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Apr 29, 2023
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DIY: how to find the ideal scent for your homemade candle

THE Scented candles are a great way to have a pleasant interior that smells good. But what if you want the candle to feel something other than traditional perfumes? It is sometimes difficult to find a perfume you love or a candle with your favorite trade perfume.

Well, here is the ideal solution! Making your own scented candle is easy and fun. In this article, we will show you how to make your own DIY candle to flavor your home and give it a delicate smell. 

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Why create your own scented candle?

Making a scented candle is not only adding wax scents is also imagining and creating an experience for the atmosphere of your home.

Thanks to this guide, you can make candles that have different mixtures of scents and perfumes to create A warm atmosphere In your home, and thus create your own unique candles that will last hours and will hire your interior.

Discover here everything you need to know about The creation of craft candles !

Recipe for successful candle

To create your own version of candles at home, you must start by bringing together all the necessary equipment. You will need wax, wicks, a pair of scissors, a pan, tweezers and a container.

Regarding wax, you can use beeswax, which is natural, or classic candle wax.
Regarding the container, any container can do the trick as long as it is not flammable. It is easy to recover and use a glass container, but containers made other materials can do the trick.

We explain to you here.

First, melt your wax in a double boiler.

Then add the perfume of your choice to melted wax, stirring constantly to combine them well. Add a little coloring if you wish.

Then pour your mixture into your container and insert the locks cut beforehand.

Let cool, and it's good! Congratulations, you are the proud owner of a DIY candle!

To find out more about how Make your homemade candle, do not hesitate to consult our article.


What type of perfume to use?

Perfume is the most popular and most used fragrance in the world. It can be associated with a wide range of ingredients to create different scents. Thus, when it comes to making your own scented candles, you have the freedom to choose from each fragrance, smell, perfume and essential oil that exists.

There are many types of perfumes that you can use at home when creating your DIY products.

For example, you can make a vanilla flavored candle. It is one of the most popular perfumes because it is quite versatile and has a sweet and spicy smell. You can also make a fruity perfume like grapefruit, which is a fresh smell that evokes both spring and summer.

You can also try to manufacture your own perfume, to create your version of interior candle, from flowers to flowers for example. The possibilities are endless when it comes to making DIY perfumes!

We help you find in this article!


Speaking of your perfumes, know that you can mainly use two types of perfumes: Essential oils and aromatic essences.

The fundamental difference between the two is simple: where aromatic essence is a simple scented scent, essential oil brings scents linked to the plant used, such as antibacterial, relaxing or sanitizing properties.)

So do not hesitate to inquire to find the essential oils perfect to have a specific effect! The simplest, like an apple cinnamon mixture to create a Christmas atmosphere, with more utilitarian scents like lemongrass to push mosquitoes.

Finally, level quantity, the percentage of essential oils or aromatic petrol must be quite low, around 5% of the total volume.

If you use 250 ml of wax, you will only need 6 or 7 drops of essential oil. If you use a closer volume of the 500 ml, you will need around 10 or 11 drops in total.

A few drops are enough, it's up to you to adapt according to your tastes and the amount of wax you use for your DIY candle!

DIY Flowrette kits

At Flowrette, we offer several kits to make your own homemade scented candles, to decorate your interior.

You will find there all the products it takes to create your flowery candle, as well as everything you need to know to make it well!

These candles will allow you to flavor your interior and bring a flowery and delicate touch to your home.

If creating your own decorative items interest you, know that we offer other DIY kits to improve your interior. You will also find many decoration products at Flowrette, of which many flowery candles.

Consult our blog on this!

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Also discover our candles already poured

At Flowrette, we make our own candles. It is Pauline who takes care of it. 

They are natural, with soy wax and flowery scents. 

For more poetry, some are lined with dried flowers. Here are some examples:

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