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Sep 17, 2022
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How to choose a gift box?

Choosing a gift box is a great idea to celebrate a special event. It is also, and above all, the opportunity to introduce his loved ones to have ethical and creative gifts, while having fun. Why not turn to our gift boxes Who highlight great craft and responsible initiatives? Discover our tips for choosing an original and modern gift box.

Find a gift box for each person

How is a gift box made of?

A gift box is a box that contains a selection of different products and/or services, often assembled around a theme.

Thus, there are gift boxes around well-being, decoration, gastronomy that meet all desires and all budgets. Very often, gift boxes are offered as a package or gift box, which can be found in gift stores, supermarkets and online stores.

Choosing a gift box is the ideal solution to offer a personalized and original gift to your family or friends. Designed for all occasions, gift boxes contain decorative objects for the house, jewelry, accessories, unique creations or gastronomic products to savor.

With some gift boxes, you can customize the products and add a small card to write a soft word when placing the command.

find flower gift box

What is the best gift box to offer?

The best gift box is obviously the one who will appeal to the person for whom it is intended. To help you in your choice, here are any tips for offering a responsible and useful gift box, which will surely be happy!

First, turn to personalized gift boxes and carefully selected. The best gift boxes are those that have been tested and validated by consumers, guarantee of product quality. In the concern of responsible and local consumption, you can choose a gift box that highlights art and crafts. Guarantor of unique values ​​and know-how, gifts designed by craftsmen guarantee reasoned production, unique or designed pieces in small series, respect for human values ​​and the environment.

Choose a gift box made in France

The made in France is very popular, and there is something! Choosing a gift box made in France ensures that the product will not have traveled thousands of kilometers before landing at home. It is a gesture for the environment and an opportunity to commit to a reasoned and ecological production. A gift in France gift box is also a guarantee of quality, which values ​​know-how in the manufacturing process. Selecting gifts made in France helps support small local craftsmen who defend unique values ​​and know-how in the world. Favor gifts from short and local circuits, which guarantee product traceability. Because today more than ever, it is essential to limit our carbon footprint as much as possible.

Dried flower gift box

Find a handmade gift box

The handmade gift boxes are designed and designed to arouse joy and emotion for those who receive, but also for those who offer! Inside the gift boxes made at home, you can find for example jewelry, bouquets of dried flowers, candles and small accessories. Handmade gift boxes give the opportunity to offer a unique, sustainable and responsible gift!

Be attentive to the choice of raw materials

Another criterion to take into account to choose the best gift box is the choice of raw materials that have been used to make gift boxes. Where did the raw materials come from? Are they sustainable and respectful of the environment and working conditions? Today, many online stores and concept stores allow you to find ethical and organic gifts, with a positive impact!

How to find a personalized gift box?

Designed to meet all tastes and desires, gift boxes are increasingly appearing. Original and personalized, a gift box is a attention that will arouse surprise and joy in the recipient. It is a simple and safe solution that often represents the best option to celebrate a special occasion!

Choose a gift box for his wife

Are you looking for a gift box for your wife?

Sweet and refined, the Flowrette brand is part of the feminine world. We offer a large choice of gift boxes specially designed to offer a woman.

Simply offer a nice bouquet of dried flowers for beautiful poetic and elegant attention.

Otherwise, you can select a gift box that contains unique and refined jewelry, created by local and worldwide craftsmen.

Gift Dried Flowers Blessed Bijoux

Offer a gift box to a friend

To please a friend, why not offer him an exceptional gift box? As it is sometimes complicated to know what will really please, gift boxes contain several products, which have been carefully selected by experts. Otherwise, to delight your more gourmet friends, you can for example offer a gift box that offers a selection of gastronomic products with wine, chocolate, honey, etc.

Find a gift box for her son or daughter

For Christmas or a birthday, discover our gift box ideas for her son or daughter:

  • A “kitchen” box for gourmet and educational activities to live with family!
  • A “creative” box to learn to paint like an artist, while having fun.

Two examples of gift box for his brother or sister

Giving gifts to your brother or sister can often be stressful, especially when you do it at the last minute. Gift boxes have the advantage of bringing together several gifts into one. Here are two examples of gift box for his brother or sister:

  • An “adventure” box for thrill seekers;
  • A “well-being” gift box with body creams or a relaxing treatment.

How to make a DIY house gift box?

Making your own gift box at home is a creative idea you love! Whether you are passionate about creation or just wanted to offer a unique gift, composing a DIY gift box is a great idea.

To make a gift box yourself, start by choosing a theme. Do you want to choose a house gift box in the theme of gastronomy? Well-being? There are a multitude of tutorials to make small creams, soaps, shampoos at home. Then, make recovery by choosing a nice wicker basket in a flea market, a canvas bag or a glass jar to slip all the gifts. Place the gifts nicely and finally, don't forget to add a small card!

Know that there are also do it yourself kits to make a jewel at home, a creation in dried flowers, a candle ... Each kit contains the necessary equipment, the tools and an explanatory tutorial to guide you step by step in the manufacture of your home gift box.

Flowrette gift box

What are the other criteria to take into account to choose a gift box?

Beyond the quality of the products, you should be attentive to the packaging and the reliability of the delivery if you order the online gift box. Packaging must protect the products during delivery.

At Flowrette, the boxes are made with the greatest attention. They were designed to be beautiful and resistant for delivery. In addition, when placing an order, our customers can choose the delivery day!

Find all our gift boxes online, in our shop in Paris and in all our points of sale and popup. And at Flowrette, delivery is free from 70 euros of purchase.

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