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Sep 18, 2022
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How to decorate your house with dried flowers?

For some time, a new trend has been spotted on social networks: it is the use of dried flowers in the decoration. Yes ... dried flowers instantly bring a touch of charm, romanticism And a country look in the rooms where we place them. In addition, in addition to being easy to maintain, they are respectful of the environment and are available in different compositions to vary the pleasures.

For a bohemian decoration, in a soliflore

The very first option available to you is to exhibit your dried flowers in a solifore. This design vase dedicated specially at the reception of a single flower effectively allows you to highlight your dried flowers.

He can help you wear a Bohemian decoration And also an original and timeless decoration. You can multiply your solifores in all rooms in your home and you can choose between the different dried flowers offered by Flowrette.

You can even mix fresh flowers and dried flowers to benefit from a more varied rendering and to bring nature into your home. And do not hesitate to place everything on a centerpiece, a dresser, a buffet or your desk.

Alone or in accumulation, soliflores with flowers always cause a piece of furniture in an interior.


On the wall, in a herbarium or a crown

What would you also say to exhibit your dried flowers on the wall? You can fix them on paper sheets to create a pretty herbarium. Then you can hang them on the wall in the form of a table.

As you know, the herbarium is a collection of dried plants to exhibit on the walls of the house in order to inform people the identity and existence of each flower and also to participate in the conservation of plant diversity of a given region. It can also help you demonstrate people your passion for plants and nature. And it is very decorative, especially if you compose it with dried flowers ordered from Flowrette.

In addition to the herbarium, the crown of dried flowers also counts among the essential decorative items this year. You can place it on a white wall, above a shelf or a piece of furniture. Otherwise, nothing also prevents you from installing it on a colored wall to create a nice contrast. You can even exhibit it on your front door inside, suspended. Otherwise, you can put it in your dining room as a centerpiece.

At Flowrette, a very wide choice of dried flowers is available to you to create magnificent crowns. You can choose lavender, pampas or immortals. Otherwise, you can also opt for different grasses, hydrangeas and eucalyptus.

On a table, in a bell

Furthermore, there is no harm either in exposing dried flowers in a bell and placing everything on a table. THE dried flowers under bell actually constitute an authentic and rural decoration.

In addition, you can find models made by professional craftsmen at Flowrette, only citing: the Alban bell made up of ruscus, powdery pink hydrangea, lagurus, immortal, gypsophilia and lavender.

If you prefer to do a little DIY, you just have to follow the following steps. First of all, you have to start by cutting and turning the foam using a cutter to create a sort of half-sphere. Then you have to prick the top plants in the foam, that is to say large plants, considering the size of the bell.

You must complete with medium -sized flowers and small flowers. Then you have to cut the feathers so as to hide the foam in the middle of the flowers. Finally, you must regularly prick sheets to change the volume and you need to check and adjust so that everything is going well in the bell.


In a vase, with A bouquet of dried flowers


THE Bouquets of dried flowers Also constitute a better alternative to introduce dried flowers into your interior decoration. You can bet on small bouquets made of a mixture of flowers such as the small Rivoli bouquets from Flowrette to display a bohemian decoration. Otherwise, you can also order a beautiful bouquet of wheat like the natural dried wheat boot from Flowrette to create an industrial style in your rooms.

For a rural decoration, you only have to place a bouquet containing lavender in a small porcelain vase and install everything on a patinated wooden furniture. And finally, for a vintage decoration, choose a round bouquet composed of hydrangea place it in an old tinted textured glass vase. Besides, that's good, because at Flowrette, we love Hortenia so much that we integrate it into many bouquets from our collection, available in several colors!

Go further with dried flowers

Like us, you are a fan dried flowers, however you really know how to use them? Do not panic, we have prepared an article to you to find 5 uses of dried flowers Perfect for your cocoon (flowery).

For the most manual of you, those who love the DIY and dried flowers, we found some DIY ideas to offer you. You will have the opportunity to create beautiful works yourself that you could proudly exhibit at home. 

Finally those who love the decor and who want even moreDecorate ideas with dried flowers, we have also thought of you with new ideas.

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