flowers in A flower press

Another common method of drying flowers is to press them.

You can press the flowers in four different ways, depending on what you have available and the time you have. These four methods include the pressing of flowers with a book, a flower press, an iron and the microwave.

Plot ? Find out how to press flowers, step by step.

Everyone has old books hanging out in the house, so why not use them?


Materials :

1. Flowers

2. Heavy book

3. absorbent paper (parchment paper, coffee filters, fine cardboard)

4. Weight (maybe other books)

Step 1: Start by preparing your flower

Remove all the superfluous leaves and place it flat on parchment paper.

Step 2: Open the book and place absorbent paper on the pages of the book

Large books, such as dictionaries and telephone directories, are the most effective because they are heavy and have many pages that you can use. Be sure to choose a book that you are not afraid to damage. It is possible that the water of the flower crumbles the pages of the book.

Step 3: Place the flowers face down on the parchment paper

Close the book carefully, taking care not to move the flowers

Step 4: Place other books or other heavy objects on the book

Place them in a place where they are not likely to be hit.

Step 5: Let the flowers rest for 3 to 4 weeks.

The more flowers you press for a long time, the less they contain water. Leave them two to three weeks before removing them from the book. If they do not have the appearance of the paper, change the parchment paper and let them rest longer.

Once you have created your flowers in a hurry, you can exhibit them!

To go even further!

Before making dried flowers, you have to choose them well. Our florists have prepared a List of dried flowers To choose them well.

Now that you know how to dry your flowers. You have dried flowers. But do you know the stabilized flowers? Eternal flowers that keep a fresh appearance! You intrigue discover our guide on Stabilized flowers :)


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