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Jan 30, 2023
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Top 5 of our gift ideas for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and you wonder what you can offer to your beloved this February 14? It’s a day to honor the feelings and love you experience.

Finding a gift idea whether traditional, original or even personalized is not that simple when you aspire to surprise your sweetheart. 

And yes the essential is that it is offered with love, a little present full of romanticism to express the feelings of the heart and make this day an unforgettable memory. With the different collections of Flowrette products, discover Our selection of original and unique gifts which will not fail to make your eyes shine.

1 - The timeless bouquet of flowers

To select the best gift idea, think about the character and tastes of your wife or girlfriend. For the eternal romantic nothing beats the traditional bouquet of flowers! What if you made it a more original? With dried flowers that last a long time and that do not need maintenance. 

A bouquet of dried flowers is natural and when the bouquet is carefully designed with a perfect wedding between flowers and colors, you will not find better to amaze the love of your life. Opt for a bouquet of dried flowers full of red to stay in the theme of love and the Valentine's Day. The combination of colors and the principle of dried flowers that will last long years, nothing like it to express your infinite love and passion.

2- The essential jewelry

A jewel is the value gift that will make her eyes shine and vibrate his heart for sure. If you lose yourself and do not find which jewelry to choose between a ring, earrings, bracelet or a necklace, observe its habits and choose the jewel that it likes to wear the most or even better that appears in its wishlist If you are lucky. 

Depending on the taste of your dulcinée, choose from the Flowrette jewelry collection. Unique pieces inspired by nature, plated in gold and based on dried flowers and resin. Result ? Original and so fine and refined jewelry. You can stay in the theme and opt for a heart -shaped pattern or choose something more refined. 

The earrings can be your ideal gift for Valentine's Day: both soft, elegant and poetic. With their original shape and particles dried flowers carefully incorporated into the resin to create a durable and sophisticated rendering.

3- A flowery and fragrant candle

If your beloved is more dreamy and feminine, spoiling its olfactory meaning would be a very good choice. Failing to offer it its favorite perfume, think rather of a candle that is both fragrant and flowery. 

A gift that will help him relax and relax according to his desires, and nothing better than a scented candle to create a cocooning atmosphere. You can choose from the selection of Flowrette candles, the linen candle that could correspond to your search and warm the heart of your half. 

Made by hand with dried flowers of warm colors that gives off a perfume, all in a pretty ceramic jar made by hand as well. With its sleek design and fragrance, it will easily find its place in the house as a decorative object.

4- A gift box for Valentine's Day

Finding a surprising gift that makes fun is often complicated for a couple. Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to spoil your darling with a personalized box or a gift box. It's always nice, the more original it is the more it is successful.

Forget the traditional gift boxes with beauty products and brand perfumes at exorbitant prices and opt instead for more special and original boxes.

At Flowrette, for each occasion a suitable gift box. Composed of a small unique flowery candle and a small bouquet of dried flowers all accompanied by a card to slide a message full of passion and tenderness and describe your feelings towards the loved one. These products reflect an unequaled sweetness, both poetic and timeless. 

5- For a DIY lover, a DIY kit

For Valentine's Day as for any other occasion, there is no better gift than the one who speaks the language of the person who receives it. If your beloved is a tinkering person who likes to make creations herself, you can offer him a DIY kit to make his gift with his own hands. 

The little extra, attend it in its creation during an evening for two and you will have a stone two strokes. Think wisely about what she likes and what she would like to spend time achieving. 

At Flowrette, you have different types of DIY kit: jewelry, candle, bouquet of flowers. If you opt for a DIY candle kit, you will have a complete kit that has everything you need to create a cotton flower candle. 

In this way, you will offer him a creative and relaxing candle and moment.

These are some examples of Valentine's Day gift ideas that we have selected to inspire you.

Valentine's Day is an opportunity for all lovers to please their partner and repeat their flame. Giving a gift to a woman is touching her heart. If you are looking for other gift ideas for Valentine's Day, we have written other articles such as What gift to offer to Valentine's Day for a woman? or Which gift to choose for Valentine's Day.

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