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Oct 1, 2021
écrit par Christelle Martin

We put for pink: Flowrette is committed

We put for pink, what is this ?

For several years now, the campaign Pink October is the meeting that highlights The fight against breast cancer, in France but also all over the world. For a month, many players mobilize to raise awareness of screening and collect funds through great initiatives. This year, Flowrette is committed in its own way by creating a bouquet dedicated to this cause of which 15% of sales will be donated to the association We put for pink. 

Our engagement For we pose for detailed pink

This year, despite the COVVI-19, the association intends to renew the experience and attract many participants in 13 cities in France, by inviting them to pose during a day of well-being, benevolence and of solidarity on Saturday October 3. The principle of this day is simple: each participant can Book your photo shoot With a photographer, and also choose well-being options such as a makeup, yoga, self-mailing session, and many others. The benefits of this day will be donated to breast cancer research. On this occasion, Flowrette offers 5 bouquets Thought for the occasion that will leave in 5 cities in France to come and bring a flowery touch to the photos.


Our questions for Émilie, volunteer for we pose for pink

For several weeks, we have had the pleasure of interacting with Emilie, a volunteer in charge of communication for we posed for pink. We talked together about the development of our bouquet and how to integrate Flowrette during this day of October 3. We were affected by the good initiative of this association, and we wanted to highlight the word of this passionate volunteer here: 

What pushed you to become a volunteer for this association?

"I know Agathe, the photographer at the initiative of this day for a long time, and I therefore agreed to" pose "in the first year. This is a cause that touches us all by far, which is why becoming a volunteer this year and participating even more actively in the organization of this day was natural for me. Each year, it is a moment of relaxation with friends that has become an unmissable event! ”

What is the strongest moment that you have experienced since you participate in we put for pink?

“I had posed the first year for this day, and the strongest moment was when I realized that Gare, the photographer and founder of the association had chosen my photo for the poster of the 2nd edition. »

Are we posing for pink in 2 words?

“Bienquence and woman. Because during this day, the woman is in the spotlight. "


We put for pink, what can we do ?

You have understood: October is important to help research against breast cancer. But the fight against breast cancer is above all an everyday fight that touches us all. Indeed, in France, 1 in 8 women risk developing breast cancer, which is why it is very important to be tested. And because it should not be a taboo, and above all, because each can bring their flower to the building, you can also participate in different ways. 

- For daring : There are still a few places in certain cities for the day of October 3 "We pose for pink". If you want to have a good time between girls and above all take the pose for a nice cause, do not hesitate! The association also accepts donations via its website

- For the more sporty : The charitable race Odyssea, which changes this year in format due to the COVVI-19: the association organizes a connected challenge animated by a sports coach to keep the sporting and friendly spirit represented by the Odyssea race. Participate in this event which brings together thousands of people each year, while respecting physical distancing: what more could you ask for?

- For Parisians: This year again, our dear Eiffel Tour will sparkle Rose for the launch of the Pink October campaign. In addition to the symbol and the global scope of this action, it is really very pretty to see! If you are interested, go on October 1. 

- For all : (S) have fun with the bouquet of dried flowers Flowrette specially created for the association we pose for pink. Available from October 1, it has a double action: it embellishes your interior, and offers 15% of its sales to the association on pink for pink😊 

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