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Nov 25, 2022
écrit par Mélanie

Why will there be no black friday at Flowrette?

Today we have decided to explain to you in detail why we will not make a black friday again this year. 

Indeed, the long -awaited day of Black Friday has finally arrived, and will be relayed by many brands which will offer very attractive discounts.

We too would like to offer you broken prices and make you happy with "good deals". Nevertheless, we are not going to do it and we explain why: 

We sell products at a fair price all year round

That is to say with a limited margin which only allows us to have a development of reasoned society. To pay for our craftsmen and our team properly while selling very good quality products. Our products therefore have a price and cannot be sold.

We do not have stock

As we have a production dictated by your orders, we have no stock logic. It is a way for us to have the most reasoned production possible. This is why many Flowrette products are Out of Stock and that there is no detectation.

Because we have very little increased our prices this year

Despite the inflation that touches us a lot: +20% on flowers, +15% on transport and energy ... and the list is long!

On the other hand, we are well aware that this year is more complicated for many of us. So we worked to offer you new products. This year we have set up a loyalty program to reward our most loyal customers.

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