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Jan 30, 2023
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Our Valentine's Day gifts at low prices to offer a woman

To love is also to please others. What could be better than Valentine's Day to testify once again your affection for your partner? Do you get ahead by certainly wondering which Valentine's Day gift for your beloved? This celebration which takes place every February 14 is a great opportunity for revive the flame And show your whole love to your partner. In order for this surprise to be a success, you don't need to offer your wife an expensive gift. So we offer a little Valentine's Day gift selection at low prices to offer to a woman.

Our Valentine's Day gift ideas at less than 15 euros

Who says Valentine's Day gifts, says budget. Contrary to what many people think, it is not necessary to offer Valentine's Day gifts that cost hundreds or thousands of euros.

You can offer a gift just as charming as it is originally at low prices. This is the possibility that Flowrette offers you by offering you beautiful Valentine's Day gift ideas at low prices. These small gifts offered are so charming that you will be spoiled for choice.

The Raphia basket

If your partner is a decoration fanatic, opt for A decorative gift. THE Raphia basket is the first gift idea we offer. Original, it is very solid and perfect for a bohemian style decoration.

It seduces with the different uses you can make of it. It can be used as well as a stooge and as a seal cover. She will be delighted to receive this great attention.

The toilet kit

There toiletry is the ideal present at less than 15 € that you could offer to your soul mate. Chic and glamorous, she is a passout. It can be easily stored in a suitcase without it clogging.

Designed in a colorful design, this nugget is a masterpiece of craftsmen specializing in Indian crafts. The fabric used for the manufacture of this kit is carried out thanks to the Block Print technique, a method specific to the Indian tradition. This kit is a good gift that we love and that we really need to store her small things.

The small ceramic cup Calista

This magnificent little ceramic cup changes a bit of the famous personalized cup that you have certainly already offered for Valentine's Day. In addition, if you are looking for a Valentine's Day gift cheap and above all very original, this mug is what you need.

Designed in sober colors, they adapt to any type of interior. It’s an excellent Gift for Valentine's Day who will please any in love with decoration and table art. She will love to sip tea in her mug while watching TV from her sofa.

Our Valentine's Day gift ideas at less than 30 €

Still in the perspective that you can find Valentine's Day gift ideas, we offer articles for less than 25 €. This selection of Valentine's Day gift ideas will be very useful to you.

A beautiful Flowrette poster

A decorative touch here and there in its interior is never refusal. To do this, remember to give him one of our posters. They are designed by talented illustrators with whom we collaborate.

Made in delicate tones, they are perfect for suitable for any type of decor. So this is one of Valentine's Day Gift Ideas 2023 on which to bet.

The Braga vase for dried flowers

The flowers are made to embellish the interior and add a touch of romanticism. The container in front of welcoming them is just as important. If you already have the flowers, it remains more than to find the vase you need.

In Flowrette, we offer you for this Valentine's Day The Braga vase to accommodate your superb dried flowers. It is made of terracotta in a very sober design.

Thought in every detail, it adapts to any interior style. The Braga vase exists in three different sizes. It is then up to you to choose the one that will be best.

Our Valentine's Day gift ideas at less than 40 €

If you are looking for Valentine's Day gifts at higher prices, you are in the right place. We present a selection of items for less than 40 €.

Flowery candle

Another gift from Valentine's Day that will please a woman is the flowery candle. Handlides in our workshop by expert hands, Flowrette flower candles offer an extraordinary olfactory experience. They broadcast a Delicate floral scent soothing and refreshing.

With natural soy wax, wooden wick, scent of fat without cmr or phthalate and ceramic pots, we get a natural and safe product.

It is also possible to Customize candles To show all your love on this day, lovers' day. Personalization can be the day of your meeting, your wedding or simply a tender and romantic word.

THE Personalized gifts Always have this surprise effect in people for whom they are intended. However, before choosing the candle, take into account your partner's preferences and tastes.

DIY Kit Small earrings

Are you tired of classic gifts such as the bottle of wine, champagne, the gourmet gift such as the box of chocolates or the bouquet of fresh flowers?

Even the little getaway in an unusual place has become more and more democratized. The perfect gift is certainly the one that best suits your partner, especially the one who has a touch of originality.

We have selected for this last gift of the lot, a DIY kit of small earrings. It contains the elements necessary for the realization of a flowery jewel. The interest of this gift is that he provides the feeling of being a designer. To please has never been easier.

So do not hesitate to offer it to your partner who will be happy to make her jewelry herself. If you wish, you can also build a box with other Flowrette items.

A box or box is made up of several different items. This is the perfect solution if you do not want to be mistaken in the choice of gift. Flowrette also offers customizable boxes already ready that you will only have to choose.

A bouquet of dried flowers

The flowers are acclaimed because they are a romantic gift. To change the usual fresh flowers, we rather offer you dried flowers.

They have a particular advantage, they last several months and even all year round. It is an original gift idea, less expensive and above all eco -responsible.

You have a Diversity of models on our online site. Do not forget to choose the one that would best suit the tastes of your beloved. Give him the dried flowers at the end of a delicious meal or after a romantic evening.

If you want to know more about dried flowers, discover 5 reasons to offer dried flowers to your wife. You will also find others gift ideas to offer to a woman For Valentine's Day.

You find it difficult to find beautiful original gifts To offer your partner despite the many ideas that exist? Here are some gift ideas that will make him happy for this lovers' day. The best gift ideas being those that come from the heart, choose it with all your love.

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