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Nov 1, 2023
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Our Christmas gift ideas at low prices

The end of the year is fast approaching and Christmas is before our eyes. If you like to respect tradition, then you are certainly at the quest for the best gifts to offer for the Christmas. Offering a gift box to his parent or his friend is always a great idea. The most complex is to find the ideal, quality, original and at an accessible price. At Flowrette, we offer you a wide variety ofUnique and singular gift ideas. We invite you to discover everything on Our little Christmas gifts to a woman.

In any case, here are our beautiful ideas for 2023…

Our Christmas gift ideas at less than 15 euros

Christmas is the period of the year when children are impatiently awaiting their gifts. Adults are not to be outdone either. It’s always a good idea to think about also offering your mother, father, man or woman at Christmas. At Flowrette, it is possible to find nice gifts for Christmas Has mild price for a limited budget.


The toiletry bag is the first of our Gift ideas for less than 15 euros For Christmas Whether you can offer your wife, mother or one of your children. This kit is one of our accessories that has everything to please. If you are a man and know your wife's Christmas wishlist, think of this article.

It is made with fabrics made with the technique of the Block Print, specific to the Indian tradition. It consists in printing the pattern on cotton, with a block of wood. It’s a kit that will easily enter your travel bag.

Designed thanks to the know -how of Indian craft specialists, this kit is a marvel. Very solid, it accompanies you daily in your different journeys. With its colorful patterns, the toiletry bag is the perfect gift to offer for the Christmas party.

Raphia basket

The Raphia basket is one of our accessories that will accompany you as a decorative object. Very solid, it is produced by a Malagasy craftsman who masters this art. This accessory is perfect for creating a bohemian decor in your home.

You can use it as a storage room, to collect your beauty items or even as a cache. It is accessible at a very attractive price. You can even offer it in a lot of two or three, as a gift from Christmas, so that the recipient can really create a harmonious decor.


Book L'Atelier des Fleurs dried

The biggest treasures hide in books. And that of the dried flower workshop, is no exception to this rule. Are listed in this book, the detailed processes of the techniques for the realization of objects based on dried flowers.

It's a Excellent gift idea To offer your loved ones at Christmas, especially those who are DIY fans. They will thus be able to design beautiful flowery objects for the decoration of the tree of Christmas or for their personal use.

This book would find its place perfectly in a special advent calendar box for Christmas. You will add to the Advent calendar, a DIY kit for the manufacture of the object proper.

Paper flowers

It is always easier to offer the suitable Christmas present when you know the recipient's wishlist. But if you have to evolve blindly, without knowing your preferences, the choice of present requires special attention.


If the recipient is a lover of interior decoration and tableware, then our paper flowers are the ideal gift. Hand -made with great care, they embody beauty and poetry, making each bouquet unique. Flowrette paper flowers offer you the opportunity to bring a touch of timeless elegance to any space.


With a remarkable finesse, these flowers will add a poetic dimension to Christmas decoration. Combining the ephemeral aspect of nature and sustainability of paper, they will certainly seduce fans of minimalist aesthetics as well as ecologists. In addition, they are offered at a very attractive price.

Our Christmas gift ideas at less than 25 euros

Besides our gift ideas of Christmas has less than 15 euros, you can take advantage of gifts at slightly higher prices.

Braga vase

The Braga vase, designed in three sizes, is perfect for accommodating different bouquets of flowers to discover in the dried flowers collection. From a chic and refined design, it will have a good effect in a house. Thanks to its neutral color, this decorative accessory adapts to any type of interior.

A composition of flowers. in paper

At Christmas, we like to surprise and make an impression with our presents. Exit the traditional bottle of wine or the large format framed photo. This year, opt for a touch of originality and elegance with our compositions of paper flowers.

Our rod paper creations (X1, X3, X5) carefully made by hand. Find dozens of different flowers and colors. 

A gift that is both delicate and memorable, it will transform any interior by adding a poetic and festive note.

Offer this unique bouquet to a loved one, and it will have a magnificent decoration element to enhance his house during the holidays. In addition, this unexpected present is offered at a very reasonable price. Make the difference with a gift that is out of the ordinary!


One of the wonders that will surely please one of your loved ones to Christmas is one of our posters. Even if Flowrette wants to be a purely feminine universe, it is possible to offer a poster to a man like your father or your man.

She will be able to add a bohemian touch to the decoration of the house. We have several that are inspired by our various achievements. After purchase, we make sure of the delivery of customer items thanks to a delivery company.

Cabernet vase

The Cabernet vase is proof that the Flowrette universe is mainly turned towards slow consumption. The vase is obtained from the recycling of wine bottles.

This work is the fruit of one of our talented craftsmen named Olivier. It gives life to many bottles of wine by transforming them into pots of sober and chic flowers. Such a gift is perfect for an interior decoration fan.

Our gift ideas at less than 35 euros

If you have not found your happiness among our gift ideas for less than 15 euros and 25 euros for Christmas, you will be satisfied by our products at less than 35 euros.

The Alliance vase

At Christmas, every detail counts, and the gifts we offer reflect our attention and affection for our loved ones. This year, rather than opting for conventional choices, why not offer something unique and timeless?


Discover the "Alliance" vase from Flowrette. Designed with exceptional finesse and elegance, this vase is much more than a simple container for your flowers. It is a work of art in itself, bringing a touch of sophistication to any interior.

Ideal to accompany our paper flower compositions, the "Alliance" vase will highlight each bouquet


This year, think of a Personalized candle as Christmas gift To please a parent or friend. The personalization of the candle is done through a label on which you can write the recipient's first name.

Our candles gently diffuse a soft floral scent inside the house for a cocooning atmosphere. You can also add a nice card to it on which a text will be printed to the person.

Everything cannot be customizable with us, but you can choose different items to compose a gift box or a Advent calendar For


Ceramic stuck-up

The decoration of a house provides well-being to the inhabitants, especially to Christmas. In our Table art collection, our ceramic stakes are a must-have. These are Gilbert creations, a talented ceramist from the south of France.

Our ceramic storage pocket dressed in a sober color will perfectly find its place on a console at the entrance to your home. We have a variety of models to choose according to your preferences and the decoration of your home whatever it is.

You have with the concept store Flowrette, a diversity of quality products and at low prices for Christmas, even if you have a limited budget. You can opt for the customization of certain items such as our superb candles. Accompany the one of your choice, Beautiful text to print on a card available with us. However, if you are a business, Flowrette personalizes you Christmas gift items for your staff or customers.

Just after purchase, delivery can be made within 24 hours to 48 hours on working days. You can also collect your package directly from the store. Flowrette innovates every day and offers budget items accessible to the delight of its customers.

If you lack gift ideas for your family or friends, always discover with us 10 gift ideas to offer to your granny as well as the Top 5 Christmas gifts for future mothers.

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