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Mar 31, 2023
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Our best gift ideas for Mother's Day 2023

There Mother's Day celebration Exist since Antiquity, and has evolved well over time. Mother's Day is fast approaching, and you may not know what to offer your adored mom as Mother's Day. Don't forget, Mother's Day is an opportunity where you have to celebrate your mom, spoil it and prove your love to it.

We have seen it in this article, The origin of Mother's Day, whatever your country, your region, or your belief, to offer a party gift to your mom for Mother's Day is important. Indeed, seek a ideal gift To please your mother is a challenge that you need to take up every year. At Flowrette, we offer our best gift ideas so that your mother is happy with you.

To find all our Flowrette gift ideas for Mother's Day, see our selection ofGift ideas for Mother's Day. What to fill your mom with happiness!

The best gifts in Flowrette for Mother's Day

Sunday June 4, 2023, it's Mother's Day in France (the date varies according to the countries!). This is the day you have to thank your mother for everything she has done for you. If you are not sure yet the ideal gift to offer to your mother to commemorate Mother's Day, don't panic.

At Flowrette, you will find the original gift you need for Mother's Day. Several gift ideas of artisanal creation exist with us. At Flowrette, you can buy an original and trendy gift with an original and delicate design for your mother to please her. You have in this article 5 Mother's Day gift ideas that the Flowrette boutique provides you with.

Our love candle

As you know, we are specialized in dried flowers. We have a wide range of Artisanal candles with various perfumes that will certainly appeal to your mom. Made in our workshop in France, our candles are handmade by our craftsmen with artisanal know-how.

Indeed, our candles are aesthetic, authentic and ethical. Soy wax made 100 % natural, our candles are ecological and vegan. The love candle, as well as our other candles are elegant and offer a bohemian style to decorate your interior. Our love candle is made in an artisanal way and sunk. Once on, the love candle diffuses a scent of flax flowers that would melt love anyone.

The particularity of our love candle is that once completely consumed, you can use the pot to sow the seed contained in the protective seam. This double poetic use is therefore a beautiful symbol of love to offer for Mother's Day.

The Anatole bouquet

Flowrette is a concept store specializing in the creation of creations in dried flowers, which are a very good alternative to fresh flowers that quickly fade.

Flowers are important decorative objects for any type of significant events. Your mom is a loved one, celebrating Mother's Day by offering her an original gift like a bouquet of dried flowers is an idea of ​​gifts with a very strong symbolism.

So, The Anatole bouquet is a new collection of bouquet of dried and preserved flowers. Composed of eucalyptus branches and white hydrangea, then strands of natural oats and then Lagurus, of Ruscus, This bouquet offers you a very elegant and harmonious country style.

For you and for your mother, the Anatole bouquet exists in dimensions S, M and L. This bouquet has been handmade in our workshop in Paris, just like most of our flower creations. In addition to being durable, this bouquet is perfect for sublimating the interior decoration.

On the kitchen table, by the window, or anywhere else, this bouquet will find its place. If you want to offer a decoration object to your mom for this Mother's Day, the Anatole bouquet is a great idea and a very good alternative to the classic fresh flowers.

Alba earrings

The concept store Flowrette is also jewelry made available to you to make the ones you always like more charming during Mother's Day. Still in dried flowers, our jewelry goes with many clothing styles and can therefore be easily affected. The very firstborn in our jewelry collection is the pair of Alba earrings.

Made in France thanks to Anneise's fingers, the pair of Alba earrings is delicate, soft, refined. This pair of loops is unique, it is specially made with superior quality materials, and golden with a layer of 24 carat gold.

Thanks to our artisanal manufacturing techniques, and our raw materials, this pair of earrings is a guarantee of longevity and resistance. Does your mother love jewelry? If so, the pair of Alba earrings is a Original and ideal gift Who will make her happy for Mother's Day. If however you are looking for other types of jewelry, know that there are much more on our site, do not hesitate to take a look.

Our DIY kit with flowery bells

Our Flowrette DIY kits are creative boxes to design your decoration objects yourself. The DIY Fleurie Nittle Kit was created for people who like to make objects with their own hands.

If your mother is passionate about dried flowers, decoration or homemade manufacture, our DIY kit is what it needs. With this kit, your mom can become a real apprentice florist by creating a flowery bell herself. The DIY bell kit includes among others:

  • Dried flowers needed to make a bell;
  • A bell 16 cm high and 11 cm wide;
  • Floral foam to prick the flowers;
  • An explanatory guide.

The dried, preserved and selected flowers that are in this kit are of superior quality. They will allow your mother to make her floral bell herself, which will serve as an interior decoration object anywhere in her apartment. This simple, but original decorative object finds its place everywhere, whether on a coffee table or in a desk. Your mother will be proud to have made a work with her hands.

The Mother's Day box

Since Mother's Day is a highlight for everyone, we have created an unforgettable gift for your mom for this day. You will find on the House Flowrette website, a selection of gift boxes For Mother's Day that awaits you. This Mother's Day box is an achievement made by hand in our workshop in Paris in France. The Flowrette Mother's Festival Box made by Pauline is made up of:

  • Flowering candles cast by hand, inserted in a pot handcrafted in Portugal in our partner workshop;
  • Golden bracelet with fine gold, made by Anneise with small particles of dried flowers petrified in resin;
  • Glass vase with a small bouquet of dried flowers made by one of our florists.

To do Pleasure to your mother, offer him this Mother's Day And it will be filled. At Flowrette, you will find everything you need to surprise your mother and remind her that you like her on the occasion of this special party. Do not leave this day that has gone unnoticed.

Flowrette advantages

Place your order and our delivery service will make your package delivered to the date chosen, throughout France within a short time and in complete safety. If you still have doubts in the choice of gift of mothers' Day, Visit our Site or our shop in Paris, you learn more about our range of products in dried flowers, whether intended for Mother's Day or other events. Note that from € 70 purchase, delivery is free.

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We also give you a special selection of Gifts for Mother's Day.

Finally, more generally, we are talking about How to please your mom For this special occasion! These items will help you make a suitable choice for the best gift to your mother.

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