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Sep 18, 2022
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Dried flowers: What flowers have you dry yourself?

The trend is currently dried flowers. Bouquets of dried flowers, candles of dried flowers, crowned with dried flowers, jewelry of dried flowers, ... Many accessories are created from dried flowers to highlight an original, bohemian and natural style. And unlike fresh flowers, dried flowers are easy to maintain and much more durable. Of course, you can discover all Dried flower boots proposed by Flowrette. But for the most daring (its), we give you some information here on which flowers are best lending to drying. You can also find them in our collection of boots.

THE Lagurus

As professional florists, our craftsmen advise you to dry Lagurus. This grass is harvested at the end of the summer when it has already dried up a little on the foot and it stands out for its cottony and soft appearance which can bring finesse and sweetness to your decorations.

It can help you wear a country and contemporary decoration. In addition, it is brilliantly associated with all the other dried flowers of your choice.


THE Eucalyptus

Flagship foliage of Flowrette bouquets, Eucalyptus invites itself to your home to bring a poetic and minimalist touch to your decoration. This flower is distinguished by its elegance and its beauty. Eucalyptus is also highly appreciated for its fresh smell and antiseptic virtues.

It is easy to recognize with its pretty oval leaves and its shades of green and it is available in several varieties, including the Cinerea and the Baby Blue, to make you benefit from a better rendering.

THE Pampas

Pampa herbs are also all the rage in interiors with very varied styles. We love them in a transparent vase or a lady-Jeanne to benefit from a resolutely bohemian look.

THE Pampa flowers Also seduce with their sweetness and their Zen aura. They are majestic and are among the grasses available at Flowrette all year round.


With its somewhat wild look, the Achilée from Flowrette can also give a nice decorative result. This natural flower with a generous shape can actually be dried via an artisanal process to keep its authenticity.

It belongs to the Asteraceae family and is available in different varieties, including lift and bushy species. Thus, it therefore allows you to vary the pleasures.

THE Silt


Violet dried silt or sea lavender has an airy and light appearance. It is perfect for creating country or vintage compositions. Then, it can also be associated with other dried flowers of the genus Broom Bloom, Eucalyptus, Roses and Phalaris to make beautiful garlands.

It is also available in pink version with shades of tender rose and powdery pink at Flowrette. Thus, it can therefore bring gentleness and delicacy to your interior decoration or your event decorations.

THE Craspedias

Originally from New Zealand and Australia, the crash is made up of small rounded yellow or white pompoms, perched on a long stem without leaves. It stands out for its vintage and bucolic side and we assure you that it is easy to dry and keep.

In winter, this kind of flower turns into a light bath. And in summer, it goes well with other colorful flowers.

Yellow craspedia

THE Lonas

To bring brightness to your compositions, you can dry yellow. There brilliant color of this flower Recalls the beautiful days of summer.

In addition, it is made up of small pimples which can be associated with blue echinops, pink delphiniums or white acrine. And it can bring relief to your bouquets, garlands and crowns. It is the ideal dried flower to give a floral touch to your interior decoration throughout the year.

To go further with dried flowers

Now that you have selected your flowers to dry. You have to dry them! It's very easy if we guide you. So we created you one. article to allow you to well dry your flowers.

At Flowrette, in addition to dried flowers, we also use stabilized flowers. We have our favorite varieties.

We vary dried flowers and stabilized flowers in our creations to energize them. Stabilized flowers bring modernity with their fresh appearance. But then what is stabilized flowers in which they are difference from dried flowers and how they get them. We tell you everything in this recap article on dried flowers and stabilized flowers.

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