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Sep 18, 2022
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5 decorative ideas with a bouquet of dried flowers

There is nothing like the feeling of Fresh flowers in your home. Unfortunately, even the most beautiful bouquets fade over time. This is the advantage of using dried flowers to embellish a room. So how can we continue to take advantage of your favorite floral compositions even when they started to sag? After traveling Our three easy methods Drying flowers, it's time to decide how to present these magnificent flowers once dried! Here are some of our favorite dried flower decoration ideas.

Make your garland of dried flowers

If you have not yet spent a quiet hour to put on flowers this summer, consider this as an encouragement. The long winter evenings will not miss to knit, play cards or browse Instagram, but the season to put on flowers on small strings is now. The end of summer and the beginning of autumn bring all the best flowers to dry, you will have durable colorful flowers throughout the winter.

Singed dried flowers, Trendy design

Bring an innovative design and breathtaking views on the day of your wedding with the use of dry dried flowers. This dramatic trend of marriages can instantly add depth and elegance to an interior space. Find ideas for your wedding place with our inspiring compositions. Incorporate some of your secondary colors into your dry dried floral compositions to “connect” your color palette. Spectacular, hanging flowers are also a great way to create an extraordinary focal point. Attract the crowd with beautiful dried flowers.

Wedding idea: mini bouquets of dried flowers For guests

THE Small wedding bouquets are both pretty and practical. Let us discuss the most popular reasons for which the brides choose the small bouquets, and continue with superb inspirations!

The reasons to opt for small bouquets:

It's easier to wear. A large wedding bouquet can be very heavy. Do not force yourself to lug your dried flowers for photos of photos and your walk in the aisle.

It highlights your dress. Did you spend all this time finding a beautiful dress with a flattering silhouette, and now, are you going to cover it with a huge bouquet? Keep him little so that he highlights your dress without monopolizing your look.

It is more affordable. The organization of your wedding has started your savings account more than you thought. Do you want to spend several hundred dollars on a sumptuous bouquet? A smaller bouquet, made up of flowers chosen with care, is perhaps more interesting for your budget.

Also, the small bouquets of dried flowers can be perfect for making a table decoration. Their appearance and small size do not hide the guests and bring a little elegance to the table. 


Try flower crowns For a minimalist style

It's a good time to organize an appointment with Flowrette. While the beautiful bohemian trend of dried flowers crowns continues to grow, we encourage you to take a minute to consider these floral festival vibrations!

The feathers of the pampe grass warmly make us heart here at Flowrette, but there are many other advantages to opt for dried flowers in your hair on wedding day. First of all, these posts do not require any maintenance.

We repeat no maintenance!

You therefore benefit from all the advantages, all the neutral bohemian sensations of flowers and fresh herbs, but without complications. Put in place a superb crown or pin a few pieces to perfect your "Festival and Vintage, Promenade in La Prairie" wedding look, do you see the style?

Let us take care of your new project, try a DIY, or buy the finds in our online store to start this madness of dried flowers. You will not regret it !

What ways can I carry my crown of flowers?

With our traditional halo strip, we recommend that you wear the crown slightly tilted above the hair line, at an angle of about 10 degrees. At the back of your head, there is a small curve that we recommend to fix to the back of the crown. This will keep the crown in place.

The crown must be comfortable, neither too tight nor too loose. You must be able to move your head in all directions without fear that it will fall. You can wear them like a traditional banner or tilt them lightly forward to get the same look as the rustic halo.


Create a dream vegetal

Are you looking for the perfect floral dream catcher? Why buy it when you can make it?

The manufacture of a dream catcher is a fun project that you can carry out alone or with friends. You will need a hoop, thread, a glue gun, decorative materials and dried flowers to create a basic dream catcher. It will be the easiest and most adorable dream catcher you have ever seen.

The dream catches have become the trendy decoration of bedrooms. Have you always wanted to make one for yourself or for a friend?

The dream sensor, traditionally an Amerindian amulet used to hunt nightmares, is a well -known symbol associated with deeply anchored meanings and beliefs. Today, dream sensors are recognized and used as a decorative object to add a earthy and mystical touch to a dreamy bohemian setting.

Dream graphics can be made from many types of materials. Metal, cane lengths and embroidery hoops wrapped in wool, ribbons, leather or fabric strips can all be used for the structure. Ornaments can be dried flowers, charms, pearls, crystals, feathers or ribbons. We show how the combination of different materials can create a variety of styles that transform the traditional dream catches into an amazing design piece.

Even more decorative ideas

THE dried flowers allow you to compose infinite creations. We love them, arranged in decoration everywhere in the house, associated with a nice vase. However, it is not always easy to find the most suitable vase. So to help you in choice, we have written an article that will give you some Vase ideas To harmonize with your bouquet. Choose the pretty vase that will go perfectly with your bouquet.

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