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Sep 26, 2022
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Our advice to set a beautiful table

Dressing a beautiful table is not as easy as it seems. Indeed, one can think that doing it is within everyone's reach, but it is a monumental error. Although Dressage of a table is an art, it is not difficult to understand. 

With the right methodology and appropriate advice, you will be able to Dress your table as an expert, and it will necessarily be useful to you. Do you organize a party? Do you have a reception at home, do you expect guests or just want to have a romantic dinner? Your table must reflect your commitment and your degree of application. 

Depending on the occasion, the table can be drawn in a specific way. There are basic aspects that you need to know. From the choice of dishes, to the type of tablecloth, including the layout of the cover on the table, Flowrette explains everything you need to know. We will also see the types of accessories that can help you embellish your table more, and satisfy your guests. 

See our guide without further delay below how to set a beautiful table.

You will also find our Table art collection With small seried products made by hand by exceptional craftsmen, for special occasions or for daily use. 

Choose a beautiful dish service to set a beautiful table

Before talking about the dressing of the table, it would first be necessary to dwell on the type of dishes you will use, hence our first stop: what type of dishes should be used? 

The choice of dishes can be a real headache for some people at the time of draw a beautiful table. The dishes has several materials, the most widespread and most recommended of all of which is ceramics. 

Ceramics actually designates the cooked clay at very high temperature, but also the technique used during this process. It is a rustic material that has made a comeback in recent years. Ceramic dishes is very popular, which is why it is also used in the sober environments only on chic tables. Thanks to its old game appearance, its pretty patterns, the attractive colors, the brilliant coatings and the many forms available, it is difficult to resist it. 

Ceramics exists under three main variants: porcelain, earthenware and sandstone. 

Porcelain is the most translucent and white variant. It resists thermal and mechanical shocks. Earthenware is more porous and more fragile than porcelain. Finally, sandstone is the most authentic and rustic ceramics. To put it simply: it is the most resistance variant there is.

The advantages of ceramic dishes (sandstone)

The dishes is above all pleasant to use and very decorative. Added to that, we can cite the other advantages below.

  • Its robustness: ceramic dishes is renowned for its solidity and robustness. 
  • Its decorative appearance: ceramic dishes is very decorative. It has the capacity to adapt to any type of environment and it is suitable for all occasions.
  • The diversity of forms: The choices in terms of ceramic dishes are quite incredible. You will inevitably find the forms that will suit your guests.

Adapt the glasses to the meal

The number of glasses you have on your table depends on the type of drink that will be served and the nature of the event. 

A formal event implies output the full range of glasses at your disposal. On the other hand, if it is for a Dinner with friends or a romantic dinner, You can use the three glasses that are glass for an aperitif, that of red wine and water glass. 

To get a nice rendering, it is strongly recommended to align your glasses on your table. The rules vary according to traditions. Among the English, alignment must be parallel to the edge of the table. In French, alignment is diagonally oriented compared to the plates. 

here is a elementary rule : The glasses are aligned in decreasing order, from the left to the right. Water glass (which is generally a glass on foot) will always be placed on the far left, because being the largest of the glasses. 

What about the flute? Generally, it is not placed at the same time as the glasses on the table. She almost always arrives at the end of the meal unless the meal is entirely in champagne. In this case, the champagne flutes will have to be placed between the water glass and that with red wine. 

The maintenance of the glasses is sometimes neglected, and yet it is an aspect of a very great importance. After cleaning your glasses before placing them at the table, your fingerprints could stay there, and it would be a shame. Please pay particular attention to this detail, cleaning the glasses with a soft cloth preferably. Also check that they are not impregnated with an unpleasant odor before placing them on the table.

Choose a beautiful seasonal tablecloth. What are the trends: washed linen, Indian fabric

The choice of table linen can push you to think, and this is understood, especially when it comes to the tablecloth to be used. Real backdrop, the good tablecloth will have the effect of sublimate your table, While giving tone and volume to your decoration. The question that arises is as follows: how to choose the tablecloth to put on your table?

We advise you to opt for a washed linen water table. This material has many advantages much appreciated by users. A washed linen table is distinguished by its lightness, softness and flexibility. It will undoubtedly be unanimous with your guests. Also, it is easy to wash, which is far from negligible.

As for color, a white tablecloth is always appreciated, because it is suitable for any type of event. You can choose a color tablecloth or a white patterned tablecloth, the fact remains that the more simple it is, the better.

