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Sep 18, 2022
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How to make a bouquet of dried flowers: our advice

Learn how to assemble dried flowers to make a colored bouquet with a professional appearance. Use these techniques and ideas for arrangement of dried flowers to present the dried plants naturally, beautiful and keep them in time as an interior decoration in a house. 

In the decoration, making a bouquet of dried flowers requires a little more reflection and technique. It takes a little planning and careful preparation to create a beautiful bouquets of dried flowers. That said, it is easy to learn to have dried flowers in a vase. Thus, one can easily imitate the work of a professional in making creations in dried flowers. Once you have learned the basics, creating a bouquet of dried flowers can be both fun, simple and at low prices. These interior decoration ideas will help you compose and present superb bouquets.

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Decide a model of floral composition

Before you get started and to be unbeatable on dried flowers, we advise you to read our article which brings together all our techniques and ideas on bouquets of dried flowers.

The first idea to have when creating your bouquet of dried flowers is to decide a color scheme before buying the flowers. So when you are going to buy dried flowers, you know you take colors that go well together with the rest of the interior decoration.

The bouquets of monochromatic dried flowers, which highlight the variety of the different colors of the same color, can be striking in a house. Also try complementary colors that will stand out from each other, for example white and pink.

Flowrette recommends the choice of flowers available through a wide selection of dried flower boots and stabilized flowers. We choose its flowers according to seasons and trends. Thus, there is the mixture of white or pink colors. Choose your dried flowers with different aspects, different shapes and sizes, and see how you can go together to form a bouquet of dried decorative flowers.


Choose a vase

When you choose a vase or another container for your homemade interior decoration, the choice of dried flowers is to be taken into account. High leaves or heavy flowers need a heavier container. In addition to traditional vases, we like to place decorative floral compositions in braided baskets to add a natural texture. To keep the bouquets of dried flowers in place, garnish the basket with different materials.

Create a base with greenery


The best way to arrange dried flowers is to start with greenery as a base. Eucalyptus, ivy and the fronds of ferns are good choices of greenery. Use the greenery rods to create an inverted triangular shape. Thus, your composition will have a horizontal and vertical presence. Also make sure to cut the stems before putting them in the vase.

Add flowers that capture the eye

The main flowers are generally the largest or those with an unusual color or texture. Be sure to add it in odd numbers to obtain a more natural (non -symmetrical) appearance. Do not place the main flowers so that they exceed on the sides: they will look heavy and falling, instead of being strong and lively.

Add fill flowers


Add smaller dried flowers and texture elements to the composition to fill around the main flowers. In dried flowers, we love using the Broom Bloom or the Tatarica statice to give volume.
Again, do not place all the support flowers directly up or on the sides. You can consider the form of composition as a dome, and you must fill all the angles of this dome so that it is complete. Combine smaller flowers in groups of three or five to create clusters, as in nature.

Finish your floral composition

Complete the composition with floating or delicate natural flowers such as gypsophile. Place them last so that they are not crushed or buried by heavier flowers.

Our DIY kit for bouquet compositions will meet your expectations while leaving room for your creativity.


Bouquet assembly proposal

Once your rods and dried flowers are prepared, you are ready to assemble your bouquet. Start by building the shape and frame of your bouquet, thinking of the dimensions of the flowers selected as you go.

We advise you to place yourself in front of a mirror while you assemble your bouquet of dried flowers to know exactly what it looks like.

When you assemble the stems of dried flowers in your hands, start with a base, then add your largest central flowers. Then continue to add smaller dried flowers and greenery, balancing the design as the construction progresses.

Once you have built a bouquet of dried flowers that you like, cut the stems to shorten them and wrap the whole bouquet with a rope or a ribbon. Firmly wind a ribbon around the stems for a classic and refined look, or let the ribbon fall in the cascade for a more relaxed "garden" look.

Do not be afraid to be creative with your bouquet of dried flowers. In general, a bouquet follows the rule of odd numbers, which means that three or five flowers are added intentionally.

Go further with your bouquet

Once your bouquet has been made, you have done the most difficult! Now it only remains to find the ideal place to Integrate your bouquet of dried flowers to your decoration.

And to make your brand new bouquet last as long as possible, we all give you Our tips for maintaining your bouquet !

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