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Oct 21, 2022
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Our DIY ideas to create your flowery jewelry

Jewelry is accessories that complete and sublimate a look. Whether it is pearl earrings, gem bracelets or dried bloom necklaces, they are always a safe bet. Having a beautiful jewelry is perfect, but having a unique model and in your image is even better. Do you know that with a little creativity, you are able to make DIY, original accessories? Indeed, this is possible thanks to our various DIY jewelry kits Available in our e-shop. By following the guidelines that we will give you, you will be able to make your own DIY accessories.

Why opt for a DIY to create your jewelry?

The advantage you have with the DIY jewelry design is the possibility of obtaining a personalized model with all the desired details. This is even more interesting when it comes to floral accessories. A flower adds beauty and charm to the environment. The good news is that in addition to the decor, it can also be used to make beautiful jewelry. It’s a great way to wear yourself, a bit of their beauty.

Dried flowers are DNA at Flowrette and we particularly like to guide you in making your DIY jewelry. Everything is done so that in the end you discovered know -how and you are proud of your product. 

If you have no idea what you want as a style, you can take inspiration from these Examples of flowery jewelry who have everything to please.

Make your DIY earrings

Making DIY earrings may seem complex to you, but with your DIY jewelry kit at hand, you can get there very quickly. You can opt for the type of flower you want. You can choose two different types to create a beautiful contrast inside the jewelry. Just let your imagination speak and follow the DIY.

To start, gently take your dried flower using a pliers and put it in the middle of the gold set intercalaire. Then add a few drops of resin to freeze it. It will have hardened after one or two days.

You will see that with Flowrette, a DIY to make earrings is much simpler than it seems. In addition to the site tutorials, a manufacturing guide comes to you with the DIY kit.

Flower earrings: a nice gift idea

The earrings are the undeniable allies of most women. Depending on their forms, they refine the facial features or accentuate them. In recent years, the trend has been for personalized DIY jewelry. They are available in many materials such as steel, silver, gold, different fabrics and even wood.

In Flowrette, we particularly like fine gold for the design of our jewelry. Its finesse is perfectly allied with the delicacy of the flowers to form an original and authentic product. If you are looking for an original gift for Mother's Day or Christmas, give life to your most beautiful ideas thanks to our DIY jewelry kit and our tutorials. The gift would be all the more appreciated when your loved one knows that it is your DIY creation. It is also the accessory to display during a birthday or wedding party.

DIY stages: with or without mold

You have several possibilities for the DIY earrings. You can insert floral inclusions into pearls, spheres or in resin. The latter can be tinged in multiple colors. However, you should ensure that these chosen colors are not too dark to hide the details of your earrings. You can succeed in making resin jewelry with or without a mold.

Realization with a mold

After choosing the shape of your mold, put a little resin. Gently place the pieces of dried petals so that they plunge slightly into the resin. Go to catalyzing under lamp (UV resin) or wait a few hours if it is a bi-component resin. After drying, fill the mold up to Ras and also wait for this hard -duck. Your jewelry is ready and you can unmold it.

The jewelry made with the resin are resistant. However, they can alter themselves over time if they are not maintained properly. You must have special storage such as a jewelry box exclusively for your floral and resin accessories. Also adopt the right gestures for a Best protection of your jewelry. It is these details taken into account that will ensure the sustainability of your work.

Makeless manufacturing

The manufacture of DIY earrings without mold requires the presence of a set and a silicone mat. Place the set on the carpet then pour a few drops of resin. Then put the flower and then add a few additional drops of resin. Wait until everything is catalyzed and return the other side to also flow a little resin.

If you don't have a mold for your DIY, but modeling silicone paste, you can use it for your creation. Make the dough and give it the shape you want. It will make a nice pair of fancy earrings that you can wear proudly. Remember that you should handle the resin in a closed, but ventilated room.

Another way to proceed for a DIY without mold is to coat your dried resin flower. Using a pliers, hold it up and then, with a pipette containing resin, make a topage of the first side. Then turn the other face and do the same process. The advantage with this method is that you can keep the initial shape of your flower or your petal.

Make your DIY Bracelet

After the Tuto DIY section on earrings and rings, it is the bracelets' turn. In harmony with the necklace, the bracelet embellishes your wrist and enhance your outfit. Once again, Flowrette helps you design a beautiful bracelet according to your desires, which you could display wherever you are.

The process for making the bracelet is not so different from that of previous products. You must resin the pieces of dried petals with or without a mold. Then you need to join the product obtained at the frame of the bracelet which can be plated or silver. So you get an original jewel.

If you are at the quest for uniqueness, you can go further in personalizing your bracelet by adding some other details, such as a Miyuki or Heishi pearl. Here you don't need to use a thread or a cord. Our plated gold reinforcement will serve as support for your creation. For a set of jewelry in total harmony, you can design a pair of earrings and a bracelet with the same raw material.

Other DIY ideas

In addition to the jewelry mentioned above, you can also make a personalized DIY necklace. Then create a resin pendant by putting the inclusions of your choice. You have the possibility of designing another style of necklace by mixing wood and resin. The choice is up to you to hang a cord or a chain from the pendant.

If you want to discover another know-how or find other DIY ideas, we offer other items, especially on dried flowers. Find our guides Do it yourself on dried flowers. We give you all our advice, our tips to help you make your creations.

If you feel in a creative mood, here is Our DIY ideas with flowers.

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