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Apr 13, 2023
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The top 5 of our decoration gifts to offer for a move

All opportunities are good for make a loved one or a parent. Whether it's a Christmas present, a gift for Mother's Day, a gift for fathers, offering a gift is a gesture always very appreciated. This is even more so when it comes to a rack. When it is well chosen, this gift will be of great use for your loved one that moves. Preferably, opt for a decorative object.

THE gift ideas Maybe are legion, but finding the original gift is a little more complex. At Flowrette, we have a large catalog of decorative items among which you will find the perfect gift for this occasion. To give you a precise idea of ​​these original gift ideas, discover our selection.

The epistolary box, the decoration gift filled with poetry

When someone moves, one of his challenges is to be able to create a peaceful and pleasant cocoon. Offer him a original gift will be an act that will make him happy. Very often, when you move, you think of installing some essential objects such as a clock, a pouf or a light. In order not to offer a decorative object that your friend already has, you must be originality. If you want to offer a beautiful design object for an original decor, opt for our epistolary box.

It’s a must have in terms of interior decoration. It is made up of a very beautiful bouquet in dried flowers, a glass vase and a scented candle. This box is made with passion and patience by our florists. Everything is done with meticulousness from the choice of flowers to their transformation process. For everyone to find their account, this box is available in four different colors. He will decorate all styles of decoration whether modern, vintage or bohemian.

A flowery candle, the decorative gift for a cocooning atmosphere

Finding a gift idea filled with originality and authenticity can be a challenge. However, with us, find the ideal gift is really very simple. Whether you are looking for Christmas gift ideas, decorative gift ideas or simply best gift ideas, you will find in our shop a variety of items.

For a rack, offer a flowery candle is one of the best ideas. Maintenance in our workshop in Paris, this candle is made with soy wax which is vegetable. Our choice then fell on the wooden wick which is ecological. It is dotted with a few dried flowers, a reminder of the signature of our brand. What makes its particularity is that it is poured into ceramic jars made by ceramists.

This pot can be reused after the total melting of the candle. This is a real wink to maintain and protect the environment, as we are keen to produce the minimum possible waste. The flowery candle is a decorative idea that fits both in a stay and in a bedroom. In the latter, she will be able to create a cocooning atmosphere. Your loved one will be delighted to relax after a long day of work.

If you are looking for a personalized gift, the Bougie Fleurie is the ideal gift. Personalize a flowery candle is to add a label to it. You can decide what you want to affix it to make it please a friend or a loved one. You can decide to add a few words, a memory, a date, a word of thanks, etc.

A bouquet of dried flowers for a touch of romanticism

For this third decorative gift idea, we offer you a Bouquet of dried flowers. Delicate and poetic, it is a safe bet to enhance the decoration of your interior or that of a loved one. A bouquet of dried flowers adds a touch of color in any space. He can brighten up a monochrome decoration. You can also use it to adorn your desk.

The advantage with the Bouquet of dried flowers is that it can be kept throughout the year. It is therefore a profitable investment since it lasts a long time and requires very little maintenance. For a gift to offer, make your choice taking into account the tastes of your loved one.

For example, you can try to know your favorite flowers and choose a bouquet accordingly. It seems trivial, but these little attentions make all the difference. The bouquet of dried flowers is the decoration touch that you need for someone who moves into a new apartment. He makes him welcoming and above all very beautiful.

The vase, one of our practical decoration gifts

To finish the selection of gift ideas, we offer one of our vases. Choose from the available models that is suitable for your loved one. We have sandstone, ceramic, glass, etc. vases, etc. You can only offer the vase as you can accompany it with one of our magnificent bouquets.

Bring an original touch, whatever the style of the room, is the bet we make with our products. You can therefore make your choice from the selection of vases available without fear that it does not correspond to the type of interior in which it will be exposed. Once the choice and payment is made, you will be delivered at 24 hours to 48 hours at a maximum. Our partnerships with transport companies provide rapid delivery of packages.

At Flowrette, we are careful to offer Soft prices. All the prices of our products are chosen to suit all budgets while ensuring good quality of products. We fix a sum which will allow you to please your loved ones and which will also allow us to pay our craftsmen properly.

This Selection of gift ideas Cited above is not exhaustive. We also have other decorative products to offer for a rack. You can offer a cushion cover in a flowery design, a candle holder, a decorative wall painting, a stove, a decorative box, etc. If you are still looking for gift ideas, discover Our selection of gift boxes.

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