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Oct 4, 2022
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Our DIY ideas with dried flowers

Whether it's a gift or because you cultivate it, having flowers near you helps flatter the ego. They always put in a good mood thanks to their romantic and poetic side. However, although the flowers take on you, they are not eternal. Indeed, they fade sadly after a while. You can extend their lifespan by focusing on DIY (Do It Yourself). Instead of throwing them away, use your flowers to nicely decorate your interior. Here are some ideas from Do It Yourself to try with flowers. If you want already ready kits with dried flowers, find all our DIY kits with dried flowers. A good idea to have a good time.

Compose your own bouquet

With flowers at your disposal, you can make bouquets for various ceremonies or simply to decorate your living space. Everyone agrees to say that flowers contributes to making the inside of the house prettier. They make the place warm regardless of where they are placed.

When you place a bouquet of flowers in the rooms, or in any corner of the house, they bring freshness while making the room pleasant to live in. The effect is the same when they are arranged in a workplace. To embellish the interior, we tend to turn to standard choices such as roses. However, other species of flowers can do the trick very well. We can for example cite tulips, orchids, lilies, or even iris.

It should be noted that you can let your imagination speak by creating various arrangements by making mixes. Otherwise, you can buy it if you are interested.

Apart from bouquets of flowers with fresh plants, it is also possible to create beautiful bouquets with dry flowers. This is an opportunity to do something completely original. Even if this exercise is deemed to be easy, you have to take some precautions and have a minimum of know-how. Our DIY tip will allow you to make pretty bouquets with dried flowers. You can have your creation on the walls of the living room or on a headboard to create a romantic atmosphere.

If you want to know how to make a bouquet of dried flowers, here is our article to help you compose your bouquet of dried flowers.

Assemble your bell of dried flowers

As decorative accessories, glass bells are first -choice tools. They can be sublimated with dried flowers, which represents a fantastic DIY idea. The glass bells are made up of a wooden base used as a support. They can be placed in any corner of the house to create a unique decor. For example, you can exhibit it on a nice row or on a shelf to add a bohemian chic and poetic touch.

The dried flowers are valued inside the glass jar which gives them an air of small natural treasures to admire. The advantage with this accessory is that it has a long lifespan because the flowers are far from dust.

Make a herbarium of dried flowers

The herbarium is used to constitute a catalog of plants for their identification and their conservation. Originally, it was used for educational purposes, but today it is more used in an artistic and decorative setting. You can therefore build a herbarium that looks like you with dried and kept flowers flat.

Do not hesitate to add a touch of originality so that your herbarium is completely like what you want. You can for example bring flowers of different species and colors to make it a beautiful table. It is also possible to give a particular shape with flowers to improve the visualization of the herbarium. Your creations can very well decorate the walls of your house if you supervise them like paintings.

Do not hesitate to consult our article if you want compose your own herbarium. You can also consult the Bohemian and poetic herbaries from our collection.

Make a Crown of DIY Flowers

The crown of flowers is a very clever DIY idea that can take various forms. On the one hand, you can make it from freshly picked flowers. On the other side, the crown can be made with dried flowers. In addition, it can be made differently over the seasons, both in winter and in summer.

Flower crowns are also used during special events. Whether for the Christmas party or during a wedding, they will bring you charm you can decorate different places with a crown of flowers. Pay attention to the support used to make the crown. It is on this basis that you can determine the place where to set your creation. It could be on the wall, in the center of a table, or a crown to wear on the head as part of a wedding.

What to do with flowers in paper

If the decoration in natural flowers does not generally last, try the paper flowers. Unlike natural flowers that fade, paper flowers can be kept well and make it possible to obtain a durable floral decoration.

What could be better than a DIY to make paper decorations depending on the style you want? You have the advantage of having a variety of colors to create various design. This allows you to make decorations according to the seasons and occasions. Making bouquets of paper flowers requires some know-how and a good dose of creativity.

Make your own candle with dried flowers

To create a romantic atmosphere in a room, you can decorate candles thanks to dried flowers. It is a tip that helps create a peaceful and poetic environment. This is suitable for lovers wanting to impress their pretender.

There are two solutions to achieve this idea and both require the use of dried flowers. However, keep a watchful eye on the candle you decorate, as it could lead to an accident. The dried flowers are quickly flammable so it is better to play on caution or do like at Flowrette by flameor the flowers.

To decorate the candles, you can either place a few petals in the candle wax, or make candles with petals directly yourself. This will immediately insert petals on the envelope to cover the decoration candle.

To find out more, discover our guide to Make your candles yourself yourself.

Our other DIY kits ideas

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