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Oct 25, 2023
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10 gift ideas to offer for your granny at Christmas

Time passes so quickly and it is already the end of 2023, the magic atmosphere and the festivities of Christmas time And Christmas Eve start to point the nose. Like every year, young and old, woman and man, we love to offer and receive Christmas gifts

At Christmas, like every birthday or Grandmothers Day, you would like Surprise your granny with a gift that is both original and unique but above all to its taste. 

Each opportunity is perfect for saying I love you to this loved one who has always spoiled you until today's day, who let you eat more sweets despite the cries of your parents, who read stories you In the evening before going to bed and which cooks your favorite dishes before you even ask. 

In this article, we have found you a selection of original gifts that will certainly make your grandmother's eyes shine for Christmas.

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1. Epate its decorator side!

If Your grandmother likes decoration And takes pleasure in maintaining and embellishing her interior, for Christmas, consider offering her a beautiful vase where she can from time to time place flowers picked in her garden or offered by the people she loves. Choose a vase that will go with the atmosphere of the house or go with a pot cache.

The grannies love things that remind them of their youth, even in decoration. For the Christmas present, failing to offer him a vase, rather think of baskets or wicker trunks made by hand which will give this supernatural touch of sweetness to their interiors.

2. A prestigious gift for Christmas

A bracelet End will conquer the heart of your grandmother for sure for the Christmas holidays! A prestigious Christmas present without any missteps, the Flowrette bracelets are golden gold fine 24 carats. If she likes everything that shines, a jewel will have to be among your first Christmas gift ideas.

3. For a romantic granny, a romantic gift

A bouquet of dried flowers or a bouquet of stabilized flowers is a very Beautiful Christmas gift idea For grandmother. 

An artisanal and artistic creation that gives off grace and finesse will not fail to amaze your granny. The little extra when it comes to dried flowers is that it can keep them for long months intact, and think of this beautiful Christmas that you spent together.

Also discover the great novelty 2023 of Flowrette with the bouquets of stabilized flowers. Compositions that keep the fresh appearance of fresh flowers but which will last very very long….

5. For the one who loves poetry

How not to offer you our magnificent paper creations ... It's really our 2023 favorite…

Real decorative objects filled with poetry and elegance.

Whether it is a composition of various flowers, a flower or a few flowers of the same variety The result is extremely beautiful ... We let you judge.

5. A Flowrette box or a personalized box

For A personalized gift at Christmas, Opt for a gift made and offered out of love is always more fun, choose a ready-made flow box or dial a box for your granny by choosing two or three items that you know that she would love and add a word, A family photo and a box of chocolate. You are sure to win your heart!

To inspire you, you can choose a nice glass vase with a bouquet of pampe grass. Add to that a floral bell to stay in the country atmosphere.

6. A nice shopping bag to complete her small looks

On the Christmas wishlist of a granny you will find everything that is flowery and vintage. A handmade flowered bag is therefore a winning choice! Made with original and unique fabrics from India which can be worn in two looks because it is double face. Both useful and beautiful, it is a gift that your grandmother will surely validate.

7. A candle with its favorite scent

You have long sought Gift ideas for Christmas, but you did not find the idea that makes your heart dance! Flowrette's craft candles will surprise you. With a simple but refined design, adorned with flowers and different scents, it will be more than delighted. Candles, candlesticks and fondants, the choice is yours.

8. A unique and splendid accessory for her hair

For the most flirtatious grannies which always take care of their appearances, a unique and wild hair will only be able to conquer them. Both delicate and imposing, this accessory will not go unnoticed and your grandmother can use it to embellish her hairstyles for next Christmas.

9. An artistic illustration

For a Christmas present, why not opt ​​for an artistic poster in the theme that you like and that you will imagine in a certain room with your grandmother. Add a wooden color frame to preserve this natural and pastel appearance of Flowrette posters.

10. A DIY kit to make a flowery garland

For his Christmas gift, think of a DIY kit. The achievements are an unrivaled pleasure especially when you make them together. Your grandmother would love to spend time with you, so why a DIY kit seems a great gift idea for Christmas. You will spend time together while creating a nice decoration and beautiful memories.

What would a grandma not do for her grandchildren! At Christmas, you would like to spoil her for her love, her affection and everything she taught you. Remember that you also have the choice of gift card at the Flowrette!

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