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Feb 21, 2023
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Our craftsmen: discover the portrait of Gilbert, craftsman potter

At Flowrette, we are keen to highlight the talent of passionate craftsmen, they are the ones who bring Flowrette to life and which allow us to offer you authentic and durable products. They are the main players in our project: create a business that has meaning and values.

Today, we present Gilbert, a craftsman from the south of France. He converted into ceramics in order to let his imagination and his hands speak. He creates exceptional parts in sandstone and highly sought -after enamels.

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Can you introduce yourself ?

My name is Gilbert, I am a ceramist potter and I created my brand "Gilbert Céramic" in 2015.

Can you present your journey to pottery?

Passionate about decoration and DIY, I always wanted to give life to my ideas, to create and naturally the earth was a vector to achieve it. 

For lack of time, I have long put my desires aside and it was late, at the age of 35, for a few days of vacation, that I finally decide to search for a master potter for m 'initiate. From the first hours of learning, I enjoy touching clay. 

So I continue my apprenticeship and, for 3 years, I learn filming, shaping, as well as the techniques of creating and applying enamel. 

Very quickly, I can no longer do without this activity. I then buy, in parallel with my initiation, a tour which allows me to practice outside of my training. 

I make many pieces and my production becomes so prolific that I cannot keep everything for myself: I offer my ceramics to family members and my friends. I then realize that my achievements please. These are the beginnings of "Gilbert Céramic". 

After several years in double activity, I left my work to devote myself entirely to ceramics in 2021. 

Being from a family of horticulturalists, it is ultimately a bit of a return to "earth"!

Can you tell us about your work?

I mainly practice the shooting technique and I manufacture utility but also decorative parts. I make modern ceramics standing out from traditional Provencal pottery.

What does your craft daily look like?

My days are punctuated by the filming of the pieces of course, but also other technical stages such as turning (cleaning and shaping the room after filming) and enameling. 

My partner, who joined me at the beginning of 2022 to work together, manages the sale, as well as communication on social networks while intervening on certain manufacturing stages.

Gilbert Ceramic

Where do you draw your inspirations?

I draw my inspiration everywhere! It is sometimes by observing the environment that surrounds me or leafing through a decoration magazine. 

And often, an idea crosses my mind and I bite it before making a prototype.

What are the land you like?

I learned to turn with earthenware but my favorite land has become sandstone (white, pyrity, red ...). I like the solidity of this land combined with its softness to the touch.

How do you create the enamels?

Enamel research takes a lot of time and each color proposed has been the fruit of many tests. These are obviously secret recipes!

What is your working environment?

I left my little workshop during the year 2022 for a large workshop in which I work with my partner. We are currently in full development of the different spaces. 

This is the beginning of a great adventure for two!

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