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Sep 17, 2022
écrit par Christelle Martin

Valentine's Day: 5 reasons to offer dried flowers

You wish Offer a gift that is sure to hit the bull's eye For Valentine's Day ? We can only recommend dried flowers. They invade the nice and sought -after places. Not a trendy restaurant without its creation in dried flowers. Enterable bohemian, particularly poetic, This decorative trend is not ready to stop !

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Why crack for dried flowers for Valentine's Day

#1: the bohemian style of a Dried flower gift

Roomed in time, dried flowers give off a touch of nostalgia ... Adding a bouquet to your interior will allow you to create a bohemian decor while establishing a bucolic atmosphere. 

To take out the dried flower of the old -fashioned clichés, combine your bouquet with a pretty contemporary vase. Place it on a canned piece of furniture, dressed your interior of natural materials like wood, rattan or flax and voila ! It is also possible to accentuate the vintage side by choosing a carafe or a lady-Jeanne.

#2: dried flowers, for A responsible Valentine's Day

If the fresh flowers are very perishable and have a significant impact on the environment, dried flowers are much more responsible. Why bring flowers from the 4 corners of the globe for only a few days? The dried flowers come mainly from France, Spain, Italy and Holland. Their lifespan allows you to have it for much longer periods ... At the time of zero waste and global warming, it is important attention To be sure to please For Valentine's Day !

#3: a decorative gift for Valentine's day

A bit nostalgic, terribly bohemian, the dried flowers return to fashion. Bouquets composed of dried flowers and stabilized flowers no longer have the image of old -fashioned clichés. Perfectly integrated into the decorations, especially Scandinavian, dried flowers can also accentuate the vintage side especially when they are in a carafe or a lady-Jeanne. Don't wait any longer and Discover our creations For Valentine's Day.

#4: For Valentine's Day, A sustainable gift

For Valentine's Day, you can choose to offer a gift that lasts a maximum of time. What a pleasure to offer and see that the person to cherish Preciously keep the gift you gave him. 

By buying a bouquet of dried flowers, finished the frustration of seeing flowers in the trash. Your bouquet will remain intact at least until the next Valentine's Day.

#5: dried flowers because they ask Little maintenance!

Your interiors are not bright enough. You don't have a green hand ...
Do not panic and switch to dried flowers. They require very little maintenance. A little cold hair dryer from time to time to dust them, avoid damp rooms and voila. Nothing better for a successful Valentine's Day gift! 

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