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Sep 18, 2022
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5 uses of dried flowers that make us crack

THE dried flowers are our favorite of the year. They really constitute the basis of our work. Most of the products you find at Flowrette are made from dried flowers, but here we want to present to you the 5 compositions that make us crack.

If you succumb, do not hesitate to know more, we have prepares you a guide that you can choose your dried flowers And maintain them!

Some dried flowers in a soliflore

One of the best ways to integrate dried flowers To your interior decoration is to place them in soliflores. At Flowrette, you can just order the soliflore trio, three vases with a minimalist design handmade and adapted to all types of parts.

Our soliflores are available in three colors, including: beige, green and pink. And they can accommodate different types of dried flowers: lavender, pampa herbs, eucalyptus, gypsophile, hydrangeas, ...


Dried flowers for A modern bouquet

Who said that the Bouquets of dried flowers Are reserved for grandmother's buffets? Nowadays, they are also invited into the trendiest interiors. They bring a charming touch of nature and color to the parts and they can be highlighted in different ways.

Flowrette craftsmen imagined different compositions to make you benefit from modern and original bouquets, only citing: the Côme bouquet, the Lucien bouquet, the Edgar bouquet, the Antonin bouquet, the Bouquet Gaspard, the Ambroise bouquet and the Hector bouquet.

You can even find wedding bouquets on our online store such as the Ombeline bridal bouquet and the Camille bridal bouquet.

A herbarium flowers

THE dried flowers Presented on sheets of paper or pressed between the pages of a book are incredibly magnificent. They can help you create a pretty herbarium and serve you in decoration. Only, you need to choose the right flowers.

Easy to dry species, for example, could do the trick. Then, you must also favor rare or typical flowers from your region or your country. Do not hesitate to mix the colors to benefit from a nice rendering. And do not forget to note the scientific names and the current names of each flower to identify them well.

Here, the Flowrette team advises you to choose the lagurus, the eucalyptus, the pampe herbs, the Achillaes, the Limoniums and the Lonas to compose your herbarium.

A jewel flowery

THE flowery jewelry are also perfect for an original and stylish look. These jewelry is made from resistant materials, resin and dried flowers and they are available in different pieces to meet the expectations of fancy jewelry enthusiasts. They are handcrafted by professional craftsmen and they can be made to measure according to your tastes and preferences.

Among other things, you can opt for a plated gold and dried gold ring that symbolizes love, tenderness, sweetness and attachment. Then, you can also orient yourself towards a 925 silver pendant and dried Delphinium which represents the truth, sincerity and protection.


A bell flowery

The last composition to lift is the bell of dried flowers. It is a nice floral decoration that you can make yourself at home or order from Flowrette. It can add cachet and sweetness to your interior decoration. In addition, it is of sustainable and timeless type.

By taking for example the case of our bell called Alban bell, it is a creation made up of immortal pimples, powdery pink hydrangeas, lagurus, gysophilia, lavendes and ruscus. It is dimensions 16 cm high and 11 cm in width and it is really ideal for boosting the decoration of your rooms.

To go a little further

For decoration fans, dried flowers are a must. Sustainable, responsible and bohemian. Enough to raise its decoration a little. Discover how Decorate with dried flowers his home. If you are lacking in imagination, here are some Special decorative ideas dried flowers.

For the most manual and DIY fans, dried flowers are a very good playground. We have some ideas that could please you.

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