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Sep 18, 2022
écrit par Christelle Martin

Potier craftsman: Discover the portrait of Peter

What is most important to us are our craftsmen, they are the ones who bring Flowrette to life and allow us to offer you authentic and durable products. They are the main players in our project: create a business that has meaning and values. Every two weeks we present to you our craftsmen who allow us to offer you quality products made with passion.

Peter, a craftsman keen

Can you present your journey to pottery?


I am Pierre-Henri Fougy I am 50 years old. I made all my professional career in catering, I am a training cook. I started my learning career in Normandy in a star restaurant then I chained the seasons by going to all the posts, a year in London as a bartender in a nightclub then I worked in Paris for 10 years to finally return to Normandy to open a restaurant, which was called "the workshop" ... perhaps a sign?

And then one day, I had a love at first sight by watching videos on great Korean ceramicists and my life has changed. I did a nine -month training to take a CAP of ceramic turner And from the first moment sitting in the Tour, I knew that I was in my place.

How is this craftsmanship of potter is exciting?

I chose the pottery because in addition to the love at first sight that I could have, the pottery forces to be humble, we do not master all the parameters, my pace of work is wedged on the rhythm of my land. It is she who decides time! Suddenly, I no longer run after time like everyone else, I took a step aside compared to society.

I like sobriety and that form and function agree with ease. I like unit and rehearsal, series work and contrasts resolved between warm and cold colors.

There ceramics and pottery are two very different know-how. Having ceramics is the action of cooking the earth, a brick manufacturer is a ceramist. A potter makes utility objects. He made the pots in which the food reserves were stored, hence the origin of the name pot/potter.

Pottery an ancestral know -how

I defend art crafts and he fascinates me because being an art craftsman is to receive ancestral knowledge on a work of manual creation. We hold a small piece of heritage and we must push this knowledge that we have been transmitted to excellence so that we can then transmit it and make it known.


Working in collaboration with Flowrette allows me to improve everyday, to become more professional, to structure my work and also to start considering all my creations as a real brand work. The baby potter grows thanks to the ideas of Elodie to which I try to give life. You can find my work on the e-shop, especially My terracotta vase.

Also find The portraits of other craftsmen in our newspaper. For example, discover the universe of Pauline our craftsman with fairy fingers.

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