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Sep 18, 2022
écrit par Christelle Martin

Flowrette, the concept store dedicated to craftsmanship

There are many concept stores in France. Everyone offers customer experiences and different selections of products. Nevertheless at Flowrette, we want to tell a different story.

At Flowrette, our products are particularly turned towards the flowery and vegetable theme, which allow us to offer poetic creations for decoration and interior design. Nevertheless, today, you will find more and more products on Flowrette. Our new ambition is to become a concept store. We believe that the spirit of a concept store perfectly sticks to the desire to create present in each member of the Flowrette team. It allows us to offer you more and more different products, agreeing with each other or not, but having only one objective. Please you.

At Flowrette, we also aim. Make craft products. We love collaborating with different craftsmen, all more creative and passionate, and we are keen to highlight their know-how. All Flowrette parts are handmade with a lot of passion and application, which explains that our creations are always produced in reasoned quantities.

OUR Concept store dedicated to craftsmanship is therefore the fruit of these beautiful collaborations and this desire.

A concept store Multi know-how

The flowery theme makes it possible to design a multitude of artisanal objects and accessories. The raw material, in this case the flowers, is inexhaustible and above all very handy for our different craftsmen. They nevertheless require real knowledge and expertise.

At Flowrette, a large part of the team is made up of talented florists. Those are they who make up all your flowery creations. They take a lot of care to define the style of Flowrette. Elegant, modern creations in an always rural and bohemian spirit.

In addition to flowers, represented by our florists, we now have other know-how at Flowrette.

Annelise designs flowered jewelry or not. She imagines forms, draws them and then gives them life with her very poetic style.

Pauline makes your favorite and fragrant candles. She represents this profession of watering. All candles are sunk in our workshop. We do.

To these different know-how that we find at Flowrette, we associate other craftsmen and therefore other subjects. Other know-how. This is particularly the case for ceramics. Material that we love for freedom of creation and possible colors in the work of enamels. We collaborate specially with Gilbert and Peter. Their work is magnificent and their passion is just as much.

A universe multi -product

The fields of the possible are as wide as the creativity of our passionate craftsmen. We love the idea of ​​putting flower creations in decoration. At Flowrette we therefore imagined several products to make your creations in dried flowers with real decorations.

Nevertheless, in addition to dried flowers, you will find on Flowrette a whole range of increasingly wide product. The spirit of our concept store is to accompany you.

Indeed, we want to support you in different places, different moments.

On a daily basis with our jewelry. In your living room with our candles. During a dinner with our future collection of table art. 

In your office with a beautiful bouquet in its dedicated vase.

Articles trends

In addition to the raw use of flowers in the creation of our products, we also offer original parts in the floral theme always. We can for example cite flowery jewelry which is a real gift idea. Our designer of flowery jewelry, Annelise, creates rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces as well as bars. These accessories are worn on a daily basis as well as for a special occasion.

At Flowrette, we also like to use feurs in candles. 

We have also cleared a paper range to bring a delicate flowery decorative touch to your decoration, but without flowers!

And for all lovers of dried flowers, we always propose a vase that can get married with your Flowrette bouquet regardless of its size :)

All these flowery articles are original creations of our craftsmen who are available within our concept store, in store or online.

DIY kit for Make your own creations at home

At Flowrette, we love creativity. This passion we want to share it with our community, which is why we have developed products especially thought of to leave the possibility of carrying out a floral self-care thanks to our DIY kit.

What will this kit for? In particular, they make it possible to present floral compositions in the most artistic way as possible. We thus discover the DIY Kit Flower candle or even the DIY small bouquet kit, but also the DIY wall kits as well as the bell kits.

How to use a DIY Flowrette kit? During your visit to the store, do not hesitate to ask us for some explanations on making the kit. If you order your kit on the e-shop, do not panic: we have created a notice that accompanies each product "in kit" so as not to be blocked at home by trying to express its artistic side.


Development craftsmen and their know-how

Our concept store has a marked identity based on the development of craftsmen around the world and their know-how.

You can discover a multitude of know-how as well as qualified and passionate craftsmen. Crafts are the basis of the process of manufacturing all our creations. In addition, the selection of products used and materials is very meticulous and respectful of the environment. 

A concept store that highlights the quality

We often highlight our artisanal manufacturing process for all our products, whether created in our workshop, or with one of our partner craftsmen. Our craftsmen always take great care to the quality of their creations, which are always original and unique. It is only by appreciating the natural beauty of it that our craftsmen then embark on the composition of an object or an accessory.

The know-how then lies in the own skills of each craftsman. We carefully selection the craftsmen with whom we collaborate. They are all enthusiasts, with unique know-how, and who share our values. It is above all beautiful meetings or emerge from sustainable and responsible creations. 

What is a Concept store?

Do you want to know more about the spirit of a concept store? Discover our article and our Definition of the concept store. You will find what a concept store and how Flowrette is part of this principle. How Flowrette stands out. What are the ambitions and objectives of Flowrette.

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