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Oct 5, 2022
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What are the compulsory elements of a Christmas decoration?

Every year, the Christmas season cannot escape us, whether we like it or not. Between cult films, snow -capped films and melodies in stores, everything is there to invite us to live The Christmas spirit. 

And what could be better than decorating your interior in order to concoct a cozy, cocooning and festive spirit home? However, Pinterest inspirations are not always enough to give ideas for what to buy exactly. Discover the compulsory elements of a Christmas decoration according to Flowrette.

If you want more advice on How to make a successful Christmas decoration, we wrote a dedicated article. 

Our Indispensable Checklist for a beautiful Christmas decoration

So that the magical Christmas spirit interferes in your interior, we have made a selection of essential products. You will no longer miss any ideas for Your Christmas decor!

1. The Christmas tree: almost essential

It is obvious that a Christmas decoration is not the same without A nice tree. There is a plethora of choice: opt for a natural tree (by favoring those who come from a responsible production of course), or an artificial tree. Also choose between a green or white tree, or for a small model or a very large! 

Depending on your tastes, you will necessarily find the tree you need. In order to make your choice, think upstream of his future place in the house. 

Our advice: opt for a visible place but with little passage, so as not to spend your month of December picking up its decorations and Christmas balls. If you have opted for a natural tree, you will avoid the bonus of collecting needles every day. Our advice for small studios: if you don't have room for a Christmas tree, opt for a large bouquet of dried flowers, like the Anatole model, and adorn it with a few light Christmas balls.

2. A beautiful table decoration: for festive meals

Whether it's Du Christmas meal, Christmas Eve, or a classic winter meal, Orde your table beautiful objects to refine your decor. 

If you don't have chimney, We have a great idea. Dare the candle scented with a wood fire, which will instantly give a warm and welcoming odor to your interior. Adorned with pretty dried flowers, it will also bring a touch of subtle decoration but trendy on your table. 

Do you want an original touch? Discover the small flowery vials garnished with dried flowers. Choose your favorite color between green and red, and use them as brands or to make a gift (or both). 

Finally, you can have cotton branches on your table, to recall the color and texture of snow and bring a touch of nature. Complete everything with a few branches of pine that will bring a Pleasant odor in your home.

3. Bet on table art for Christmas

Table art has so much to offer during this period. In addition to the decorative objects reminiscent of Christmas, opt for a sober service but perfectly suited to this period to adorn your table in style. 

Place for example Green or red plates To stick to the Christmas theme. Bet on sobriety by placing them on White, beige, or wooden table sets. 

Complete the Christmas spirit with a tray that can accommodate your aperitif bites. Finally, for the end of the evening by the fire or around the table, offer a hot drink to your guests in a pretty beige and green cup.

4. The Christmas Crown: the touch in addition

To decorate your interior, opt for a Advent wreath. Again, various choices are available to you. You can reuse the same each year, or dare the more bohemian effect with our crown in dried flowers. 

A real element of inseparable decoration of Christmas, it can be suspended from a door (preferably inside to preserve it), on a wall, a staircase, and even be placed on your Christmas table. 

Each year, the Christmas Crown is still as trendy for decorating the holiday season!

5. The garlands to decorate your living room

Difficult to imagine a Christmas decoration without garland, is not it ? Depending on your tastes, opt for a more traditional multicolored light garland, or a paper garland in softer and very trendy colors. 

And if you want to decorate your walls with ease, think of the flowery garland to make yourself! Each beautiful object made of DIY also allows you to enjoy a moment of relaxation during this often loaded period, and to add a bit of a nature to your house. This garland will perfectly decorate a white wall or a wooden shelf.

6. Candles: for a cocooning atmosphere

Turn off the lights, and light beautiful candles… Do you see yourself? Of course, the candles Allow the atmosphere to warm up and give your days or evenings a warm side. 

Even if our candle with a wood fire seems perfect for Christmas, you can also decorate your interior thanks to craft candles decorated with dried flowers. Thanks to them, The atmosphere will be at the party and at rest. 

Of course, our candles are beautiful gift ideas: they can delight children and adults. Whatever the decoration style of your guests, Scandinavian, traditional, bohemia, or all in wood and white, you will necessarily be happy by offering these candles. And for your DIY fans friends, discover the kits to make your own candles, with all the necessary advice. You will offer the best gift of the year!

7. As a bonus: an Advent calendar

No, Advent calendar It is not necessarily intended for children or filled with chocolates. You can, if you have an available shelf, create your DIY calendar yourself. 

To do this, place wooden boxes of different sizes, then mark them with a number from 1 to 24. You can choose different colors, or opt for a traditional color like red or green. 

Finally, place the gifts inside the whole family so that the party at home takes place a little every day.

Why buy craft Christmas decorations?

At Flowrette, we like to put craftsmanship forward by offering beautiful, quality and hand -made objects with love and passion. 

We are convinced that these values ​​correspond completely to The Christmas spirit, which advocates sharing and benevolence. This is why each article is carefully made in France or co-created with craftsmen from around the world. 

By producing only our products in small quantities, we offer you rare, precious objects, both timeless and in the trend of the moment. 

Finally, our products are not perishable and durable, and therefore contribute to a more responsible and ecological lifestyle. If the sentence “consume less but consume better” resonates in you, we are convinced that our products will constitute the perfect elements for your future Christmas decoration. You will be looking forward to the end of year celebrations to point their nose to decorate your home. So follow our special selection "essential decoration for Christmas" and have wonderful end of year celebrations.

If you lack inspiration, find out what are the Decorative trends for Christmas 2022.

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