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Apr 13, 2023
écrit par Christelle Martin

Business gift: Why offer a flowery candle?

The end of the year is fast approaching. It is high time to think about the gifts to offer to your employees to finish in style this year 2022. What if you opt for flower candles from Flowrette?

At Flowrette, there is something for everyone and for all desires to please your employees.

We tell you all our secrets and everything you need to know about Flower candles in this article. How we make them, what we choose, our wax, our perfumes. You will know everything.

To tell you a little more, our flowery candles are designed by hand from 100% natural ingredients and they constitute both a good gift idea and beautiful decorative items. They are of the original and durable type and they can be personalized to perfectly match the event and the theme in question.

Now we give you some reasons to crack for our candles decorated with dried flowers for your employee gifts.

The flowery candle: Ideal end -of -year gift

The flowery candles that we offer are indeed a better end -of -year gift idea. They are suitable for men as well as women and they are both enlightening, scented and decorative. They are carefully made by talented craftsmen. So it is sure and certain that they will delight your employees.

A unisex gift because everyone likes to decorate their interior

It's not just women who love flower candles. Men can also be interested in it because they are both decorative objects and aromatherapy equipment.

Flowering candle night, marbled ceramic candle, childhood souvenir candle, love candle, ... At Flowrette, you can choose between different design, dried flowers and craft candles. This allows you to personalize the decoration and atmosphere of your pieces.

And as you know, aromas can influence mood while having virtues on well-being and health. Thus, scented candles can therefore improve both your mind and your physique.

Three candles

Original and sustainable gift: like the desired relationships with its employees

Choosing flowery candles is also choosing an original and durable gift. On the one hand, our flowery candles are unique craft candles. They are the fruit of the imagination and creativity of our craftsmen with fairy fingers. So you are not likely to find the same models in shops.

On the other hand, our candles are packaged in reusable craft pots. Suddenly, you can therefore recycle them and use them to create new candles when your candles are consumed. Otherwise, you can also transform them into pencils, makeup storage, kitchen glasses or flower pots.

Flowrette flower candle containers are designed to last. Hence they say they are like the desired relationships with our employees.


Customizable gift

What is also interesting with our flowery candles is the fact that they can be personalized according to your tastes and preferences. On our web page, we already provide you with some examples of flowery candles that our craftsmen have made according to their imagination. But you can also control tailor-made candles by determining the type of dried flowers, the type of perfumes and the type of container to favor.

You can even bet on DIY and customize the flowery candles you buy from us. You can opt for example for the Jasmine flower candle or the Fleurie musc candle and customize it by adding other decorative accessories of the logo, small message, the mention "Year 2021", glitter or nodes. Like this, your employees will be able to keep a good memory of the year while enjoying an article that is both useful and decorative.

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