Better know our prices

Very dear customers, it seems important to us to explain our prices to you to be fully transparent with you. Our goal is to have A lasting and positive relationship With each of you. As prices are often a subject of frustration, it was important to us to explain them to you.

So what areOur costs

#1 : Flowers and raw materials

Flowers and raw materials represent Our biggest post expenditure. Contrary to what you might think, dried flowers and stabilized flowers are more expensive than fresh flowers. If the creation includes stabilized flowers, it will be even more expensive, which can result in the price of certain of our products. Stabilized flowers being more expensive than dried flowers.
Another element to take into account, seasonality. Indeed, there are seasons in dried flowers. Generally, they are dried in summer and on the market in September.

This explains two things:

  • The variation of our prices during the year.
  • The availability of our products.

To offer you the lowest prices, we provide ourselves directly from producers. We promote local purchase when possible.

For dried flowers, the cost of raw materials is also the most important cost post. This represents About 25% of our sale price.



The human cost that is not easy to measure But which remains a very important expense post, notably in France. For example, a crown takes about 45 min to be made! It's a meticulous work carried out by an expert craftsman. You have to select the dried flowers to keep only the most beautiful then assemble the crown or the bouquet step by step, patiently and delicately. But it is obviously the most interesting part of our work.

Finally the latest very important and time -consuming stages:

  • Orders shipping. It must be said that it takes a long time. Between Colissimo and Chronopost it is not always funny and obvious.
  • Website managementwho was our activity in an old life. Update of the site, marketing actions, product management ... Many stains invisible by consumers but which represent precious time.
  • Client service. Elodie, co-founder of Flowrette and Christelle are keen to respond to each of your requests in a completely personalized way.

Today, The team has grown up, we are now a real team to make all your orders. They are named Theo, Christelle, Poppée, Lolly, Sabrina, Mayra, Pauline, Charlotte, Joanne and Sabrina. A real dream Team whose luck we are on a daily basis :)

Human cost represents About 20% of costs of the company.


For a few months, Elodie made all Flowrette products directly with us in our small apartment. Some of you have even placed home recover your order! Very quickly, our apartment was no longer a place of life but a storage place for dried flowers and was far too small ... We had to find a solution.

In February 2019, we moved to Our first shop At 80 bis rue de l'Ouest in the 14th arrondissement. Quickly, it turned out to be too small and this place became a space dedicated to marriage.

In January 2021, we opened a second shop, at 55 rue Boursault, 75017 Paris. It is in this shop that you will find all the Flowrette news in a more concept store.

We have now A very large workshop in Ivry-sur-Seine. It is the heart of Flowrette. The place in which we can Leave our imagination free rein And create all your products.

Obviously, these places have a cost. Approximately 15% of our charges. They are however vital, because they allow us to satisfy you, to create and especially to meet you!


#4 : Packaging and shipping costs:

We wanted to improve our quality of service and we are now going through Colissimo and Chronopost which allows us to deliver and D'improve quality on duty. These are the two solutions most reliable. Even if it is not always perfect ... It remains the best. However, these two solutions are expensive. If you pay part of the delivery, we also pay one part on each shipment. A Chronopost package costs us an average of 14 euros for home delivery and around 8.5 euros for Colissimo.

The other significant cost is Packaging And our boxes. As you have noticed we are very careful that your products are protected. We also pay very attention to their visual appearance, so we work on personalized boxes. We want them to properly protect your products and like them.

Again, these two costs represent About 10% of the order price.


#5 : Marketing and the website

To let us know, we use Marketing solutions Traffic acquisition: Google, Facebook ... They are essential for our notoriety and growth. We would like to avoid them, but unfortunately, it's impossible. The other significant cost is our website. We surrounded ourselves with experts and spent hours there so that the site was as clear and as optimized as possible. We hope you appreciate it :)

Marketing and our website represents 8% of our annual budget.


#6 : Our other costs

As you know, there is lots of other costs Linked to the development of a business, we can list you in particular:

  • Payment partners
  • Our equipment
  • Taxes
  • Our accountant ...


As you can see we try to get all our costs downwards. Despite everything, we try to be profitable and We are counting on you to help us get there by accepting our prices.

We hope to grow with you.