Indian fabric tablecloths are also an excellent choice to embellish your table. These tablecloths are known to be solid. Their patterns could prick the curiosity of your guests, and at the same time create a subject of discussion which could be very instructive.

Should you put folds on your tablecloth?

The answer to this question actually depends on the shape of the table. If it is rectangular or square, you will not need to make folds. On the other hand, if your table is round, you will be obliged to make folds using your iron.

Should we use a fleece?

Molleton is a very popular accessory in the world of catering. It is placed directly on the table, below the tablecloth. It gives more comfort in the guests and deafen the noise produced by the cutlery.

Respect the rules of the table art

To do Good impression to your guests, it would be clever to have your table by following the rules of art in the matter.

To find out more about the art of the table, we wrote an article on our main rules to be observed for tableware.

The arrangement of cutlery

You should always keep in mind that the fork is always placed to the left of the plate, its teeth being pointed at the tablecloth. The knife is placed to the right of the plate, its blade being directed towards the latter. The tablespoon is also placed to the right of the plate.

It is strongly not recommended to place more than three cutlery on both sides of the plate.

If you want more information on table art, we have the perfect article for you where we explain you What is tableware? 

What about dishes?

The latter must be placed in the order of use, from the outside to the inside. If you plan to serve several dishes, you will therefore have to follow this methodology.

The dessert cover is only brought to the table at the same time as dessert. According to French tradition, A knife and a dessert fork should be used.

Here is a small summary of the layout of the cutlery:

  • The fork is placed to the left of the plate, the teeth being placed on the tablecloth
  • The knife is always on the right, its blade being oriented towards the plate
  • The spoon is placed to the right of the plate, the curved side directed towards the ceiling
  • The glasses are stored in decreasing order, from the left to the right, following a diagonal axis
  • The number of cutlery should not exceed 3.

Add accessories

Each of the above elements mentioned plays a specific role in the training and beauty of a dining table. However, we must not forget the decorative aspect, which can be improved with the use of small accessories. Investing money in a new service during each event can be expensive, even bulky. And yet, you can get a magnificent table with objects that are within your reach. 

According to the theme chosen or the event in question, You can bring an additional touch with simple daily accessories : chocolate eggs for Easter, small pumpkin for Halloween, pastel colors for baptism, and many more. 

If you lack inspiration for your Christmas table, here How to make a beautiful table at Christmas.

You have to be careful not to overload your table. This is the point of opting for a Simple, basic, but attractive decoration who keeps a certain harmony. You can improve your decoration with a bouquet of flowers, candles and candles or a table runner. 

  • In the center of your table, you can place a beautiful vase and put pretty seasonal flowers in it. This will give even more gaiety to your decoration. 

The bouquet of flowers will always be a sure value To enhance a dining table. Depending on the atmosphere you want to create and the type of season, you will use specific flowers. For a romantic dinner, you can for example opt for field flowers. If, on the other hand, you want to have a more sophisticated air, orchids or lilies will do the trick.

Attention ! The choice of vase also plays a crucial role. There are so many varieties and shapes that you will necessarily find your account, but we advise you to take a ceramic vase. However, please do not take a too big vase, otherwise your decoration will be bulky.

  • Why not use candle holders to improve the decoration of your table? 

Candles have always been essential decoration accessories. Regardless of the season, in winter and in autumn, the candles are very popular. They provide a feeling of comfort and warmth, while bringing volume to the dining table. 

There is a wide variety. Depending on the atmosphere you want to create, you can use scented candles, white candles, candlesticks, and even candelabras.

  • Why not opt ​​for a table runner? 

It is a tradition that dates from a hundred years, and yet it still has the same effect. With a nice table runner, you have the assurance of bringing A touch of special decoration at your table. 

There are several ways to have a table runner, and we will present them to you. 

The most usual arrangement is in the middle of the table. In this way, the table runner is parallel to its length. The surface of the table is thus divided into 3 zones: the centering center, which presents the dishes and the two edges of the table, which receive the guests and the cutlery. 

You can opt for a position opposite, and for this, you will have to choose a large enough model to accommodate the entire service. This provision has the advantage of creating a certain connection between the guests who will take place around the table.

Flowrette's mission was to help you draw up your dining table. The objective is achieved insofar as you have all the information and tricks to ideally draw a beautiful table according to French tradition.

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