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Feb 7, 2023
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Flowrette boxes: a good idea gift idea for grandmothers

The years generally rhyme with festivities and gifts to offer to loved ones. However, the beginnings of the year are no exception either since Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day as well as grandmothers' feast are opportunities to please family members. Grandmothers' Day is made to pay tribute to all grannies in the world. If your granny is by your side, don't miss any opportunity to spoil it. Grandmothers' Day takes place on the first Sunday in March. For the year 2022, it was celebrated on Sunday, March 6. This year Grandmothers Day falls on March 5, 2023. She deserves that you know how much you love him. If you are wondering which gift box to offer for the feast of great mothers, you will not be disappointed. 

Discover our best Gift Ideas for Grandmothers Day

The epistolary box, decorative gift for grandmothers' feast

If you have known your grandmother, you certainly have memories of your head. Yours has surely played an important role when you were just a little child.

She is the one to whom you run when you have a concern and you do not want to share it with your parents. It is the one that covers you when you do nonsense and save certain punishments.

This special party is then an opportunity to please your grandmother. Give a gift To your dear grandmother and make this celebration a memorable event.

If you are out of ideas, you will find a variety of gifts for all tastes. In addition, some gifts are customizable, then opt for a small personalized gift. It’s a gift, a little attention, but that will tear her off her most beautiful smile.

If for example, you are looking for what please your granny, fan of interior decoration, the epistolary box is the perfect idea Grandmother gift to offer. It is made up of a bouquet of dried flowers, its glass vase and a scented flowery candle.

The advantages of dried flowers are no longer to be proven. Not only do they last a long time, but they don't need maintenance. It's the original gift You need your granny to avoid the burden of having to water flowers daily.

Another of our legendary creations in Flowrette is the Scented flowery candle. She always seduces with her good scent and participates in a beautiful house decor. She is one of our most appreciated gift ideas.

The epistolary box is available in four different colors. You then have several possibilities to delight the heart of your granny. If your grandparents are alive, do their best to celebrate them while they are still there.

The Hygge box, Grandmother's gift idea for the pleasure of the senses

You have already offered previous years the famous keychain, a recipe book because it likes to cook, a cute personalized cushion for decoration, a tea box because it loves infusions or a tote bag for its Races.

These are great ideas, but this year, we invite you to go even further in terms of originality with Flowrette products. A great way to to wish happy holiday Grandmothers to your grandma is to offer him the hygge box. This Grandmothers Day gift idea will please him. She will find a summary of different articles there.

Like many of our boxes, it contains a bouquet of dried flowers filled with sweetness and poetry. It also contains one of our magnificent mugs, created in France by a talented craftsman.

An infusion by the infuser also accompanies this beautiful set. Your granny can have a good time drinking in her mug while admiring her beautiful bouquet.

The fragrance box for granny, a guarantee of a good scent

To help you choose the Best gift for granny, we have selected a third box. This is the "fragrance" box made up of a scented natural candle, a room fragrance with orange blossom and a raffia basket.

Each of these items will bring its small decoration touch to any type of interior. The Raphia basket can be used as a storage pocket or a container for granny care products. The scented candle and the vaporizer will allow him to create a cocooning atmosphere.

Everything is designed so that your grandmother feels in the spotlight during this party. Whatever her tastes and preferences, she will love one of our gift boxes. Then be sure to choose the gift box that would suit him.

The spirit set, a gift idea to personalize for the grannies

If you are short ofGift ideas for grannies, you will certainly be reassured by this spirit box. He will certainly seduce your adored granny because it contains two articles which have been a real success.

It consists of a very beautiful collar with a flowery pattern to stay in the brand's DNA. In general, jewelry is highly appreciated by women, whatever their ages. She will surely please your granny.

Another article that makes happy is this beautiful decorative product that is the flowery candle. It was sunk in our workshop in Paris by expert hands. She lives in a very beautiful attractive blue jar. The latter can be used as a stuck-up at the end of the combustion of the candle.

Your granny will be admiring in front of so much beauty and creativity. Take him happy in the best way by offering him one of our boxes. Celebrating grannies on this day is an idea to encourage and perpetuate.

To make this moment unique, Personalize your gift For your darling granny. Personalization is delicate, be careful that impresses the beneficiaries of gifts a lot.

Choose one of our greeting cards and enter a sweet word, a message from your heart. Like everyone, she will be delighted with this unique gift and personalized.

How to get our gift boxes?

All our boxes are available in our e - spell. By visiting the latter, you will have an overview of all our gift ideas. Once you have made a choice from the different possibilities, you can order. To order, you will have to add the desired product to the basket and make payment by card.

You can opt for a quick delivery which will be at most 48 hours. We deliver everywhere in France for free from € 70 purchase. If you want to surprise your granny, we can have her gift delivered to her home.

A Grandmothers Day Gift Well thought out is a safe bet that will surprise your grandmother pleasantly. However, keep in mind that a perfect gift is not a really expensive gift. The main thing is that it is given with love. 

If you are still lacking in inspiration, discover Our original gift ideas for your grandmother.

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