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Sep 19, 2022
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Why offer decorative items to Mother's Day?

Update on 05/03/23

There mothers' Day is an international birthday with ancient origins, celebrated on the last Sunday in May. This year, Sunday June 4 is the date to celebrate mothers. So, for this day to be a success, you will have to organize yourself in advance. Do not forget an important aspect: there are no rules to please your mom! We can all feel free to celebrate it as we wish.

To find all our Flowrette gift ideas for Mother's Day, see our selection ofGift ideas for Mother's Day. What to fill your mom with happiness!

However, the Best gift for Mother's Day is the one for which you do not necessarily invest money, but time and creativity. Special attentions, personalized gifts or handmade cards to wish him a good Mother's Day. However, we will dwell on this article on the interest of decorative objects for as present for Mother's Day.

Why decorative items?

For Mother's Day, decorative items are the best gift ideas to please your mother. Why that ? Well, they are durable over time And will gain a place in your mother's interior decoration. They will draw all its attention and make it think of you every moment of the day. In addition, these articles will show the love you have to your mother, even in your absence.

It is for these different reasons that it is important to offer decorative objects to your mother during this special date to please her heart. In addition, at Flowrette, we have artisanal decorative objects with great charm that can be offered to your mother during this key date (or on other occasions, to tell the truth!).

With us, you will see decorative items that you can offer to your mother during Mother's Day to show her your affection, and she can remember each time she is at home. You will find, among other things, scented candles, dried flowers, vases, as well as many other decorative items.

Let's see together what each of these articles can mean for your mother if you offer it for Mother's Day.

Flowers, always a good choice of gift

The flowers are known to create a particular atmosphere, ranging from cocooning to festive. They represent the first of the decorative gifts that comes to mind when it comes to offering a gift to your mother.

The flowers we offer are made to be offered, and please your mom. They will remain a pledge of love in his eyes.

A bouquet of dried flowers will be both beautiful and appreciable in her eyes and will stay in her home for a long time, because dried flowers have a lifespan much greater than that of fresh flowers.

At Flowrette, our bouquets of dried flowers are designed to be ideal gifts. We always try to offer more creations to meet the needs of our customers. For example, we create dried flowers under bells and in wall crowns. As an interior decoration, dried flowers are versatile and can therefore integrate everywhere. Then please your mom by opting for one of the models of bouquet in our E-shop.

Mother's dried flower bouquet

The scented candle

For mothers according to the latest decorative trends, the scented candle is a guarantee of success. In precious decorated pots, true design objects, our scented candles have become essential for lovers of decoration and design interior, or, more simply, people who appreciate beautiful things. Choose a perfume according to your mother's preferences to give her a gift that looks like her.

Indeed, at Flowrette, all our candles are caught with attention by Pauline in our workshop in Île-de-France. We are very attentive to the selection of products that make up our candles. We take all the necessary precautions to ensure that they do not harm the environment. It’s a nice gift to please your mom during Mother's Day.


The candlesticks are one of the decorative objects that can add a little originality to the dining table during the celebration of Mother's Day. By putting them in the center of your table, they will give a certain cachet to the table and make the event memorable.

We offer a variety of different shapes and materials to meet various desires. We work with a wide range of craftsmen to provide original and qualitative models.

These are unique pieces and combining a desired design and a useful function, which can be an ideal gift for your mother.  

Flowrette Mother's Day candlesticks

Why not a vase?

In one of the previous parts, we said that dried flowers are one of the decorative items that can be offered to her mom to please him on Mother's Day! However, to present them properly, you need an adequate container.

So, an elegant vase Maybe a great idea of ​​a complementary gift. The unicolore geometric design will be perfect for modern interiors. So remember to complete your gift of dried flowers with a vase to further arouse joy in your mom's heart.

In the Flowrette e-shop, you will find a variety of vase allowing you to find the best way to bring out your bouquet. Make the choice that will please your mom, and which will correspond to the already existing decoration of her house. It should be recalled that some vases are so elegant that even without flowers, they can be offered to mom as gifts.

Our wicker baskets

The baskets are another fantastic option that can be offered to your mother to decorate her interior. An example is a Nador wicker basket Can be very versatile and functional, in simple decoration, to contain a bouquet or more functional objects. Typical of Moroccan crafts, these baskets are practical, pretty and particularly lasting.

Handcrafted by Moroccan craftsmen, these baskets are available in two sizes with us. They can become as much a decoration element as a useful equipment for your mother's daily life.

When they are not used, these baskets can be exposed as an object of decoration. In addition, a bouquet of dried flowers can be placed in a wicker basket for a more bohemian look. At Flowrette, we also have other varieties that you can consult in our shop.

Flowrette Mother's Wicker Basket

A wall poster

More traditional, but always appreciable, the wall poster combines the beauty of an illustration and the more utilitarian appearance of the dressing of a wall. The posters are the ideal wall accessory for adding color to any room. For example, minimalist and vacation destination posters provide warmth and privacy to salons, rooms, corridors and offices.

If you do not have a gift idea to offer to your mother during Mother's Day, browse our selection of poster gifts. We offer wall posters created by our talented graphic designers. Express your love to your mother by offering her a beautiful and elegant wall poster.

What other gifts to give mom for Mother's Day?

Aside from decorative objects, you can still please your mother during Mother's Day by offering her our jewelry. Indeed, the jewelry available at Flowrette are superior objects that you can offer to your mother as a gift during the mothers' Day.

These are objects made in gold and decorated with dried flowers which will appeal to your mother for sure. For example, rings are jewelry that symbolizes a lot, and which can be offered to a mother during a special date. It’s a perfect gift idea that will please all moms. She will be proud to have one with a finger. You can also opt for one of our necklaces, or a delicate matching bracelet.

To conclude...

Do Pleasure to your mother, especially for Mother's Day, is a sometimes complicated challenge, especially when we run out of ideas after many ideas to give him gifts.

However, it is not the ideas that are missing, just have them, to find them.

A trip, a cultural outing, a book or a care in a spa, many are the ideas that could make it smile and make this day unforgettable.

However, if you have already drawn into these more popular ideas and you want to vary your presents, we hope that this article has been useful to you, and that soon, a superb Flowrette product will enhance the interior decoration of your beloved Mom.

If you still have a doubt about dried flowers, discover our article on 5 good reasons to crack for dried flowers on the occasion of Mother's Day.
We also give you a special selection ofGift ideas for Mother's Day. You now have no reason not to offer decorative items for Mother's Day.

Mother's Day Flowrette Bouquet
Flowrette Mother's Day jewelry

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