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Oct 26, 2022
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10 original Christmas gift ideas for women

Soon Christmas And the preparations to organize the long -awaited evening of the year around a beautiful table, a personalized decoration, starry tunes, full of lamps and light balls. But Who says Christmas says gifts ! You start to look for now Original Christmas gift ideas. Confusion is even more heavy when it comes to a gift for a woman you want to impress and amaze. And even if this year you have decided to make efforts in the choice of gifts, the first idea that crosses your mind is to offer a organic tea pack, a cup with your first name or funny socks! This article is for you.

Have you found nothing original on Amazon? Discover here a Christmas gift selection Who come out of the ordinary and who will not fail to mark your wife, mom, granny or your daughter, sister or friend. Offering gifts to women is not that hard, especially for a man!

You still hesitate ? Find all Our Christmas gift ideas !

A jewel ! It's always a pleasure

Unless you take a look at the list to Santa Claus of the person you would like to offer this unattractable gift, opt for a jewel! Always at the top of the list when it comes to Christmas gifts for women, it is almost impossible to find a woman on earth who does not like jewelry. At Flowrette, jewelry is synonymous with finesse, sweetness and delicacy. An original collection of Handmade jewelry Around the concept of Flowrette: dried flowers. A fine ring, earrings, a bracelet with a flower motif or a collar with a flowery and original pendant. A nice jewel turns out to be a safe bet to please any woman for Christmas.

A cute and practical accessory

Another more Christmas where you are short of ideas for what you can offer to your mom, sister or girlfriend who likes to join the useful to the pleasant. However, nothing like a flowery shopping bag or a pretty toiletry bag to store her personal belongings and her beauty products. Flowrette uses unique fabrics for making its items, so you will have a unique Christmas present that does not lack originality.

The timeless bouquet of flowers? Why not!

For the eternal romantic of the family who loves flowers, we offer you An unusual gift for Christmas : a bouquet of dried flowers that she will keep intact for a long time. Opt for the Hector, modern and elegant bouquet that will easily find its place in country and refined decorations. Or if you want to mark your dulcinée, you can offer him the intense and colorful passion bouquet with a small box of chocolate to express your love. For a person who loves plants, think of a bouquet of pampe grass or a boot among the list of different boots available on the blind.

Candles full of finesse and elegance

Monoï, Coral, Jasmine, Musc ... It's up to you to choose the scent! For Christmas, think of artisanal candles of very subtle and elegant design to bring more sweetness to any piece of your interior. We have chosen for you, the love candle presented in a terracotta pot with the idea of ​​melting the candle and then using the pot to sow earth flowers, isn't it very unique as a gift!

A unique hair comb

A unique and original accessory at Christmas, ideal for a wedding as for many other occasions. 

For a lover of finesse and vintage, This is the perfect gift ! In gilded and decorated with a nice selection of dried flowers full of delicacy, it is the small detail that makes all the difference.

A personalized Christmas box

You can fall for a ready -made box on the Flowrette store. With its poetic and timeless composition, it will make them happy! You can take inspiration from these boxes to compose one to your tastes or say to the taste of the person you offer it. A personalized box for Christmas, which you can compose with a vase and a small bouquet of dried flowers as well as a flowery candle and fragrant in a pretty box and why not slide a family photo for a touch of joy that goes with the atmosphere and magic of the large Christmas !

Deco, a gift always appreciated

For a rather homebody who likes to take care of his interior, nothing beats a nice decoration article that will go with the harmony of his house of course! A flowery bell seems an idea of ​​genius for a Christmas present, don't you think? With its wooden background and glass bell adorned with a sublime selection of dried flowers that it can keep for many years to come.

An object for daily use

For the Christmas of your mothers, beautiful mothers and grandmothers, Nothing like a unique mug to have coffee or herbal tea while thinking of you. Or a magnificent ceramic or concrete, oval or round, marbled or sober tray you are spoiled for choice! Or why not ceramic dessert plates that will certainly enhance the family table during starry gatherings or even on weekends!

A DIY kit for fans of personalized achievements

And if, this Christmas, you take the time to think about what would really do Pleasure to your loved ones ? By taking into account their tastes, their personality and their desires, you prove to them how much they count for you. 

And that is The greatest Christmas gift that you can offer them. If your wife, mom, sister, daughter loves DIY and DIY projects why not choose her a dedicated kit with all that is necessary for the realization of an object that is close to him that may be A candle, a jewel or a bouquet of flowers!

A gift card to choose this what wants itself

You have succumbed in love with our entire selection of Christmas gifts and you still can't decide which gift to choose ! It's simple, you can opt for a Flowrette gift card of the value you want with a price range between 30 and 200 euros and your recipient can choose the products that please the most in peace.

As with a birthday, the Christmas party is also the best opportunity to prove its attachment to beings that are dear to us and offer them Original Christmas gifts And personalized to show them how much they count for us. 

The Flowrette store with its products of products that are both unique and original offers you free delivery from 70 EUR, enough to make happy!

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