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Sep 18, 2022
écrit par Christelle Martin

Sabrina, a successful retraining in the profession of florist

What is most important to us These are our craftsmen, they are the ones who bring Flowrette to life And which allow us to offer you authentic and durable products. They are the main players in our project: Create a business that has meaning and values. Regularly we present to you the craftsmen who allow us to offer you quality products made with passion. Flowrette is them.

Florist conversion: What was your journey

"My name is Sabrina Nollet, I am 27 years old, I have always lived in the Paris region and from Martinique. I am a mother of a 3 year old boy. I am passionate about creative art and decoration. I was a childcare assistant for 7 years, it was my first professional experience; Becoming a mom has focused on my desire to be happy in my life professional as much as personal. So I started a professional retraining to live through plants, This need for nature and creativity.

How do you feel in your job of florist at Flowrette?

I knew Flowrette by an ad on social networks. I work there today as a florist, I make bouquets in dried and stabilized flowers. I challenge myself by breaking my own records! I also like to discover the realization of new accessories and lay my stone at the building for new projects. At Flowrette, the "handmade" work of artisans is highlighted. The search for new employees allows a product renewal for the customers. We are constantly evolving, no room for routine!

The quality of life at work is very good, we work in A warm and caring atmosphere. Our bosses are attentive to our needs and ensure our well-being. It is the dream framework to flourish, both in social relations and by the multitude of things that can be done in the workshop and in the store. I really appreciate this business, I feel that I'm fully part of it And I wish him the best possible evolution!


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