Personalized candle

Giving a gift is not always easy, that's why we offer you to personalize our candles. It is now possible for you to personalize the label of some of our candles. Ideal for making a gift that is out of the ordinary.
You can also find our custom-made candles, from 8 candles. Ask for a quote online by following this questionnaire:

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Your custom custom candles

You organize an event or you are a business and want to create custom and natural candles tailor -made. It's possible on Flowrette! Find our poetic candles and pamper their composition. You can choose: - Your type of pot - The pot of the pot - Your perfume - The wick (in wood or cotton) - Add flowers or not - the choice of flowers a nice idea of ​​gifts for your employees or your prospects Or for a great event.

Your custom custom candles

Your questions about our custom candles